Why Architecture Quote works



Building YOUR dream

• Functionality of the space

• Knowledge of light, structure, materials, etc:

• Experience in functional homes + offices

• Building to fit your environment

• Sustainability and future Maintenance

You're in good hands

Access to resources
Carpenters, engineers, subcontractors

Bureaucracy Experience
Local laws, codes, permits, and authorities

Transparency and Relationships
Managing the communication between all parties


Work with our experienced team of
architects, designers and industry professionals

  • Information Gathering:

    Gather Information and manage your expectations
  • Find the right architects:

    Match you up with the right architect for your design.
  • Preparation and Brief

    Narrow down the specifications of the project and deliverables of the proposal
  • Concept Design

    Initial Design and Concepts + approach the local authorities and apply for initial approval.
  • Schematic Design

    Develop the creative conceptual design into a real-world functional building
  • Detailed Design

    Producing the technical drawings for engineers and builders
  • + Tender

    Public offering for contract bids
  • Construction to Build

    Construction begins on site
  • Handover and Closeout

    Final building inspection and inauguration of the building

We manage this entire process to make sure your design becomes a reality in a smooth and timely manner.