30+ Winning Proposals – Architecture Design Winners

by | Feb 2, 2020

A career in an architecture industry can become pretty rewarding. Especially, if you come across an opportunity to prove yourself as an architect.

From sustainable architecture to earthquake-proof buildings – we’ve gathered 30+ Architecture Competition Winners, that sure receive our bonus points for creativity! And for disrupting the architecture we’re all so used to seeing.

Before we get started…

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1. Winning Design Submission – Story of Atoms

Winning Architects: Manuel Alejandro Suárez Hernández and Haruka Tonegawa

The idea behind this design is to promote positivity during the sorrow process itself. The cemetery will be publically open, along with many memorial trees and flowers there, for the “body-composing” atoms to maintain a “societal existence”.

The name of the project itself states, that even when the body dies, the atoms still stay there. The design means to indulge in harmony while processing such things and celebrate different life stories.

story of atoms

The Contest: Dying – Alternative Designs For Cemeteries

This competition encourages its participants to propose different ways of honoring the dead, as that has drastically changed.

Today, accelerated urbanization and densification position cemeteries as part of urban space. Is there a new way of how we can do it in this century? Designers are urged to explore new means of this ritual by suggesting devices, interior design projects, buildings, urban plans or other creations.

dying competition logo
  • Event main prize*: 1000 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 27.08.2019
  • Submission deadline: 31.08.2019
  • Site location: Worldwide
  • Area/perspective: Concept design
  • Registration fee *: 65 EUR
  • Organizer: Non-architecture competitions

2. Winning Design Submission – Vertical Park

The main idea of “The Vertical Park” truly is what the wordplay between parks and parking is. By challenging the traditional concept of horizontal parking, that we are all very much used to, The Vertical Park combines city towers and parks to bring more eco-friendliness to the city lifestyle.

Besides the vertical parking space, the building is also meant to include:

  • a telefric (an aerial tramway)
  • free jumping space
  • a green roof with growing trees
  • vertical farming areas
  • a maintenance floor with the soil for trees
  • a filtration system and pumbs for the waterfall.
vertical park winning proposal
“The Vertical Park” challenges traditional parking and city lifestyle with a sustainable approach. Image by Design Competitions UNI.


The contest: Yo Parking – Urban parking that evolves

With cities growing at a fast pace, we must rethink how we use space and how transportation is distributed within them.

Contenders are invited to propose innovative designs for parking towers that will hold at least 300 cars, will be friendly for city inhabitants and will blend in with functionality and aesthetics.

yo parking competition
  • Event main prize*: 1500 USD
  • Registration deadline: 30.08.2019
  • Submission deadline: 09.09.2019
  • Site location: New York, USA
  • Area/perspective: Parking lot/ Concept
  • Registration fee *: 20-160 USD
  • Organizer: competitions.uni

3. Winning Design Submission: Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art in Sharjah

Winning Architects:  Rolando Rodriguez and Natalia Wrzask

Rolando Rodriguez and Natalia Wrzask are the co-founders of AIDIA STUDIO.

The firm specializes in the experimentation of various designs in architecture, urbanism, photography and other disciplines. Each of their projects, as stated, starts with a brainstorm of ideas out of which only the “best” ones get implemented.

The proposed project touches upon traditional architecture. It makes an emphasis on the Emirati weaving structure on the roof area. In addition to that, it also reflects the differential shade patterns on the walls due to the sun’s changing position throughout the day.

The proposal includes an interpretation of barjeel – a traditional Iranian architecture element for natural ventilation in buildings. That serves as a good representing the element of modern art & design in the Arab World.

barjeel museum winning proposal
Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art in Sharjah” touches upon traditional Emirati architecture elements. Image by Rifat Chadirji.

The contest: Barjeel Museum for Modern Arab Art in Sharjah – UAE

Engineers, architects, designers, and students from all over the world are invited to design a new landmark for the city Sharjah in the UAE. The city hosts the Barjeel collection and is an important representative of modern art and design in the Arab World.

barjeel museum
  • Event main prize*: 5000 USD
  • Registration deadline: 30.08.2019
  • Submission deadline: 01.09.2019
  • Site location: Sharjah, UAE
  • Area/perspective: Museum
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: The Rifat Chadirji

4. Winning Proposal Submission: New Arrangement of The Drava Promenade

Winning Architects: Maruša Zorec, Martina Tepina, Ana Merklin, Jan Žonta, Nika Curk, Špela Zakrajšek Rok Willenpart, Luka Javornik, and Danijel Mohorič.

The project revolves around establishing a connection across the river board and a new footbridge. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but Drava River being one of Maribor’s main sights, very much needed a promenade that made it look this inviting! The proposal most definitely allows its pedestrians to enjoy the delightful sight of the river while using this bridge.

winner of drava promenade competition

The contest: Arrangement of the Drava promenade

The municipality of Maribor is looking for the most suitable solution, of the new promenade by the Drava river. Contestants should take into consideration geographical conditions and surrounding landmarks, as well as creative design solutions. It is suggested that proposals could include facilities for leisure, recreational and sports activities.

Maribor architecture competition
  • Event main prize*: 10000 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 30.08.2019
  • Submission deadline: 30.08.2019
  • Site location: Maribor, Slovenia
  • Area/perspective: Urban development
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: City of Maribor

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5. Winning Proposal Submission: 360 Pier

Winning Architects: Createur Studio

Createur Studio had managed to capture its audience in this competition with its outstanding design of the “360 Pier”. Since its initially supposed to blend in with the landmark, the outline of the pier looks very well thought-through and promising. The winning 400€ were indeed very well-deserved!

360 pier winning proposal
“360 Pier” by Createur Studio.

The contest: A PIER IN THE LAKE

Design proposals are asked to envision a new pier built in the Liqeni I Farkës lake. A new architecture piece should blend in the surrounding landmark and could reactivate how people interact with the environment they are living in.

Participants should consider how will the new pier serve local and international tourists all year long, how it will allow them to explore basin in an unexpected manner and way of pier contributing to sustainability.

pier in the lake  architecture competition
  • Event main prize*: 1000 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 31.08.2019
  • Submission deadline: 08.09.2019
  • Site location: Tirana, Albania
  • Area/perspective: Leisure design
  • Registration fee *: 50-100 EUR
  • Organizer: Tirana Design Week

6.Winning Submission: Recuerdos de Notre Dame

Winning Architect: Ricardo Roda

The proposal contains a new perspective on Notre Dame’s architecture. The rooms on the inside give an updated experience of an area, as well as manage to create more “openness”. The project also touches upon the inclusion of accelerating the sustainable architecture movement. The inside of the building has a proposed room filled with planted trees and water areas.

“Recuerdos de Notre Dame”
“Recuerdos de Notre Dame” by Ricardo Roda. Image by reTHINKING Competitions.


The architect design contest: RETHINKING NOTRE DAME

In the middle of April, the world was watching the tragedy in Paris- burning Notre-Dame. Could we use this global catastrophe to rethink the way how we see their heritage in today’s culture, in today’s cities? Hosts invite participants to explore possibilities of the new dialogues between past and contemporary architectures?

Northe damme rethink design
  • Event main prize*: 1000 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 04.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 04.09.2019
  • Site location: Paris, France
  • Area/perspective: Redesign
  • Registration fee *: 45-85 EUR
  • Organizer: Re Th!nk


7. Winning Proposal Submission: Reflection of the past

Winning Architects: Karolina Chodura and Joanna Rozbrój

The design proposes establishing a connection between the city itself and the river. It includes a series of interventions that help bring “water” towards bigger public perspectives.

The idea behind the proposal aims to explore the temporary interventions that make an appearance only at certain times. This principle is applied to the river on Krakow’s main square, whose appearance is not completely stable, as it can be there for both long and a short period of time before it disappears again.

"Reflection of the past" by Karolina Chodura and Joanna Rozbrój
“Reflection of the past” by Karolina Chodura and Joanna Rozbrój. Image by Link to Poland.

The contest: International Biennale of Architecture Krakow 2019

Participants are offered to participate in proposing concepts for new urban planning, architectural solutions, installations or other proposals for the city of Krakow.

The municipality of Kraków seeks new orientation within the Old Town urban space in relation to the bank of the Vistula River. There are no really specific requirements set up. Contestants are welcome to choose the project’s scale and types of visual materials presented by themselves.

International biennale of Architecture Krakow competition 2019
  • Event main prize*: 11500 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 04.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 04.09.2019
  • Site location: Krakow, Poland
  • Area/perspective: Urban design
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: Municipality of Kraków


8. Winning Submission: Vertical Warehouse

“Vertical Warehouse” project solves the problem of physical malls being under a threat, by bringing the same physical manifestation we all get from online shopping into the real world.

Since online shopping itself is manifested through warehouses, the purpose of the design focuses exactly on that. It includes 3 warehouses that share 2 separate accesses: the first one is located at the ground level facing the stores in the streets and the second one is placed at the deepest underground level.

Besides tailoring its focus on the vertical warehouse, the design also includes other facilities such as lobby, restaurants, events in progress, packaging room and a place where shipping occurs.

A combination of online shopping with physical is indeed a good example of an adaptive marketplace!

vertical warehouse winning project
“Vertical Warehouse” aims to combine the synergy of both online and offline retail. Image by Design Competitions Uni


The contest : Upcycling retail- Changing the way marketplaces are made

With rapidly growing e-commerce popularity, traditional malls are put towards a threat. Malls currently serve not only shopping experience but also a harbors social spot of neighborhoods.

Contestants are challenged to design a marketplace that is evolving and more adaptive towards the coming future. Demolished Dixie Square mall place will be used as a site for this experiment.

retail architecture
  • Event main prize*: 5000 USD
  • Registration deadline: 15.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 25.09.2019
  • Site location: Harvey, Chicago
  • Area/perspective: Mall
  • Registration fee *: 25-260 USD
  • Organizer: competitions.uni


9. Winning Submission: Footbridge over Ljubljana proposal

Winning Architects: Jurij Kobe, Peter Plantan, Maja Kovačič, Urša Podlipnik, Tanja Paulin, Nataša Blažko, Ina Radšel, Marjan Pipenbaher, Tomaž Weingerl, Tatjana Gotovčevic, and Marija Ljuština.

The creators of this proposal state that it isn’t just the bridge that should be emphasized in this case, but the whole area, instead, should have a “character”.

The shallow bowl, as illustrated below on the image, is meant to serve as an attraction itself, individually. The upper side of the bridge creates additional space for people and at the same provides a roof to the lower side – where people can still spend the “bad weather” days outside! Those elements greatly contribute to housing quality!

The winning Footbridge proposal.
The winning Footbridge proposal. Image by ATELIERarchitects.


The design: Footbridge – the MUSTE Experiential Bridge

By the city of Ljubljana, contestants are invited to design a footbridge over the Ljubljanica river. The bridge is aimed to connect both sides fo river banks, as well as improve the general housing quality of the existing nearby neighborhoods.

city of ljubljana architecture
  • Event main prize*: 6000 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 19.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 19.09.2019
  • Site Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Area/perspective: Urban development
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: City of Ljubljana

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10. Winning Competition Submission: A New Vevče swimming pool complex

Winning Architects: Mojca Gužič Trplan, Gregor Trplan, Anže Čuden, Lara Pišl Ptičak, Bojan Rizman along with EMINEO, WINKY, and CBD

The design below showcased a great job of constructing the swimming pool to be indoor. The architects have managed to obtain a practical solution for the initial problem: by developing the recreational areas: adding two sports platforms for everyone to use and a multipurpose entrance platform.

The winning proposal for the Vevče swimming pool complex.
The winning proposal for the Vevče swimming pool complex. Image by Z A P S

The architecture design contest: Swimming pool complex Vevče

With the recent acquisition of Vevče complex, the principal of city Ljubljana is inviting architects, engineers and designers to introduce the best solutions possible for areas comprehensive renovation project.

Swimming pool architecture
  • Event main prize*: 10800 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 19.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 19.09.2019
  • Site Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Area/perspective: Urban development
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: City of Ljubljana

11. Winning Submission: Play with plinth

Winning Architects: T.R. Radhakrishnan and Karthikeyan V.J

Due to the unpredictable natural disasters in Haiti, shelter is undeniably one of the necessities for survival. The concept of “play with plinth” is to combine the traditional aspect of Carribean architecture with the concept of storage and shelter.

The plinth here is used in many different forms: learn with plinth, play with plinth, eat with plinth and etc. The purpose of the plinth’s emphasized presence is to make the learning experience within the school to be playful.

Since 80% of the schools in the country were deeply affected by earthquakes, the timber structure and the stone foundation involved in the building’s structure strengthen the resistance towards earthquakes.

In "play with plinth", the plinth serves as a significant element.
In “play with plinth”, the plinth serves as a significant element. Image by ARCHsharing

The Design Contest: Rural School in Haiti

Suffered from multiple natural disasters and political instabilities, Haiti is currently among the poorest in the region. Less than 50% of children are going to school and by a recent earthquake, more than 80% of schools in the west region of the country were devastated or seriously wrecked.

An inspiring competition is set up, that asks architects and designers to propose plans for a rural school to Haitian, TE NWA community. Currently, children use a tent with plywood separated classrooms. A total of 7 levels of the classes have to be held in school and host over 50 children.

Rural School Haiti architecture
  • Event main prize*: 1500 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 22.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 23.09.2019
  • Site location: Port-au-Prince., Haiti
  • Area/perspective: School
  • Registration fee *: 60-100 EUR
  • Organizer: ARCHsharing

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12. Winning Submission: Add to Cart

Winning Architects: Abhinav Prasoon, Siddarth Mahadevan and Reena Gaikwad

The “Add to Cart” project is a micro-building solution with a design module that allows you to grow a house within your preferred given space. The structural systems can be customized or deducted to represent how our different stages of life affect our lifestyle choices.

The main idea is to “make traditional communities viable thrive” through the micro-housing element. Not only does this proposal solve the issue of overpopulation in an adaptable way, but it also manages to include aesthetical elements to it!

"Add to Cart" is a micro-building solution.
“Add to Cart” is a micro-building solution. Image by Volume Zero Competitions.


The project RFP: Micro Housing 2019

With the ever-growing problem of overpopulation and lack of proper housing in urban areas, participants are asked to prototype a possible design of a micro-housing unit that could be used in the community by own choice. Contenders should evaluate the aesthetics and functional nature of proposed visions. Explain how these units will improve life and serve the basic needs of the inhabitants.

Micro housing 2019
  • Event main prize*: 2000 USD
  • Registration deadline: 27.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 04.10.2019
  • Site location: Worldwide
  • Area/perspective: Concept design
  • Registration fee *: 70-80 USD
  • Organizer: Volume zero

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13. Winning Architecture Submission: Tomorrow Learning Center

Winning Architects: Isadora Machado, David Couto, and Enrico Postiglione

Tomorrow Learning Center is a transparent library. It explores the issue with establishing an in-door library which would make it “closed” and not necessarily a place for group activities.

On the ground floor, there are studying areas, books, and a cafe. All the reunion offices, crafting rooms, administration, technical spaces, and studios are on a lower level. The building also includes digital totems for research encouragement – promoting the culture of reading, as the competition requests!

Tomorrow Learning Center winning project
“Tomorrow Learning Center” showcases a transparent library. Image by sw/tch

Proposal competition: CENTRAL PARK BOOK STUDIO

The participants are invited to create a 21st-century library with elements of transparency, light, and nature. Designers should pay strong respect towards the context and surrounding environment. The new library should stay true to the spirit of the library as well as promote the culture of reading among visitors and city inhabitants.

Central park book studio new design
  • Event main prize*: 1200 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 29.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 30.09.2019
  • Site location: New York, USA
  • Area/perspective: Urban Design
  • Registration fee *: 40-80 EUR
  • Organizer: sw/tch

Upcoming competition: UNSCHOOL COPENHAGEN


14. Winning Design Project: RING IT UP

Winning Architects: SLASHArchitects Team

The idea of the project is to have 3 different types of rings in the city: The Road Rings, The Zone Rings, and The Green Belt Rings. The Road Ring revolves around providing a shortcut to all facility zones and dividing the car routes and pedestrians.

The Green Belt Ring surrounds all intervention areas and the Zone Rings are responsible for the creation of the facility zones, which both enable shortcuts for pedestrians and can even serve as a bridge for the green belt route. That structure perfectly provides the solution for unification between sports enthusiasts.

"RING IT UP" project by SLASHArchitects.
“RING IT UP” project by SLASHArchitects. Image by Young Architects Competition.

The architecture contest: Sport Citadel Architecture Competition

Young Architects Company invites contestants to design and present a place where sport can aspire. The place that can unite people and warm hearts. With the main prize of 10000 EUR, it makes it a serious and challenging competition for ambitious architects and designers.

Sport citadel architecture
  • Event main prize*: 10000 USD
  • Registration deadline: 29.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 02.10.2019
  • Site Location: Turin, Italy
  • Area/perspective: Sports, venue
  • Registration fee *: 60-110 EUR
  • Organizer: YAC


15. Winning Project: Under The Skin

“Under The Skin” is not your usual attraction or a playground. It is an interactive musical installation with the purpose of making people more engaged with their physical surroundings.

The applicated musical floor diagrams containing a cappella music allows its users to both produce musical notes when stepping on it, but also create music when other multiple users are involved. The floor diagrams have a variety of pitch ranges: from soprano and alto to bass and percussion.

Under The Skin winning project
“Under The Skin”, an interactive musical installation. Image by Design Competitions | UNI

The contest: Bringing urban spaces to life

The design challenge here is to improve people’s lives in urban areas by breaking their long screen time with public space installations. These installations should provoke attention, aspire elements of play and connection.

Participants can determine their own audience and context and design process. Cities like Tokyo, New York, London, Hong Kong or any other upcoming city of the world share chaos, high level of stress and disconnectedness where humans flow just as regular grey mass trough the streets.

Elevate architecture competition
  • Event main prize*: 5000 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 30.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 05.10.2019
  • Site location: Worldwide
  • Area/perspective: Concept design
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: BOUN

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16. Winning Project: S[HOVEL]

Winning Architects: Modern Office Of Design and Architecture and Sumer Singh.

The making of S[HOVEL] consisted of gathering 194 aluminum shovels which would later be donated to Take Pride Winnipeg’s Snow Angel Program – a non-profit charity that helps with snow removal.

The idea of S[HOVEL] was for it to be both easily built and then later, disassembled. Instead of using traditional construction materials that would have the possibility of turning into waste, the aluminum shovels usage would be much more sustainable.

S[HOVEL] winning proposal

the S[HOVEL] project by Modern Office Of Design and Architecture and Sumer Singh. Image by Warming Huts

The contest: Warming Huts: An Arts & Architecture Competition On Ice V.2020

Contestants are asked to design huts, keeping in mind the use of materials, sustainability, form, and integration in the landscape. 3 of the best designs will receive not only honorarium but the actual possibility to construct the huts along the River Trail located on the Assiniboine and Red rivers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Warming huts
  • Event main prize*: 3500 USD
  • Registration deadline: 30.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 30.09.2019
  • Site location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Area/perspective: Housing
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: The Forks


17. Winning design: Collective Geometries

Winning Architects: Manuel Lopes, Raphaelle Paire, Olga Litwa and Maya Iwdal.

The Collective Geometries project does a great job combining our social collective needs together with eco-friendliness as it contains; the large communal spaces for meeting, rooftops, and balconies that are able to filtrate the collected stormwater for future usage, a system that is able to produce both vegetable and fish protein.

But most importantly, the technological system can even use renewable energy sources for energy production and distribution of power. Sustainable Architecture is indeed gaining much more relevance.

Collective geometries winning project
Outline of the “Collective Geometries” project by Manuel Lopes, Raphaelle Paire, Olga Litwa and Maya Iwdal. Image by Sky City

The concept competition: The Future of Housing / SkyCity Challenge 19

Architects and designers are invited to design a home that can be dismantled, packed in a shipping container and moved to any place in the world to be mounted back again. Important to notice that hosts require this construction to be partially made out of BCORE (a special stainless steel material). Overall concepts will be judged on overall costs, aesthetics, BCORE usage, Eco-friendliness, housing strategies, disassembling, and others.

skycity challenge
  • Event main prize*: 5000 EUR
  • Registration deadline: 30.09.2019
  • Submission deadline: 01.10.2019
  • Site location: Worldwide
  • Area/perspective: Concept design
  • Registration fee *: FREE
  • Organizer: Sky City

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