The Best Websites for Architect Jobs – Architecture Industry Job Search Websites

by | Sep 23, 2020

This article provides useful information together with helpful websites for all architect jobs websites all over the world!

According to architects, the number one way they find jobs is through word of mouth

In this context, “word of mouth” means hearing about jobs by speaking to people you know in the industry to advertise that you’re looking for work.   

This tactic often favours ‘old buddies’ – where a potential job/project is given to the employer’s friend or former colleague.

Girl studying architecture plans
Architect projects can be hard to get your hands on. Image from alberta-alis.

However, this ‘old buddy’ system for finding architecture industry jobs requires an extensive list of contacts and being in the right place at the right time. 

Unfortunately, if as an architect you don’t have a strong established network to reach out to about upcoming projects, then it can be extremely difficult to find your next job. 

We’ve saved you the trouble. Below is an extensive list of global architecture job websites.

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Quickly Navigate our massive list of architect job websites by specific region:

UK Architecture Job Websites

United States Architecture Job Boards

United States general Job boards

Scandinavia job boards for Architects

European Job Search Websites

Australia and New Zealand Job Websites

Global Architecture Industry Job Search Sites

Global job search websites generalized – no specific industry

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UK Job Websites For Architects

Anders Elite – Construction, Engineering, and Architectural Job Openings in the UK

Anders Elite has many construction related jobs including project managers, commercial manager, and surveyor roles.

There is a specific section for architecture jobs around the UK.

The Homepage of Anders Elite
Anders Elite is a job board for architecture, engineering, and construction

Design Week Jobs – United Kingdom Job Listing for Architects

Design Week Jobs advertises architecture roles around the United Kingdom.

The Homepage of Design Week Jobs
Design Week Jobs – Architecture Jobs in the UK

Interior Design Jobs – Interior Design Job Listings in the UK

Interior Design Jobs advertises specifically for interior designers around the UK, as well as offering CV and interview advice.

The Homepage of Interior Design Jobs
Interior Design Jobs in the UK

Haus Careers – Architecture Industry Job Openings – UK

Haus Careers advertises over 100 architect positions around the UK, as well as job seeker advice such as salary guides.

The Homepage of Haus Careers
Haus Careers

CV Library – Architecture Jobs Website

CV Library not only advertises more than 500 architect jobs around the UK, but also provides career advice such as help with cover letters and interviews.

The Homepage of CV Library
CV Library

RIBA Jobs – Architecture Union Website With Jobs Section for UK Architects

RIBA Jobs regularly add architecture industry specific jobs for companies located in England.

The Homepage of RIBA Jobs
RIBA jobs – The Royal Institute of British Architects

Architects Jobs – Job Search Site for Architects in the UK

Architects Jobs advertises over architectural positions around the UK.

This site also offers help to job seekers through CV services, and information about training and education. 

The Homepage of Architects Jobs
Architects Jobs

Architect’s Journal Jobs – Architecture Journal With Job Section

Architect’s Journal Jobs publishes architect jobs around the UK.

The Homepage of Architect's Journal Jobs
Architect’s Journal Jobs

Architects Online – United Kingdom Job Site for Architecture

Architects Online currently shows over 2000 architect positions in the UK.

The Homepage of Architects Online
Architects Online

BD 4Jobs – Building Design Jobs

Building Design 4Jobs is a UK based job site that focuses on architects and the architecture industry.

The Homepage of BD 4Jobs
BD 4Jobs

Fish4Jobs – General Job Search Website for UK and Europe

Fish4Jobs advertises nearly 400 jobs for architects around the UK and Europe

This job site also offers career advice for jobseekers such as interview questions and answers, CV and cover letter templates, and examples of personal statements. 

The Homepage of Fish4Jobs

Jobijoba – Job Board for Ireland

Jobijoba has over 1000 architecture jobs across Ireland, and also offers a CV tool for job seekers.

The Homepage of Jobijoba
Jobijoba publishes jobs across Ireland

RIAI – Architect Jobs in Ireland

RIAI currently shows architecture industry jobs openings around Ireland.

The Homepage of RIAI
RIAI – Registered Architects, Architectural Technologists, Architectural Graduates

USA Architecture Job Boards

Archareer – US Based Architecture Jobs

Archareer is a newer platform for architecture job seekers in the USA.

The roles range from urban planners to urban planners.

The Website of Archareer
Archareer posts architecture jobs from mostly the United States

Planetizen – Architecture Job Openings in all 50 States – USA

Planetizen regularly posts a variety of roles. The Architecture section includes a handful of architect job openings based in the USA.

The Homepage of Planetizen
Planetizen is a job website for Architecture Industry roles in the United States

AN Jobs – Design, Interior, and Artistic Architecture Jobs in the USA

AN Jobs publishes job openings for roles around the USA.

The Homepage of AN Jobs
AN Jobs – Design, interior design, and other artistic job postings in the United States

Design Search Associates – American Architect Jobs

Deisgn Search Associates publishes architecture and construction roles from all over the USA.

DSA – Design Search Associates – Architecture Job site focused on the US

BSA – Architect Jobs Website [United States]

BSA is a major publisher of architect jobs around the USA.

The Homepage of BSA

Archinect – Architecture News Site With An Employment Section

Archinect advertises over 150 architect jobs around the USA.

The Homepage of Archinect

Select Leaders – Real-estate jobs including architecture roles

Select Leaders feeds many architecture related job postings based in the USA.

The Homepage of Select Leaders
Select Leaders – Jobs in the real-estate industry including Architects in the US

Architizer – Job Portal for American Architects

Architizer is a job site for architects in the USA.

The Homepage of Architizer
Architizer – Find a Job In Architecture

ArchitectureCrossing – Private Job Platform for Architects

ArchitectureCrossing has over 6000 architect jobs advertised in the USA

The Homepage of ArchitectureCrossing
ArchitectureCrossing is a job website specifically focused on architecture openings in the United States

AIA Career Center – American Institute of Architecture

AIA Career Center publishes architectural jobs from around the USA.

The Homepage of AIA Career Center
AIA Career Center

Opus – Architectural & Interior Design Jobs

Opus has US and international architecture industry job openings.

The Homepage of Opus
Opus – US Based Job Openings for Architects and Interior Designer

ALA Career Center – Association of Licensed Architects

ALA Career Center is an association for architects that includes an architectural jobs section for vacancies in the USA.

The Homepage of ALA Career Center
ALA Career Center

United States – General Job Boards

Adzuna – Job Publishing Site Collecting and Republishing Thousands of Vacancies

Adzuna advertises over 100,000 architecture jobs in the US.

The Homepage of Adzuna
Adzuna republishes thousands of job ads from other websites

CareerBuilder – USA Job Board

CareerBuilder has over 2000 architecture positions advertised around the USA.

The Homepage of CareerBuilder
CareerBuilder covers jobs in all industries

Architecture Job Boards in Scandinavia

SAFA – Finnish Jobs for Architects

SAFA posts openings for architects specifically in Finland.

The Homepage of SAFA
SAFA – Jobs in Finland for Architects

Sveriges Arkitekter – Swedish Job Board for Architects

Sveriges Arkitekter is a job website for architects in Sweden

The Homepage of Sveriges Arkitekter
The Homepage of Sveriges Arkitekter

Danske Arkitektvirksomheder – Danish Architect Jobs

Danske Arkitektvirksomheder shows a handful of architecture roles around Denmark.

The Website of Danske Arkitektvirksomheder
Danske Arkitektvirksomheder – Includes Vacancies In Denmark

European Architecture Job Websites [Specific Countries]

Czech Chamber of Architects – Job Openings for Architects in the Czech Replublic

Czech Chamber of Architects for openings for architects around the Czech Republic.

The Homepage of Czech Chamber of Architects
Czech Chamber of Architects

Ordre Des Architectes et Des Ingenieurs-Conseils (OAI) – Luxembourg Architect Jobs

OIA is a jobsite for architects in Luxembourg.

The Homepage of OIA
OIA – Ordre Des Architectes

Ordre Des Architectes – French Architecture Job Site

Ordre Des Architectes is an architect-specific job board that lists over 500 architect roles around France.

The Homepage of Ordre Des Architectes
Ordre Des Architectes – French Architecture Jobs

Archined – Jobs in the Netherlands for Architects

Archined is a job posting site for architect jobs around the Netherlands.

The Homepage of Archined

New Monday – German Architecture Job Site

New Monday advertises architecture, engineering, and space planning jobs in Germany.

The Homepage of New Monday
New Monday – Jobs for Architects in German

Bayerische Architektenkammer – Germany Architect Jobs

Bayerische Architektenkammer advertises over 30 architect positions around Germany.

The Homepage of Bayerische Architektenkammer
Bayerische Architektenkammer

CompetitionLine – German Job Postings

CompetitionLine advertises over 400 architect positions around Germany.

The Homepage of CompetitionLine

COAM International Architect Job Search – Spanish Language Default

COAM advertises 1000+ architect jobs around the world!

The Homepage of COAM

Dezeen Jobs – Online Magazine For Architects With a Job Section

Dezeen lists over 70 architecture jobs in 10 countries!

The Homepage of Dezeen Jobs
Dezeen Jobs

New Zealand and Australian Architecture Job Sites

Australian Architecture Job Board – Australian Architect Job Board

Australian Architecture Job Board regularly updates architectural roles around Australia.

The Homepage of Australian Architecture Job Board
Australian Architecture Job Board

Seek – General Job Search Site With “Design & Architecture” Section

Seek is an Australia– and New Zealand-based job site that advertises over 200 architecture jobs in these countries.

The Homepage of Seek

Large Global Architecture Job Sites

Aerotek – Jobs for Skilled Trades, Labor, Engineering, and More

Aerotek always includes numerous architect job vacancies around the USA.

The Homepage of Aerotek
Aerotek – Staffing network for all kinds of roles within Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Career Structure – Jobs in Construction, Engineering, and the “built Environment”

Career Structure is a global listing site for roles in all areas of the building process.

The Homepage of Career Structure
Career Structure – All Architecture Engineering, and Construction jobs

Azure – International Job Site for Architects, Designers, and More

Azure currently advertises over 20 architectural roles around the globe.

The Homepage of Azure
Azure is a magazine that also publishes global architecture openings

World Architects – Open Roles for Architects in Europe

World Architects has a regularly updated feed of architect job vacancies around Europe.

The Homepage of World Architects
World Architects has (mostly) European Jobs in Architecture

Global Job Sites for All Industries

Graduateland – Job website for recent grads and junior architects

Graduateland has over 2000 architect positions available all over Europe.

The Homepage of Graduateland

Indeed – Massive Global Job Board

Indeed allows for specific sorting of location and job description.

The Homepage of Indeed
Indeed is one of the most popular job search websites in the world

Upwork – One of the Most Popular General Job Search Websites

Upwork has an “architecture and design” section for freelance architecture opportunities around the world. You can also find them on our platform –

The Homepage of Upwork

Learn4Good – Global Job Website for All Industries

Learn4Good shows nearly 10,000 architecture positions around the world!

The Homepage of Learn4Good
The Homepage of Learn4Good

Jooble – Massive Global Job Board

Jooble advertises nearly 60,000 architecture jobs around the USA and the rest of the world.

The Homepage of Jooble
Jooble – international and industry agnostic job site

ZipRecruiter – Job Site for All Industries

ZipRecruiter shows 11,000+ architect positions around the UK. But they’re internationally focused with all industries.

The Homepage of ZipRecruiter
ZipRecruiter – Massive Publisher of Jobs

SimplyHired – International Job Search Website

SimplyHired currently advertises 10,000+ architecture and engineering positions around the USA

This platform also offers services including CV builders, salary estimators, and interview guides.

The Homepage of SimplyHired
SimplyHired publishes jobs from all over the world

Find Architecture Job

We hope that with our list of architecture job posting platforms you will have easier tie in finding your dream architecture job.While you are searching for the perfect place to work, we encourage you to check out our platform.

ArchitectureQuote Regularly lists multiple freelance architecture job and architecture competitions. Browse our extensive library and apply for architecture jobs you like.

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