100 Best Architecture Firms in the World [2020 Update]

by | Jul 17, 2020

Have you ever wondered who are the top architecture firms in the world?

We composed a massive list of 100 best architecture firms sorted by their revenue.

While reading our article you’ll discover some of the most talent architecture firms behind the world’s most iconic buildings.

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Interactive Map of the Top Architecture Firms in the World

Click on the map below to see where top architecture firms are headquartered.

Best architects in the world Map
Interactive Map – Find the Headquarters of the top 100 Architecture Firms in the World

The Top 100 Architecture Firms in the World 2020 Edition

100. Showa Sekkei

The Abeno Pedestrian Bridge
Abeno Harukas Tallest skyscraper in Japan

Founded in 1957, Tokyo, Showa Sekkei is one of the biggest architectural firms in Japan.

This world-renowned architecture design firm delivers a full range of services related to architecture.

Showa Sekkei has a revenue of about 5 Million USD and over 200 employees.

The firm is known for its innovative designs, such as for the creation of the Abeno Pedestrian Bridge and the Tokyo Metropolitan Matzusaka Hospital.

In 1984, Showa Sekkei won the Good Lighting Award.

Since then the firm has won 105 awards – the most recent being the 2018 Good Design Award for the Tower Of The Sun Museum

Leadership of Showa Sekkei

Showa Sekkei president Mikio Chikusa

Title: President

Name: Mikio Chikusa

In 2015, Mikio Chikusa was promoted to President from Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer.

After graduating from Osaka University (1979) in the Department of Architecture Engineering, he joined Showa Sekkei in 1986.

99. Aidea

Mandani Bay Cebu
Mandani Bay Cebu

Aidea represents another influential architecture firm in the Philippines, located in the financial hub of Makai City.

Aida has a revenue of about 7 million USD and over 200 employees.

It has received several awards, such as the BCI Asia award in 2005 for the top 10 architecture firm in the Philippines.

Later on, in 2011, they were recognized for “the BIM award” for their expanding use of BIM with a focus on sustainability, build-ability, and usable spaces.

Most recently, Aida was placed at number 45 in the Building Design 2020 World Architect 100

Their most famous project is located in the Mandani Bay development project in Cebu. 

Leadership of Aidea

Jojo Tolentino

Title: President

Name: Jojo Tolentino

In 2003, Tolentino joined Aidea.

Tolentino won the title of Innovation Entrepreneur at the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines 2007 awards.

In 2015, he then went on to win “Most Promising” for Professional and Business Services at the Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Awards.

98. Palafox Associates


Palafox Associates is a multi-disciplinary firm founded in 1989.

With more than 100 professional consultants, the main focus is engineering and interior design.

Located in the capital of the Philippines, Manila offers the firm many advantages for visibility, fast pace growth, and tourist attractiveness. 

The company is known for designing attractive parks and urban plans within the Philippines and internationally such as Aluminum City in Bahrain.

In 2012, Palafox Associates was ranked 89th in the Top 100 architectural firms by Building Design World Architecture Magazine.

Leadership of Palafox Associates

Palafox Associates Founder Felino JUn Palafox Junior

Title: Founder

Name: Felino “Jun” Palafox Jr.

Felino “Jun” Palafox Jr. founded Palafox Associates in July 1989.

In 2013, Palafox Jr. was recognized by Forbes Asia magazine as one of 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia for his work in low-income housing developments.

More recently, he presented at the Global Peace Convention 2017.

97. Morphogenesis

ITC campus Kolkata
ITC campus Kolkata

Morphogenesis is listed as one of India’s well-known, award-winning architecture and Urban Design firms.

Their offices located in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and New Delhi.

This top architecture firm is also listed as the only firm in the WA100 chart of the World’s largest Architecture firms which is gender-neutral. The company employs over 50% of women across all levels.

In 2020, for the 9th time in a row, Morphogenesis ranked in Building Design’s top 100 World Architect list.

They reported 8 million USD in revenue and international projects last year.

Morphogenesis is also known for landscape design projects such as the  Rock-cut Architecture- Amarnath caves.

Leadership at Morphogenesis

Manit Rastogi

Title: Founding Partner

Name: Manit Rastogi

In 2009, Manit Rastogi was the first Indian to win a World Architecture Festival Award for his design of The Pearl Academy of Fashion, in Jaipur.

He leads Morphogenesis and its projects with SOUL in mind: Sustainability, Optimisation, Uniqueness, and Livability.

His focus on sustainability reaches past architecture – Rastogi is a founding member of the GRIHA council, India’s green rating system.

96. Aukett Swanke

Fontenay Hotel
Fontenay Hotel

Based in London, Aukett Swanke features a long list of architecture industry awards in urban planning and building design.

In 2018, the firm placed at number 43 in the Building Design 2018 World Architecture 100.

Their classical design and beauty is world renown. One of their latest and greatest projects can be found in Hamburg and it is Fontenay Hotel.

Aukett Swanke has over 400 staff members across 6 countries: UK, Germany, Russia, Turkey, UAE, and Czech Republic.

Leadership for Aukett Swanke

Tom Alexander

Title: Director

Name: Tom Alexander

Tom Alexander joined Aukett Swanke in 2006 – focusing on design, sustainability, and research and development.

Alexander has spoken at New London Architecture (NLA) events and appeared as a judge at the NLA Awards in 2018/19.

He has even been interviewed by journalist James Fransham for The Economist to discuss the future of the office.

95. Archetype Group


Archetype Group was founded in Vietname in 2002, with only 8 employees.

Now, with more than 1,100 employees and 14 million USD in revenue, Archetype Group is one of the largest consultancies in the Asia Pacific.

Archetype Group currently has 23 offices in 15 countries, and has produced more than 1500 projects.

The firm’s values focus on proactivity, integrity, excellence, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Their core services are in Architecture & Master Planning. They’re experts in skyscrapers and commercial real estate projects.

This top architecture firm was the driving force behind the Capital Place (Four Seasons Hotel)

Leadership for Archetype Group

Pierre-Jean Malgouyres Co-founder of Archetype Group

Title: Co-Founder, General Director

Name: Pierre-Jean Malgouyres

Pierre-Jean Malgouyres co-founded the Archetype Group in 2002.

He was responsible for the firm’s growth from 8 to 1100 employees.

Malgouyres also initiated a joint venture with another firm, VK Architects and Engineers, to create and improve healthcare projects around Asia.

94. Progetto CMR

Chongqing Jihua Yuelai Oxygen Tower project
Chongqing Jihua Yuelai Oxygen Tower project

“Change arises from the relationship between the past and the future.”

This Italian architecture firm is based in Milan, and was founded in 1994.

To date, they have worked on 2800 projects – including 7 million square meters of office space!

In 2019, Progetto CMR was the 4th largest architecture company in Italy.

In the same year, the firm placed at number 78 on the Building Design World Architecture list.

They’re the brilliant minds behind several large scale projects with classical design at its core.

Most notably, Progetto CMR designed the New Padua Calcio football stadium and the Chongqing Jihua Yuelai Eco-Oxygen Tower Project in China.

Leadership at Progetto CMR

Massimo Roj

Title: CEO, Founder, Principal

Name: Massimo Roj

Massimo Roj describes himself as someone who has “always been a rebel

He graduated from Architecture at the Politecnico di Milan in 1986.

8 years later he co-founded Progetto CMR alongside Antonella Mantica.

Roj lead the development of Progetto CMR into 3 new branches: Progetto Design & Build, BIM Factory, and Sportium.

Recently, Roj became the ambassador of Italian design in Beijing for the 2018 Italian Design Day.

93. UN Studio

The Mercedes Benz Museum
The Mercedes Benz Museum

UN studio was founded in 1988 and started with just 2 people.

Their passion for design and beauty were orchestrated from a kitchen table 30 years ago.

Currently, the architecture firm has 4 international offices and a revenue of 34 million USD.

Their main projects focus on human needs, housing, and fast-growing communities.

In 2020 alone, UN Studio has won 5 awards – which speaks volumes to the success of this firm!

Leadership for UN Studio

Ben van Berkel UN Studio

Title: Founder

Name: Ben van Berkel

Ben van Berkel graduated in 1987 from Architecture at the Rietveld Academy and the Architectural Association in London.

One year later, Van Berkel started his career by founding UN Studio with the Caroline Bos in 1988.

The firm was originally called “Van Berkel & Bos Architectenbureau”

In 2018, he founded UNSense – an Amsterdam based Arch Tech company that designs human-centric tech solutions for buildings.

92. Ryder Architecture

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Image by: Garden pics and tips

Award-winning architecture company Ryder Architecture has been improving the quality of life around us since 1953.

It all started when a group of entrepreneurial architects set out to change the industry from Newcastle.

Since then, the company has grown to 180 people. Their work brings in a solid turnover of 15 million USD.

Ryder Architecture has also created Ryder Alliance – a global platform that enables cutting edge research and technologies to shape architectural practices around the world – and BIM Academy.

Leadership at Ryder Architecture

Mark Thompson Managing Director of Ryder

Title: Managing Director

Name: Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson joined Ryder in 1988, after a career at British Shipbuilders.

He continued his studies while at Ryder – qualifying as an architectural technician in 1990.

In 1995, Thompson was promoted to Director.

In 2003, Thompson was made an Honorary Fellow of the RIBA

91. Space Matrix

Uber Redesign
Uber Office Singapore

Space Matrix was founded in 2001 in Singapore, Malaysia.

It is currently has over 500 employees, and a revenue of 58 million USD.

In 2011, it was Asia’s second largest interior design firm.

The firm offers a design practice that specializes in workplace environments supplying future-ready workplace solutions throughout Asia.

Space Matrix has created new-age workspaces such as the BBC office in Singapore, Microsoft offices in Taipei, and redesigned IBM Singapore office solutions.

In 2020, Space Matrix won “Best Office Space Design” at the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

Leadership at Space Matrix

Arsh Chaudry CEO of Space Matrix

Title: CEO

Name: Arsh Chaudhry

In 2006, Arsh Chaudry was in the “Top 20 Next Generation of Leaders in Real Estate” list created by Real Estate Forum.

Chaudry joined Space Matrix as CEO in 2016.

In his first year at the firm, Chaudry increased revenue by 51%!

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90. Gomez Vasquez International

Rosewood Residences, Mayakoba
Rosewood Residences, Mayakoba

Founded by brothers Jaime and Jose Gomez Vasquez Aldana in 1968, Gomez Vasquez International was originally called GVA & Asociados.

GVI is a leading Mexican architectural firm in the Latin American region.

Holding strong with over 50 years in the industry, the company reaches a turnover of 22 million USD.

This architecture design firm has more than 100 talented employees, and has designed 50,000 hotel rooms worldwide!

Gomez Vasquez International has managed to execute several high-class leisure projects, such as Ritz Carlton in Cancun,  JW Marriott in Puerto Vallarta, and Hotel Intercontinental in Boca Grande.

The firm won in three categories at the International Property Awards in 2017-2018.

Leadership at Gomez Vasquez International

Jose Manuel Gomez Vasquez Aldana founder of Gomez Vasquez International

Title: Founder, Executive President

Name: Jose Manuel Gomez Vazquez Aldana

Jose Gomez Vasquez Aldana graduated from Architecture at the University of Guadalajara in 1961.

Following his graduation, he teamed up with his brothers, Jaime and Ernesto Escobar to create the firm “Taller de Arquitectura”.

Then in 1968, Jose and Jaime created GVA & Asociados – which is now known as Gomez Vasquez International.

In 2016, México Design magazine awarded Jose with the Trayectorias Guadalajara award.

89. Sheppard Robson

Interserve UK Hub
Interserve UK Hub

This London based architecture firm had 22 million dollar revenue last year and approximately 300 employees.

Sheppard Robson’s focus is on urban design, highlighting social and environmental responsibility, and moving functional design into our daily lives.

The firm has a track record of the construction of universities, colleges, campuses, and hospitals.

Leadership at Sheppard Robson

Alan Shingler sheppard robson partner

Title: Partner, Chairman of Management Board

Name: Alan Shingler

Alan Shingler is an expert in sustainable design.

He has been a RIBA National Councillor for 6 years.

Shingler was also responsible for the the UK’s first net-zero carbon home, the ‘Lighthouse‘.

88. Henning Larsen Architects

Moesgaard Museum
Moesgaard Museum. Image by Jyllands Posten

Founded in 1959, Henning Larsen is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The firm’s main focus is on the landscape, engineering and interior design.

They want to shape and model the future with a focus on a rethinking of how we can design social spaces to alleviate a growing global trend of loneliness.

In 2001, the Henning Larsen Foundation was started to promote Danish architecture, and has recently held international competitions.

The firm have won countless awards, from 1965 to 2020!

Leadership at Henning Larsen

Mette Kynne Frandsen

Title: CEO, Partner

Name: Mette Kynne Frandsen

Mette Kynne Frandsen has been CEO of Henning Larsen since 2003, but has worked at the firm since 1993.

In 2017, Frandsen was nominated as one of the “Top 100 Female Executive in Denmark” and “30 Must-Know Women Architects”.

87. AS Architecture-Studio

National Theatre of Bahrain
National Theatre of Bahrain. Image by: Nicolai Buisson

Architecture-Studio is a French architectural agency that was founded in 1973.

The firm has multiple offices in Paris,  Shanghai, and Venice.

Today, the studio is run by 200 skilled architects, urban planners, landscape and interior designers.

The company celebrates diversity with 25 unique nationalities represented.

Leadership at AS Architecture Studio

Martin Robain

Title: Founder

Name: Martin Robain

Martin Robain founded AS Architecture Studio in 1973.

In 2014, he was a member of the jury in the Young Architects in Africa exhibition.

86. PRP Architects

Canada Court E03 building in progress
Canada Court E03 Wembley

Specialized in housing design and urban planning, this English firm has received more than 100 awards focusing on affordable housing.

PRP Architects has over 50 years of experience in the field and a strong focus on sustainable housing. 

With 3 offices located in the UK, this firm gathers a turnover of 23 million USD.

Leadership at PRP Architects

Manisha Patel senior partner of PRP

Title: Senior Partner

Name: Manisha Patel

Manisha Patel has been at PRP for 25 years.

In 2019, Patel was a speaker at a Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research event called “Households of the Future“, held at the University of Cambridge.

Patel also has a role as the Mayor’s Design Advocate.

Patel designed the masterplan on Portobello Square. In 2015, this design won the Mayor’s Prize at the Housing Design Awards.

85. AIA Architectes Ingénierus Associés

Hospital Complex Princess Grace, Principality de Monaco project
Hospital Complex Princess Grace, Principality de Monaco

Headquartered in Paris, AIA has several offices located in France’s major cities and employs 650 people.

This top architecture firm specializes in general infrastructure and design.

They are well known for infrastructure construction in the sector of well being such as hospitals.

AIA was founded in 1965, and in 2018 had a turnover of 65 million Euros (73 million US dollars)!

Leadership at AIA Architectes Ingénierus Associés

Olivier de la Barre president of AIA

Title: President, Architect

Name: Olivier de la Barre

Olivier de la Barre is the chair of the partner’s council at AIA.

The operational management of the firm is headed by general management, Xavier Baumelou and Bruno Follin.

84. Zaha Hadid Architects

BMW Central Building in Leipzig side view
BMW Central Building in Leipzig. Image by: Hélène Binet

Zaha Hadid Architects one of the most diverse architectural firms in the world.

It was started by world’s most famous female architect Zaha Hadid in 1980.

Their work covers all scales (sizes) and sectors with 950 ongoing projects in 44 countries.

This architecture firm emphasises bold design and curvy lines.

One of their featured projects is the BMW Central Building in Leipzig.

Leadership at Zaha Hadid Architects

Leadership at Zaha Hadid Architects principal

Title: Principal

Name: Patrik Schumacher

Patrik Schumacher is the company director and a senior designer.

He joined Zaha Hadid Architects in 1988.

Since 1996, Schumacher has been a co-director of the Design Research Laboratory, Architectural Association School of Architecture.

Schumacher is currently also a tenured professor at Innsbruck University.

83. Jaspers-Eyers Architects

The Chambon Penthaus
The Chambon Penthouse

Jaspers-Eyers Architects is well known for the construction of “The Chambon Penthaus“, located in Brussels.

Founded in 1960, this truly is one of the fastest-growing top architecture firms in the world.

The Belgian firm has won the first prize at the Golden Rules for Urban development.

The company is well known in Europe for its focus to achieve excellence in design, delivering solutions in an efficient way.

Jaspers-Eyers Architects commits to emphasize on communication and design in an ecological way for the people and the environment. 

Leadership at Jaspers-Eyers Architects

Jean-Michel Jaspers

Title: CEO

Name: Jean-Michel Jaspers

Jean-Michel Jaspers became CEO of Jaspers-Eyers Architects in 2001.

82. Thomson Adsett Architects

Riley, a Crystalbrook Collection Resort
Riley, a Crystalbrook Collection Resort

Thomson Adsett Architects is based in Australia and was founded in 1971.

With a revenue of 30 million USD, this top architecture design firm has been described as one of the “most reliable and accountable in the industry.”

The company has a combination of highly motivated and experienced designers, innovators, and architects that shape the future vision.

Thomson Adsett Architects main activities reflect on hospitality, communal living, commercial, educational and interior projects.

Leadership at Thomson Adsett

Leadership at Thomson Adsett ceo

Title: CEO

Name: Tony Houston

Tony Houston has worked on more than 200 major projects.

Houston is also an expert witness for the Planning and Environment Court.

81. Allies & Morrison

This John Lewis department store in england
This John Lewis department store

Allies and Morrison is an architecture and urban planning practice based in London, Cambridge, and Dublin.

Founded in 1984, it has developed a reputation for well-crafted buildings and thoughtful urban design.

Currently, this top architecture firm is focused on projects located in the Middle East and North America.

Leadership at Allies & Morrison

Joanna Bacon managing partner at Allies and Morrison

Title: Managing Partner

Name: Joanna Bacon

Joanna Bacon is the Chair of Awards Group and Board Member at RIBA.

In 2018, Bacon chaired the RIBA Gender Pay Working Group, and published a #CloseTheGap report.

80. Populous

ICC Sydney stadium
ICC Sydney. Image by: Hassell Studio

Populous is one of the top architecture firms in the United States.

The firm was founded in 1983, and is based in Kansas City.

They specialize in the construction of large infrastructure projects which include stadiums, event halls/venues, and arenas.

With more than 3,000 projects in their portfolio such as Target Field Stadium in Minneapolis,  First National Bank Stadium for FIFA 2020 and Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games.

The company is definitely among the architecture industry leaders for large sports venues.

Leadership at Populous

Leadership at Populous senior principal

Title: Senior Principal

Name: Brian Mirakian

Brian Mirakian has an Award of Honor from the Society of Environmental Graphic Design.

In 2016, Mirakian was named as one of 40 under 40 by Building Design & Construction.

79. Hames Sharley

100 St Georges Terrace Australia
100 St Georges Terrace

Founded in 1976, Hames Sharley is based in Adelaide, Australia

This top architecture firm works in six capital cities, representing decades of experience and skills across all design disciplines. 

They collaborate with local and international partners such as UN Studio, Foster + Partners, Silver Thomas Hanley, and Cox Architecture.

Their portfolio is based on general construction and infrastructure.

Leadership at Hames Sharley

Leadership at Hames Sharley director

Title: Director

Name: Brook McGowan

Brook McGowan joined Hames Sharley in 2003, and was promoted to Director in 2015.

He worked as Project Leader for 4 years on the $166 million project, the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Perth.

78. 3DReid

One Angel Square, Manchester
One Angel Square, Manchester. Image by: Buro Happold

Established in 1979, the firm has over 130 people working across 5 studios in the UK. 

3DReid takes their job very seriously and approaches every customer with ambitious projections and drive towards excellence.

3DReid believes their buildings must bring beneficial outcomes for direct users and the wider public. 

The majority of their projects focus around residential, industrial, educational and others.

Leadership at 3DReid Architects

Gordon Ferrier

Title: Director

Name: Gordon Ferrier

In 2014, Gordon Ferrier participated as a speaker on the panel for Sleep, a hotel design event held at Business Design Centre.

In 2019, Ferrier was shortlisted for The Brit List – a list of influential architects, interior designers, and hoteliers.

77. Diamond Schmitt Architects

Lazaridis Hall Wilfrid Laurier University
Wilfrid Laurier University, Lazaridis Hall. Image by: Double Space Photo

Based in Ontario, Diamond Schmitt Architects was founded in 1975, and currently has over 290 employees.

Diamond Schmitt Architects has won 10 awards and have even placed on Canada’s Best Managed Companies, Canada’s Best Employers, and Canada’s Greenest Employers lists.

The Canadian firm has led several projects and construction projects in the fields of healthcare, public buildings, and medical research.

One of the most recent projects is the School of Culinary Arts and Information Technology in London.

Leadership at Diamond Schmitt Architects

Leadership at Diamond Schmitt Architects principal

Title: Principal

Name: Birgit Siber

Birgit Siber joined Diamond Schmitt in 1996.

In 2003, Siber was promoted to Principle.

Siber is a chair on the sustainable design committee and pushes for green building initiatives.

76. 10 Design

Blue Waters Residences
Blue Waters Residences. Image by :10 DESIGN | Rafael Vargas .

10Design is based in Hong Kong.

Since its establishment in 2010 the firm has won over 70 international awards.

This architecture firm has completed projects in urban design all over the world, with a particular focus on the middle east and Dubai.

They’re well known for the construction of the Blue Water Residence home to the largest observation wheel in the world.

Leadership at 10 Design

David Pringle Managing Partner at 10Design

Title: Managing Partner

Name: David Pringle

David Pringle has 20 years of experience working in China.

Before becoming managing partner at 10Design, David Pringle was CEO of the Asia and Middle-East branches.

Pringle was in charge of over 600 employees in 6 offices.

Free resource: The Ultimate Guide to RIBA’s Process for Architects [Infographic]

75. Ronald Lu & Partners

TODTOWN, Shanghai, China
TODTOWN, Shanghai, China. Image by: Lead8

Also, Ronald Lu & Partners is based in Hong Kong with over 550 active staff members. 

Their main headquarters are in Hong Kong with additional offices located all across main Chinese cities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

RLP offers services for a wide global client base,  ranging from the public sector to commercial and institutional sectors.

Leadership at Ronald Lu & Partners

Leadership at Rambøll Architecture & Planning vice-chairman

Title: Vice-Chairman

Name: Bryant 慶耀 Lu 呂

Bryant Lu joined RLP in 2000.

Lu was responsible for the company’s entrance into the market in mainland China.

74. Architect Hafeez Contractor

23 Marina Dubai
23 Marina Dubai. Image by: Tfod.in

Architect Hafeez Contractor started with humble beginnings, with only 3 employees at its foundation in 1982.

The firm now has over 550 employees.

The Mumbai based firm is one of the first companies to build an extensive range of some of the tallest buildings in the world.

One of the more notable design projects was the tallest residential building in the world, 23 Marina Dubai and the tallest building in India.

Leadership at Architect Hafeez Contractor

Pushyamitra Londhe

Title: Senior Associate Architect

Name: Pushyamitra Londhe

Pushyamitra Londhe joined Architect Hafeez Contractor in 1998.

Londhe’s most noteworthy projects include the green building Imperial Tower I&II in Mumbai and the SP Infocity IT Park in Chennai.

In 2018, he was on a panel of judges for the ZAK awards for Façade & Fenestration designs.

73. Rambøll Architecture & Planning

Sandvikboder in Norway
Sandvikboder in Norway

Rambøll was founded in 1945 in Denmark; and currently employs over 16,500 people in 35 countries.

Rambøll is one of the largest architectural practices in the Nordic countries and fourth-largest in Europe with close to 800 experts. 

Rambøll Denmark was selected by Novo Nordisk A/S for the design of a new production facility.

This state-of-the-art facility will fabricate and deliver the world’s first protein tablet to the global market. 

Leadership at Rambøll Architecture & Planning

Chief Innovation Officer  Leadership at Rambøll Architecture & Planning

Title: Chief Innovation Officer

Name: Hilde Tonne

Hilde Tonne joined Rambøll in 2018 after 8 years as Group Executive Management of Telenor.

Tonne founded Digital Norway in 2016 – which involved Norway’s 15 biggest corporations promoting the digitalization of companies.

72. Wilmotte & Associés

impressive UN headquarters for West Africa  2020, Senegal, expresses ambition of architecture firms goals
UN headquarters for West Africa 2020, Senegal

Jean-Michel Wilmotte, founder of Wilmotte and Associates was born in 1948 in the French town of Soissons.

In 1975, Paris, he founded his own architecture firm. 

Currently, the firm employs 270 specialists from 25 different nationalities and operates in 20 countries.

Their international development office has launched two subsidiary companies: Wilmotte UK Ltd in London, and Wilmotte Italia Srl in Venice. 

Leadership at Wilmotte & Associés

Leadership at Wilmotte & Associés senior project manager

Title: Senior Project Manager

Name: Marco Olivieri

Marco Olivieri joined Wilmotte & Associés in 2016.

71. Capita Symonds

Millau Viaduct, France
Millau Viaduct, France. Image by Haarkon

Capita Symonds was founded in 1960, and currently have 4500 employees around the UK and Ireland.

The London based firm provides a unique blend of services and expertise.

This top architecture design firm is working with clients to transform and modernize their businesses across the UK and Europe.

Their main focus is on design and construction of large infrastructures across Europe.

Leadership at Capita Symonds

Leadership at Capita Symonds director of infrastructure

Title: Director of Infrastructure

Name: Phil Downes

Phil Downes has over 30 years experience, and currently manages over 450 people.

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70. TP Bennett

58 victoria embankment
58 victoria embankment

TP Bennett has been in business for over 100 years.

The company can be proud of long-established expertise in re-developing listed buildings, built heritage, and conservation.

TP Bennet has seven listed buildings to its name.

It has been a huge part of development on hundreds of historic buildings in both the domestic and international realm.

Their work spans countless UNESCO World Heritage sites in Libya and Ghana.

Leadership at TP Bennett

Katia Polidoro director at TP Bennett

Title: Director

Name: Katia Polidoro

Katia Polidoro joined TP Bennett in 2013.

Polidoro is responsible for mixed-use and retail developments within the UK.

She is a member of Architecture Sans Frontières UK, and her work has won International Council of Shopping Centres Awards.

69. IDOM

58 subsidized flats Torresolo
58 subsidized flats in Torresolo. Image by: Aitor Ortiz

IDOM is based in Madrid and was founded in 1957.

This firm is one of the leading design companies specializing in the construction of large infrastructure for scientific purposes.

They are well known for their unconventional touch as seen with their flagship mega project, the San Mames Stadium.

IDOM accumulated 40 million in revenue as of last year.

Leadership at IDOM

Marcin Warda IDOM Country Manager for Poland

Title: Country Manager for Poland

Name: Marcin Warda

Marcin Warda joined IDOM in 2006 as director of the Transport Project department.

In 2008 he became the country manager for Poland.

68. DWP

The XXXIX by Sansiri
The XXXIX by Sansiri. Image by: Hip Flat

Design Worldwide Partnership (DWP) was founded in 1994, Thailand.

At its heart, the company has a philosophy that architecture and design should be simple, elegant and timeless.

Often considered one of the best architecture firms in the world, DWP has offices in Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

At the same time, they are working on extending their worldwide architectural and design services to the US and Europe by 2020.

Leadership at DWP

Brenton Mauriello CEO of DWP

Title: Executive Chairman

Name: Brenton Mauriello

Brenton Mauriello joined DWP in 2004 as an owner, and became CEO in 2017.

67. LINK Arkitektur

skane uni hospital
Skane University Hospital

Link Arkitekteur‘s headquarters are in Oslo, Norway, and since its foundation in 2000 it has won 137 awards!

This leading design firm is one of the most well known architectural design companies in Scandinavia.

The firm has just over 470 workers located in 16 cities across Scandinavia.

LINK architecture executes projects related to urban planning, design, architecture, interior, etc.

Link Arkitektuer is based in Norway and has been nominated for the RENOVER award in 2019.

Leadership at Link Arkitektur

Kirsten Anker Sorensen CEO of Link Arkitektur

Title: CEO

Name: Kirsten Anker Sørensen

Kirsten Sørensen joined Link Arkitektur in 2015, and became CEO in 2019.

66. CF Møller Architects

The Maersk Tower
The Maersk Tower in Copenhagen. Image by: Adam Moerk

This visionary architecture and engineering firm are one of the leading architectural companies in Scandinavia and the world.

CF Møller Architects building designs embrace nordic values, sustainability and aesthetics.

Started in Aarhus, this architectural firm has approximately 350 employees and offices Copenhagen, Aalborg, Oslo, Stockholm and London.

Among their best architecture projects, we could mention Siloetten apartment block, Bislett Stadium and Carlsberg Central Office.

Leadership at CF Møller Architects

Mads Madrup partner at C.F. Moller

Title: Architect, Partner

Name: Mads Mandrup

Mads Mandrup joined C.F. Møller in 2006.

He is one of 8 partners at the company.

65. PBK

Alief Center for Advanced Careers.
Alief Center for Advanced Careers.

PBK was founded in 1981, Houston, Texas.

PBK has successfully planned and designed facilities for many international organizations and industry-leading companies.

Their main focus is primarily on education, health & wellness.

The company employs more than 500 design professionals over 15 offices located in Australia, the US, and China.

Leadership at PBK

Alexandra Parslow Partner at PBK

Title: Partner, K-12 Education

Name: Alexandra Parslow

Alexandra Parslow joined PBK as a partner in 2016.

Parslow was Chair on two successful campaigns, which totalled $77 million.

She was also CEO of a non-profit education foundation for 4 years.

64. Leigh & Orange

Hong Kong Science Park
Hong Kong Science Park. Image by: UK Unconscored

Founded in Hong Kong in 1874, Leigh & Orange (L&O) has continued to thrive as a significant force in the market.

It’s one of the oldest architecture and engineering firms in the world, they’ve been in business for a century and a half.

The company strives towards an innovative design approach, with the latest intelligent building ideas and advanced thinking in sustainability, energy conservation.

Their unique approach to architecture projects is a focus on a minimal environmental footprint.

Leadership at Leigh & Orange

Leadership at Leigh & Orange managing director

Title: Managing Director

Name: Ivy Lee

Ivy Lee joined Leigh & Orange in 1998.

In 2009, Lee became a Partner, and now is the Managing Director.

63. Dewan Architects & Engineers

Baniyas Tower in Abu Dhabi
Baniyas Tower in Abu Dhabi. Image by: EHAF

Dewan Architects and Engineers has been at the top position of the Middle East’s rapidly growing architectural and engineering industry for nearly three decades.

Their current chairman and original founder (as well as Managing Director), Mohamed Al Assam, established the inaugural Dewan office in Abu Dhabi in 1984.

With just 4 years in the industry, this ambitious firm successfully completed their first towering commercial skyscraper, Baniyas Tower, in 1988.

Dewan Architects and Engineers employs more than 455 people in 6 countries around the world.

Leadership at Dewan Architects & Engineers

Haider Al Assam

Title: Director Of Operations

Name: Haider Al Assam

Haider Al Assam joined Haider Al Assam in 2008.

He is not only the Director of Operations but also the head of the human resources department.

Haider Al Assam also started the satellite office, Dewan Manila.

62. Chapman Taylor

Warsaw airport concept idea
Central Transportation Hub (CPK)

Chapman Taylor is headquartered in London, and was founded in 1959.

This architecture firm specializes in Retail, Leisure, Residential, Hospitality and Office design.

This top architecture firm has completed over 2000 projects, 90 countries and more than 250 awards on their portfolio.

Recently Chapman Taylor proposed future transport hub master plan for the city of Warsaw, Poland.

This 3000 hectare hub, features an airport, railway and shopping functions.

Leadership at Chapman Taylor

Jon Hale director at Chapman Taylor

Title: Director

Name: Jon Hale

Jon Hale has been a director at Chapman Taylor since 1997, based in Prague.

Hale grew up in Hampshire, England, and moved to Prague after his studies.

61. Kunwon Architects & Engineers

Pangyo Techno Valley Startup Campus

Kunwon is an architect firm that was started by 3 friends in 1984.

The architecture firm has always been fully dedicated to generating inventive designs for the Korean market within residential and urban environments.

The firm specialises in large urban constructions and planning.

Most of their work happens in South Korea.

Among the best designs made by Kunvon, we can mention masterplans of Alpha-dome City, Jeonju Extreme Tower and Gocheok I Park.

Leadership at Kunwon Architects & Engineers

Brad Shim

Title: Executive Manager

Name: Brad Shim

60. Arup

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge architecture firms greatest project
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge

Expertise in urban design and engineering places Arup among the top architecture firms in the world.

Arup’s 92 offices accommodate over 14000 specialists in 35 countries.

The firm’s revenue between 2018/19 was £1.71 billion.

Some of their notable work has been realizing the Sydney Opera House and the Centre Pompidou.

Their more recent works include the San Francisco MOMA or the Pinewood film studios extension.

Leadership at Arup

Leadership at Arup chairman

Title: Chairman

Name: Alan Belfield

Alan Belfield has worked at Arup for 27 years.

He was promoted from COO to Chairman of the board at Arup in 2019.

59. Valode & Pistre


Valode & Pistre has its offices located in 4 cities across the globe.

Architecture firm specialises in urban design and architecture.

Their style features human-centred designs that blend in the surrounding landscape.

The French firm works mainly in the national context but their buildings can be found throughout Europe such as the Da Gennin Tower in Russia.

Leadership at Valode & Pistre

Yannick Denis Studio Director Valode and Pistre

Title: Partner Architect, Studio Director

Name: Yannick Denis

Yannick Denis joined Valode & Pistre Architects as a project architect in 2004.

He has worked on several high-rise buildings in La Defense region of Paris.

In 2011, Denis was promoted to Studio Director, and became an associate in 2012.

58. Broadway Malyan

Miami Cruise Terminal
Miami Cruise Terminal. Image by: Miami Curbed

Broadway Maylan was founded in 1958, and their core values include: creative thinking, insightful innovation, and collaborative culture.

This firm has its main focus on interior design and projects of residential buildings in the UK.

Broadway Maylan has extensive experience with designing hospitals and university campuses.

The firm’s architectural activities are are also well known across borders in Us.

Broadway Malyan was the responsible architect for the construction of large infrastructures such as the Cruise Terminal in Miami.

Leadership at Broadway Malyan

Ian Ellis

Title: Director of Architecture

Name: Ian Ellis

Ian Ellis joined Broadway Malyan in 1993.

With 27 years of experience and a specialty in project management, Ellis leads teams on projects such as the refurbishment and extension of listed buildings.

57. Wilson Associates

Conrad Koh Samui
Conrad Koh Samui Resort. Image by: Daily Addict

Founded in 1971, Wilson Associates take a holistic approach to design and are responsible for some of the world’s most avant-garde spaces.

The firm is specializes in interior design for luxury resorts and public buildings throughout the US.

With 10 offices in 3 continents company brings in a solid revenue of 54 million USD.

The Sky lobby in Hong Kong remains one of their most notable projects.

Leadership at Wilson Associates

Leadership at Wilson Associates

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Name: Beth Campbell

Beth Campbell joined Wilson Associates as CEO in 2018.

Campbell implements a people-first philosophy to her work.

Recently, she managed a $10 billion design and construction project, and a construction and renovation project covering more than 42 million square feet.

56. Wong Tung & Partners

The Wings Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong
The Wings Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong. Image by: Prop Go Luxury

The practice started in Hong Kong in 1963, and balances new ideas and technology with efficiency and cost effectiveness.

This architecture firm works with multiple projects across the globe.

Wong Tung Group of Companies has successfully established an approved track record when we are talking about master-planning and architectural services.

Their key success projects can be found in Hong Kong, Macau, and across the Pacific Rim Region.

Leadership at Wong Tung & Partners

Tam Kwok Chi executive director wong tung group

Title: Executive Director

Name: Tam Kwok-chi

Tam Kwok-chi is an executive director at Wong Tung & Partners.

He is also the head of Wong Tung Beijing.

55. CP Kukreja

Parsvnath Planet, Lucknow
Parsvnath Planet, Lucknow

The top architecture firm was established first in 1969 with a clear vision to rethink architecture and planning in India.

CP Kukreja Architects (CPKA) is currently one of the leading architectural companies of the country.

The architecture firm has been mentioned in one of the world’s most influential architectural journals: World Architecture.

The journal included CPKA amongst the top 100 architectural firms in the world.

CPKA’s designs include futuristic looks driven by straight lines and modern facade solutions.

Krrish Monde Provence, Gwal Pahari is a great example of futuristic Indian skyscraper design by CP Kukreja.

Leadership at CP Kukreja Architects

Dikshu C. Kukreja managing principal of CP Kukreja

Title: Managing Principal

Name: Dikshu C. Kukreja

Dikshu Kukreja obtained his masters in architecture and urban design from Harvard University.

During his studies, he founded Asia GSD which became one of the largest student organisations at Harvard.

Kukreja has written for The Times of India, and was selected as Cultural Ambassador by the government of Finland.

54. Gansam Architects & Partners

Astana Finance Tower Phase1 in Kazakhstan
Astana Finance Tower Phase1 in Kazakhstan: Image by: Azer News

Founded in 1983 and based in Seoul, Gansam Architects have a rich portfolio of projects.

The architecture firm has won multiple awards for prestigious buildings and stunning urban planning.

Gansam has been delivering design and plans for buildings as Baiterek Tower, Khan Shatyr and Tongyeong Concert Hall.

Leadership at Gansam Architects & Partners

Muchan Park

Title: Director, Head of Urban Insight

Name: Muchan Park

After graduating from Columbia University in 2015, Muchan Park became director and head of urban insight at Gansam Architects & Partners.

In 2019, he spoke at the CTBUK Korea Conference regarding safety and technology of sustainable skyscrapers

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53. B+H Architects

The new SickKids Patient Support Centre (Toronto, Canada). Designed by B+H. Image by B+H.
The new SickKids Patient Support Centre (Toronto, Canada). Designed by B+H. Image by B+H.

B+H is a global, award-winning consulting and design solutions firm.

The firm has been founded on a 65-year legacy of creating bold and inspiring spaces for people.

B+H provides core architecture, planning, landscape, interior design, and advance Strategy services.

The company has a team of more than 450 staff.

Their services are delivered from across nine studios in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore & Ho Chi Minh City.

Leadership at B+H Architects

Jennifer Futol

Title: Chief Marketing Officer, Principal

Name: Jennifer Futol

Jennifer Futol joined B+H Architects in 2013 as the global director.

Futol then became the chief marketing officer in 2018.

52. Cox Architecture

Karen Rolton Oval at Narnungga Park 25 - Adelaide, Australia
Karen Rolton Oval at Narnungga Park. Image by: Chris Sale Consulting

The Australian firm located in New South Wales has created large buildings and infrastructure projects.

Architecture firm does not promote a particular design style but rather want to be connected to context, public engagement, and environmental performance.

Cox Architects have designed multiple smaller-scale structures with immersive design.

ArchitectureQuote’s favorites are Karen Rolton Oval, Willinga Park and Melville Senior High School Theatre.

Leadership at COX Architecture

Russell Lee director of Cox Architecture

Title: Director

Name: Russell Lee

Russell Lee joined Cox Architecture in 1982, before he had finished his studies.

Lee became an associate in 1989, and then director in 1995.

During his time at Cox Architecture he has been responsible for some of the most innovative sports and leisure facilities such as the Sydney International Athletic Stadium.

51. ZGF Architects

University of Colorado Denver, College of Engineering
University of Colorado Denver, College of Engineering

ZGF is an architecture firm with more than 60 years of experience in healthcare design.

The firm consists of 600 active professionals located in offices across the US.

Recently Interior design magazine ranked ZGF  No. 1 as Most Admired Healthcare Design Firms among Top 40 healthcare companies in the world. 

In total the company has received over 1000 awards.

Leadership at ZGF Architects

Ted Hyman

Title: Managing Partner

Name: Ted Hyman

Ted Hyman joined ZGF Architects in 1989 as a project architect.

In 2001, he became a partner, and then was promoted to managing partner in 2013.

50. Benoy

Hangzhou Canal Culture & Art Centre

Benoy Architects are a global architecture firm with offices located in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Los Angeles and other cities.

It focuses on international projects, master planning and interior design.

Benoy’s notable buildings can be seen in China, Bahrain, Colombia, and Indonesia.

It was part of creating a new landmark for Hangzhou., China.

On October 2019 Hangzhou Canal Culture & Art Centre was opened.

Benoy Architects developed a green park concept where formerly a power plant was located.

The structure features multiple futuristic elements as green spaces, courtyards and roof shading.

Leadership at Benoy

Tom Cartledge CEO of Benoy

Title: CEO

Name: Tom Cartledge

Tom Cartledge joined Benoy in 2013 as the Global Commercial and Operations Director.

3 years later, in 2016, he became CEO.

Cartledge is also CEO of Handley House, which encompasses 3 design businesses: Benoy, Holmes Wood, and Uncommon land.

49. Huckabee

Mathena Hall
Mathena Hall

Huckabee primarily focuses on educational institutions.

The firm believes that proper facilities play a high role in the overall success of a student!

Huckabee with 6 offices located in different US cities brings total revenue of 65 million USD. 

Their work includes architecture, engineering, structural planning, and furniture design.

Leadership at Huckabee

Christopher Huckabee CEO of Huckabee

Title: CEO

Name: Christopher Huckabee

Christopher Huckabee started Huckabee alongside his father in 1991, and has been CEO ever since.

Huckabee is currently Chairman on the Board of Regents at Texas Tech University.

48. HENN

Taiyuan Tower
Taiyuan Tower

Henn is a German architecture firm that employs 350 skilled architects and engineers.

The firm has 70 years of experience in the industry.

Their offices are located in Germany and China and main architectural focus is towards cultural, health, educational facilities.

Henn’s work includes production and master planning.

The company works with office buildings and are highly involved in workspace design.

Recently finishing Merck Innovation Center in Darmstadt, Germany and Zalando Headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Leadership at HENN

Martin Henn

Title: Managing Partner, Head of Design

Name: Martin Henn

Before joining HENN, Martin Henn worked at both Zaha Hadid Architects in London and Asymptote Architecture in New York. 

In 2008, Henn became Managing Partner and Head of Design.

47. AXS Satow

Tokyo Big Sight
Tokyo Big Sight. Image by: Archi Travel

The Japanese architectural firm quotes their philosophy as “Originally, architecture is for all people”.

Their logo stands for Architecture, Art, Science, and Satow.

Since their foundation in 1945, these are the values the firm strongly follows.

With current innovations company also has strong expertise in renewal projects such as the TORNARE Nihonbashi Hama-Cho.

Leadership at AXS Satow

Kazuyuki T

Title: Architect

Name: Kazuyuki T

Kazuyuki joined AXS Satow in 2012.

46. Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering

Yaesu Central Park  BLDG.
Yaesu Central Park

Founded in 1927 with 366 employees and have offices throughout Japan.

Ishimoto‘s headquarters are based in Tokyo, and their core values are: landscape, graphic, interior, and sustainability.

Company values sustainable projects and energy efficiency.

The architecture firm has extensive experience in designing public facilities, government offices, office buildings, educational facilities, medical institutions, hotels, resorts, and urban development areas.

The architecture firm has developed projects as Yaesu Central Park and SunMarine Nagano, receiving Nagano Scenery Award in 2018.

Leadership at Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering

Leadership at Ishimoto Architectural & Engineering chairman ceo

Title: Chairman, CEO

Name: Makoto Ishii

Makoto Ishii was appointed president of Ishimoto in 2007.

Ishii is also Chairperson of APTAC: Asia-Pacific Town-Building Assistance Consortium.

45. ATP Architects & Engineers


ATP architects engineers was founded in 1976 and employs more than 800 employees.

They are well-known integrated design offices in Europe.

The firm’s headquarters are located in Innsbruck, Austria.

Multidisciplinary teams located in ten different European cities develop modern solutions for complicated construction projects.

ATP has been working and implementing sustainability principles for over 60 years.

ATP was honoured to win 1st prize for their 50-meter high apartment building proposal in Ingolstadt.

IN-TOWER became an iconic structure for the city. Buildings dynamic facade design is what gives character to structure.

Leadership at ATP Architects & Engineers

Robert Kelca managing director of ATP architects engineers

Title: Managing Director

Name: Robert Kelca

Robert Kelca joined ATP Architects & Engineers in 1981.

From 2001 to 2006, Kelca was Managing Director of the Vienna branch of the firm.

In 2006, he became Managing Director of the headquarters in Innsbruck, Austria.

44. DP Architects

The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall

Based in Singapore, DP Architects are leading several projects in Indonesia, China and Dubai.

This top architecture firm is specialized in consultancy, visual planning, and lighting.

The company was founded in 1967 and currently employs over 1200 specialists in 16 offices all over the world.

DP Architects’ latest project introduces a dynamic facade solution that changes its visual appearance with the season.

Mariner’s Quarter is an apartment complex, located in the United Kingdom.

The key design feature is three twisted boxes stacked on top of each other.

Leadership at DP Architects

Angelene Chan

Title: CEO

Name: Angelene Chan

Angelene Chan became CEO of DP Architects in 2016.

Chan has won numerous awards for her work, including the President’s Design Award in 2018.

She also plays an active part in several boards, such as Singapore’s Board of Architects and Singapore Institute of Architects.

43. Sweco

Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers. Image by: Scott Underwood

Sweco is listed among the leading architecture firms in Europe.

With nearly 16,000 experts planning and designing cities and communities that we live in.

In the last year, the firm’s work spread across 70 countries globally.

The Stockholm firm is the founder of Urban Insight, a concept revolving around sustainability and optimizing electrical consumption.

Leadership at Sweco

Dariush Rezai CEO of Sweco

Title: CEO

Name: Dariush Rezai

Dariush Rezai became CEO of Sweco in 2017.

Rezai is also a member of the board for Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen and Advisory Board of Dansk Industri Global Talent.

42. GMP Architects

flagship store of the ICICLE fashion Shanghai
ICICLE Shop Fassade, Shanghai Direktauftrag 2018

GMP was founded in 1972, and its headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany.

This architecture firm has constructed large buildings in Europe and is now developing several projects in China.

With their last project in Shanghai, the firm constructed a shop facade for the shopping centre.

The work featured an impressive curtain of 800 porcelain tubes, which was made in the traditional Chinese way.

Leadership at GMP Architects

Leadership at GMP Architects

Title: Partner

Name: Nikolaus Goetze

Nikolaus Goetze joined GMP Architects in 1987.

In 1998, Goetze became a partner at the company.

He now also manages the GMP Architects branches in Hamburg, Shanghai, and Hanoi.

41. Tengbom

linnaeus university - Sweden
Linnaeus University – Sweden

Tengbom has been mentioned as part of the world’s topmost innovative architectural firms, and it’s among the oldest architectural practices.

With a rich and multifaceted history, their mission is to keep our eyes on the future.

The architecture firm has 600 employees in locations across Sweden and Finland.

Tengbom’s projects are widespread across northern Europe.

Tengbom is among architecture firms that support sustainability and parametric design.

In their recent project: NEO auditoriums, architecture firm use of parametric design achieved flexibility in shapes and saved costs.

Leadership at Tengbom Architects

Leadership at Tengbom Architects CEO

Title: CEO

Name: Johanna Frelin

Johanna Frelin became CEO of Tengbom in 2016.

As of January 2020, Frelin is also CEO of Riksbyggen, a Swedish housing company that manages roughly 176,000 apartments.

40. NORR

Orchard view
Orchard view. Image by: Hub West Scotland

NORR was established in 1938 by John B. Parkin. 

With continuous innovation and growth, the company currently employs over 750 specialists.

The Ontario based Canadian design firm has a wide portfolio of projects overseas like the Al Tijaria Tower, Kuwait City, and UK spaceport.

Together with Hazel Wong, Norr designed Emirates Towers.

To date, the skyscraper complex is their most notable project.

Towers rise 309 and 354m tall and were the tallest construction in Dubai until completion of the Burj Al Arab.

Leadership at NORR

Brian Gerstmar President and CEO of NORR

Title: President, CEO

Name: Brian Gerstmar

Brian Gerstmar joined NORR in 1986.

In 2006, he started a sister company called Cion – now called Cion Coulter.

He returned to NORR in 2008, as Vice President of Operations, and then became president of the US branch.

Finally, Gerstmar became President and CEO of NORR in 2016.

39. White Arkitekter

Varberg observation tower
Varberg observation tower

White Arkitekter was established by Sidney White back in 1951, in Swedish town: Göteborg.

The company’s main purpose to improve society through architecture.

The founder’s legacy still strongly lives the company’s goal of contributing to a more sustainable world.

This can be seen in their goal of making all their architecture carbon neutral by 2030.

Nowadays the firm is owned by its 616 people personnel, 122 of whom are partners. 

In the last years, the firm has been noticed for multiple projects with futuristic design.

Designs for Psychiatric clinic in Nuuk, The GoDown Arts Centre in Kenya and Våga water towers.

Leadership at White Arkitekter

Alexandra Hagen

Title: Architect, Partner, VD/CEO

Name: Alexandra Hagen

Alexandra Hagen joined White Arkitekter in 2001, and has worked her way up through the company to her current position as CEO.

38. HMC Architects

Frontier Project. Located in Rancho Cucamonga
Frontier Project. Located in Rancho Cucamonga. Image by: Ryan Beck Photography

HMC Architect‘s focus is driven towards healthcare, education and civic industries architecture.

With a sustainable approach to design firm creates high-performance architecture and design solutions that improve lives for people.

Company have been established in 1940 and currently employs over 500 specialists, with a solid revenue of 85 million USD.

HMC has designed multiple architectural masterpieces.

Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University has been recognized by the American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA) design award (unbuilt) in 2011.

Leadership at HMC Architects

Dan Benner

Title: Principal

Name: Dan Benner

Dan Benner has been the principal of HMC Architects since 2008.

Since 2012, Benner has been part of the ACE Mentor Programme, a non-profit organisation that teams up high school students with architects, engineers, and construction workers.

37. Page Southerland

70 Rainey
70 Rainey

Founded in 1898 and located in Washington DC, Page Southerland‘s main focus is on healthcare.

The firm has constructed numerous facilities throughout the US such as hospitals, academic facilities and also in housing and hospitality.

With 500 employees the architectural firm has expanded its operations.

The architecture firm has been actively working with projects in an academic niche.

Designing a wide range of improvements as new facilities, better environments and creative spaces.

Leadership at Page Southerland

Anthony Alafriz principal page southerland

Title: Principal

Name: Anthony Alafriz

Anthony Alafriz has been principal of Page Southerland since 1994.

He started at the company when the company had only four employees, focusing on the computer operations.

His commitment to his work and projects has earned him the nickname “Action A” in the office.

36. Robert A.M. Stern Architects

The Alexander - Philadelphia
The Alexander – Philadelphia

Robert A.M. Stern Architects, LLP, is a 265-person firm that consists of architects, interior designers, and supporting staff.

In the companies 49-year history, it has established an international reputation as one of the leading design firms with wide experience in residential, commercial, and institutional work.

RAMSA has also published multiple architecture related books.

These books cover topics in design, urbanism, architecture, living and other spheres.

Leadership at Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Leadership at Robert A.M. Stern Architects partner

Title: Partner

Name: Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone has worked at Robert A.M. Stern since 2000.

In 2017, Stone was promoted to Partner.

Stone also acts as Governer and Officer for the New York Building Foundation.

35. Flad Architects

BioMed Realty
BioMed Realty, San Francisco. Image by: Gateway of Pacific

Flad Architects has over 350 employees located in 9 offices.

With a strong focus on architecture and planning firm aims to be creating environments that enhance human potential. 

The firm develops various building projects within health, science, technological and educational spheres and holds 95 million USD in revenue. 

Flad has been particularly successful in designing educational spaces.

Two of architectural firms designs got awarded with AIA Merit Award.

These buildings are The Jacobs School of Music East Studio Building at Indiana University and the Science and Engineering Library and Laboratories at Northwestern University.

Leadership at Flad Architects

Leadership at Flad Architects  principal

Title: Principal

Name: Steve Jackson

Steve Jackson has worked at Flad Architects since 2010.

Jackson is the firm’s healthcare leader, and so helps hospital staff to guide the design functionality and design aesthetics.

34. BDP

Ordsall Chord in Manchester. Image by: Infrastructure intelligence

This Manchester-based company performs various projects ranging from light structures to complete urban infrastructure projects.

BDP employs over 1000 specialists and recently has teamed up with Japan’s leading engineering firm: Nippon Koei.

BDP has developed multiple complex structure projects as Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre and masterplan for Wuhan Plaza business district.

It is worth mentioning that for the project: Ordsall Chord in Manchester, the firm has won a RIBA National Award.

Leadership at BPD

John McManus Chief Executive BDP

Title: Chief Executive

Name: John McManus

John McManus has been at BDP since 1998, as a director, and became Chief Executive in 2014.

Before this, McManus was Chair of the Glasgow BDP studio.

33. Atkins

Five Jumeirah Village
Five Jumeirah Village

Atkins is based in the UK and they are working closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions.

Their projects range across the public, private sector, and local and national governments.

Atkins started as a civil and structural engineering design firm 80 years ago in London.

Succesful operations let the company expand its expertise and currently company holds a solid 105 million USD in revenue.

Leadership at Atkins

Philip Hoare President of Atkins

Title: President

Name: Philip Hoare

Philip Hoare has been with Atkins since 1997.

At Atkins, Hoare is also the senior leadership sponsorship for the Women’s Professional Network and also the sponsor for the UK and Europe Diversity and Inclusion programme.

32. KEO International

48 Burj Gate
48 Burj Gate. Image by: New office Asia

KEO is globally ranked firm, with multiple offices spanning over seven countries.

Today they have a team of professionals from over 60 nations and have experience from every major market of the globe.

Based in Kuwait city their work is rather international.

This architecture firm features several tall building projects as Gateway Towers, Qatar Petroleum District ( formerly: Barwa Financial District) and Damac Towers.

Leadership at KEO International Consultants

KEO president international consultants

Title: President, CEO

Name: Donna Sultan

Donna Sultan has been CEO of KEO since 1991.

In 2016, Sultan also became President of the company.

Sultan has over 40 years of experience in the Middle East, and is one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the Arab World.

31. SmithGroup JJR

Wanxiang Innova City,
Wanxiang Innovation City. Image by: IB times

Located in Detroit, Michigan, SmithGroup JJR experience ranges from urban design to large infrastructure projects.

The Architecture firm has experienced network with over 1300 specialists, located in 15 offices.

Their most notable work so far is Wanxiang Innova City, located in Hangzhou, China.

It is envisioned as the world’s most advanced Smart City.

The framework for this vision identifies Area 1 as a new manufacturing campus of roughly 4.4M square feet that will be the catalyst for future development. 

Leadership at SmithGroup

Leadership at SmithGroup president

Title: President, Managing Partner

Name: Mike Medici

Mike Medici has worked at SmithGroup since 1981, and runs the company as part of a team of 3 people.

Medici is also on the firm’s Board of Directors and Advisory Council, and is also the director of the SmithGroup’s Higher Education Practice.

30. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

Robinson Tower
Robinson Tower

Kohn Pedersen Fox works in a broad range – from cultural, civic, offices, residential to infrastructural projects and skyscrapers.

Kohn Pedersen Fox clients come from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

With multiple successful projects, the company currently employs over 1000 skilled professionals.

KPF is the proud architects of Beijing’s new icon and the tallest building CITIC Tower.

This 190m tall building has brought multiple awards and recognitions to KPF.

Leadership at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates

kohn pedersen fox association president

Title: President, Design Principal

Name: James von Klemperer

James von Klemperer joined KPF in 1983.

As President, von Klemperer leads 650 people in 9 offices worldwide.

29. Hassell

60 Martin place
60 Martin Place. Image by: Investa

Located in Adelaide the Australian company’s focus on urban planning and infrastructure.

Its international design practice is performed in studios located in China, Great Britain, USA, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Hassell aims to empower inclusion and sustainability with their designs and work culture.

With a simple goal: to design people, love, this architectural company has projects spread around the globe.

In recent years architects, designers and panners from Hassel have created structures as Optus Stadium, Xinqiao Open Source City and GSK Asia House.

Leadership at Hassell

Gerard Corcoran

Title: Chief Executive

Name: Gerard Corcoran

Gerard Corcoran has been CEO of Hassell since 2013.

In 2015, Corcoran became part of Architecture Male Champions of Change.

28. Kume Sekkei

Soka Gakkai Headquarters Annex 2
Soka Gakkai Headquarters

Founded in 1932, Kume Sekkei currently employs over 550 specialists in multiple offices located in Vietnam, China, and Japan.

The company holds 125 million USD in revenue.

The firm’s projects range between architectural design, technical, electrical and mechanical engineering, renovation and urban planning. 

APA Hotel & Resort and JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Naha has been two of recent, bigger projects completed by Kume Sekkei.

Leadership at Kume Sekkei

Fumiyasu Okazaki

Title: Architect

Name: Fumiyasu Okazaki

Fumiyasu Okazaki has worked at Kume Sekkei since 2016.

27. CannonDesign

CJ Blossom Park, South Korea
CJ Blossom Park, South Korea

The company offers a wide spectrum of services related to architecture, consulting, planning and development.

Their offices span around multiple cities in the US and their projects can be found worldwide!

In 2017 and 2019 CannonDesign was mentioned among top innovative architecture firms by Fast Company.

The firm employs over 1100 active specialists and generates revenue of 130 million USD.

Leadership at Cannon Design

Brad Lukanic

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Name: Brad Lukanic

Brad Lukanic has been employed at CannonDesign since 2009 – his as principal, then executive director of education, and finally became CEO in 2016.

In 2017, Lukanic headed the merger between CannonDesign and FKP, an architecture firm founded in 1937 with a strong marketplace in Texas and Ohio.

26. DLR Group

Baoshan Long Beach Winder Tower
Baoshan Long Beach Winder Tower

The company promises to elevate human experiences through its design approach and solutions.

DLR is an architecture firm with sustainability amongst its highest priorities.

The architecture firm has committed to Architecture 2030 Challenge!

With more than 1000 design professions actively working in the firm, they can be proud of works such as Baoshan Long Beach Winder Tower,  AmericanAirlines Arena NRG Solar Canopy and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2.0 Renovations.

In 2012, DLR Group was named the number 1 in the Top 50 Design Firms by Architect Magazine.

Leadership at DLR Group

Griff Davenport

Title: Managing Principal, CEO

Name: Griff Davenport

Griff Davenport joined DLR Group in 1989, and was made Managing Principal and CEO in 2005.

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25. P&T Architects

Life Asoke Hype
Life Asoke Hype

P&T Architects is the largest international architectural firm in the Southeast Asia region.

Currently, the firm employs over 1600 architects, engineers, and planners. 

Founded in 1868 it has a long history, multiple award-winning projects and total revenue of 135 million USD.

In recent years, P&T architects have successfully presented multiple award-winning projects.

As an example, The Quayside, Honk Kong located skyscraper has awarded Gold Medal in 2019 Green Building Award and 2017 MIPIM Asia Award as Best Futura Project.

Leadership at P&T Architects

Edgar Eduard Cozzio

Title: Director

Name: Edgar Eduard Cozzio

Edgar Cozzio joined P&T Architects in 2005 as an Associate Director,

In 2018 Cozzio was promoted to Director.

24. Woods Bagot

NEO Limassol
NEO Limassol

With the philosophy of putting human experience as a central element in the design, Woods Bagot serves international clientele with future-oriented projects.

The firm employs 850 experts located in 15 studios across  Asia, Australia, Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

The architecture firm has an extensive portfolio of skyscrapers located in China, featuring buildings like Bodi Center, Sunshine Insurance Financial Center and Guohoa Financial Center.

Leadership at Woods Bagot

Nik Karalis CEO Woods Bagot

Title: CEO

Name: Nik Karalis

Nik Karalis joined Woods Bagot as an architect in 1993.

In 2005 Karalis became Global Design Director, then in 2015 he became Group Managing Director.

Finally he became CEO in 2016.

23. Leo A. Daly

Ding Feng International Plaza
Ding Feng International Plaza

Leo A. Daly has over 100 years of history and experience in their portfolio.

Currently, the company hosts over 700 employees.

Recognized by international audiences, a firm diverse portfolio represents high-level projects in more than 91 countries and all US states.   

Their work features projects such as Miami International Airport – North Terminal, NFL Las Vegas Raiders Training Facility and The Heights Building in Arlington, Virginia

Leadership at Leo A Daly

Steven A. Lichtenberger President Leo A Daly

Title: President

Name: Steven A. Lichtenberger

Steven Lichtenberger has been president at Leo A Daly since 2018.

Lichenberger has over 40 years of experience, and is an active member of the American Institute of Architects.

22. GHD

Barwon Water Head Office
Barwon Water Head Office. Image by: Geelong Advertiser

GHD is a large scale company, first established in 1928.

With its operations expanding across five continents Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific region.

The firm has more than 10 000 people working in over 200 offices.

Their focus on hiring top talent and growth consistently makes waves in the market.

The architecture firm manages to bring 145 million USD in turnover. 

Leadership at GHD

CEO executive directpr ashley wright GHD

Title: CEO, Executive Director

Name: Ashley Wright

Ashley Wright joined GHD in 2004 and worked his way up to CEO and Executive Director in 2016.

21. Perkins Eastman

Sun city Ginza
Award-winning healthcare facility: Sun city Ginza

The company was started in New York City back in 1981.

With a total of 17 offices, the firm employs over 1000 specialists within architecture, design, engineering, and technology.

Perkins Eastman manages to bring in a solid revenue of  150 million USD.

Huishan North bund has been one of Perkins Eastman’s successful projects.

Mixed-use skyrise projects have won several awards and gained recognition in the international press.

Leadership at Perkins Eastman

Nicholas Leahy Co-CEO Perkins Eastman

Title: Co-CEO

Name: Nicholas Leahy

Nicholas Leahy is co-CEO of Perkins Eastman, working in a team with two others: Shawn Basler and Andrew Adelhardt III.

20. HKS

Royal Arena Copenhagn
Royal Arena Copenhagen. Image by: Real Dania

HKS is a well established international design and architectural company with the belief that great design begins at the local level.

HKS is among the best architecture companies that provide innovative designs and solutions.

The firm with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas manages over 1400 architects, designers, scientists, artists and engineers.

Their work continuously receives global recognition and notable awards from industry professionals as FRAME, Fast Company and Architizer A+.

Among award-winning designs projects, we can mention Kachumbala Maternity Unit and Joplin Medical Center.

Leadership at HKS Architects

Dan Noble President and CEO of HKS Architects

Title: President, CEO

Name: Dan Noble

Dan Noble has worked at HKS Architects since 1983, and became president and CEO in 2014.

Noble has founded several community initiatives, such as HKS Green Week and the HKS Design Fellowship.

19. IBI group

M3 Condos
M3 Condos. Image by: Square one life

Canadian based company that focuses on delivering human-centred design solutions for urban infrastructure, community buildings.

With a total of 62 offices in 60 different cities, IBI Group employs over 2600 skilled professionals.

The company executes projects in the fields of public housing, mobility, healthcare, educational as well as performs overall architectural and engineering solutions.

Their innovative projects as Pinnacle on the Park in San Diego, place them among top architecture companies in the world.

Leadership at IBI Group

Scott Stewart

Title: CEO

Name: Scott Stewart

Scott Stewart started his career at IBI Group in 1983 as transportation engineer and planner.

He then became the managing director of IBI Group in 1995.

Stewart became CEO in 2013.

18. Heerim Architects & Planners

Long Thanh International Airport Passenger Terminal 1
Long Thanh International Airport Passenger Terminal 1

Heerim Architects & Planners was founded in 1970 and currently, the firm is the leading architectural practice of South Korea.

Heerim architects are continuously expanding their market reach in international and domestic fields. 

With 1200 active employees out of which 550 is certified architects, Herrim is able to provide creative thinking, great technical knowledge, and high standard design solutions.

Leadership at Heerim Architects & Planners

Young Kyoon Jeong CEO Heerim architects and lanners

Title: CEO, Chair of the Board

Name: Young Kyoon Jeong

Young Kyoon Jeong aims to make Heerim Architects and Planners the number 1 architectural service provider in Asia .

He intends to do this by increasing the company’s international business in order to achieve annual sales of $988 million in 2020.

17. NBBJ

Amazon in the Regrade
Amazon in the Regrade. Image by: Intelligent glass solutions.

NBBJ was founded in 1943, and since then has continuously innovated.

With over 700 active employees, the company generates 175 million USD in revenue.

This impressive firm regularly balances multiple projects within architecture, engineering, planning, and design.

NBBJ has recently been awarded the most innovative architecture Firm 2018 by Fast company.

Their work features structures like A City Blossoms– Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center and International financial Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Leadership at NBBJ

Managing partner of NBBJ

Title: Managing Partner

Name: Steve McConnell

Steve McConnell joined NBBJ in 1990 as an architect, and became managing partner in 2014.

McConnell was one of the first to commit to the 2030 Challenge to reduce energy use in buildings, and even won a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Energy for reducing energy use in hospitals.

16. Nihon Sekkei

Toranomon Hills
Toranomon Hills. Image by: Japan Magazine

Nihon Sekkei opened its doors back in 1967, since then it has experienced substantial growth.

With over 950 employees located in offices across Asia, the firm is able to generate 180 million USD in revenue.

Nihon Sekkei currently engages in international and local projects related to architecture, urban development, design, civil engineering and structural engineering. 

The architecture firms work has been a large part of modern Japans highrise structures.

Skyscrapers like OtemachiI Place, Akasaka Intercity AIR and Toranomon Hills are among their top projects.

Leadership at Nihon Sekkei Vietnam Inc.

Jun Shinozaki executive vice president Nihon Sekkei

Title: Executive Vice President

Name: Jun Shinozaki

Jun Shinozaki joined Nihon Sekkei in 1988.

Shinozaki uses detailed analysis and cutting edge technology in his designs to balance humanity, ecology, and economy.

15. Aedas

Lè Architecture
Lè Architecture

As an award-winning company, it employs 1400 creative minds and professionals together to make company Aedas successful on a global scale.

Aedas strive to deliver tailored design solutions for each client, the architecture firm works with an international clientele.

Their 12 offices are located all around the world.

The top architecture firm is proud of 41 featured projects, as Alacarte Ha Long Bay Condotel, The Beacon, and Unilever Headquarters.

Leadership at Aedas

Maxwell Connop

Title: Board Member

Name: Maxwell Connop

Maxwell Connop is an ambassador for sustainability, and infuses “green DNA” into all of his projects.

Connop’s work has won several green awards, including the Professional Green Building Council Grand Award and the BCI Asia Top 10 Green Design Award.

14. Skidmore Owings & Merrill

Busan Lotte Town Tower
Busan Lotte Town Tower

Skidmore Owings & Merrill has successfully completed over 10000 projects covering more than 50 different cities.

Projects ranging from research facilities, educational institutions, skyscrapers to urban districts.

These innovative projects have resulted in SOM winning over 1000 recognized awards.

Among the awards, Skidmore Owings and Merrill twice won Architecture Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects.

Leadership at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Skidmore director

Title: Director

Name: Marla Gayle

Marla Gayle is a director in the New York office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

Gayle has over 20 years of experience of large-scale transportation and infrastructure programmes, and is currently managing the $1.6 billion redevelopment of the Penn Station Complex, Manhattan.

13. Jacobs

Jacobs and NASA can fabricate habitable outposts
Jacobs and NASA can fabricate habitable outposts

Jacobs has expanded its operations on a global scale and it has been recognized by Fortune magazine as the World’s Most Admired Company in the engineering and construction categories.

Strongly the following innovation and offering futuristic solutions, it is currently employs over 80000 people and generates revenue of 205 million USD.

Their work is closely related to longevity, environment and sustainability challenges.

As their recent success, it is worth mentioning that Jacobs signed a partnership with NASA.

The firm will be responsible to oversee and advise NASA on their architectural, engineer, environmental engineering services.

Leadership at Jacobs

Steve Demetriou CEO of Jacobs

Title: Chair, CEO

Name: Steve Demetriou

Steve Demetriou has been CEO and Chair since 2015.

Due to his innovative leadership, Jacob’s stock price has increased by 120% in the first 4 years of his role of CEO.

12. Foster & Partners

Row New York
Row New York Boat House

Since Norman Foster first opened the company in 1967, it has grown over 1600 employees in 13 offices across all continents.

The company that has recently won the AJ100 International Practice of the Year award.

Foster and Partners continuously keeps innovating and places suitability in the centre of everything they design.

In recent years architecture firm has completed projects as The Cornich towers in London, Apple Park in the USA and DUO Central Park in Sydney, Australia.

Leadership at Foster & Partners

Norman Foster CEO Founder of Foster and Partners

Title: Founder, Executive Chairman, CEO

Name: Norman Foster

Norman Foster founded Foster & Partners with his late with in 1967.

In 1999, Foster was honoured with a life peerage by The Queen, giving him the title of Lord Foster of Thames Bank.

In 2009,  he was awarded with the Knight Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

11. CallisonRTKL

Chadstone Shopping Centre
Chadstone Shopping Centre. Image by: Electro Light

CallisonRTKL has been named as the number one retail design firm for the 3d year in the row by Visual Merchandising + Store Design’s annual top.

The company offers its services to luxury clients like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay, Target and Nike.

The architectural firm coordinates its operations from 20 worldwide located offices.

And a total of 2500 employees brings in 210 million USD in large revenue.

Leadership at CallisonRTKL

President ceo callison

Title: President, CEO

Name: Kelly Farrell

Kelly Farrell has worked at CallisonRTKL since 2004, and in 2019 she became President and CEO.

10. Stantec

Evolv1. Image by: Cora Group

Stantec, a Canadian top design and the delivery firm, has over 400 offices in local communities and worldwide.

The top architect firm employes more than 22000 specialists.

With a high focus on architecture, design and sustainability Stantec has received multiple awards, recognitions and honourable mentions.

Their recent year design focus has been towards sustainability.

A library with net-zero potential in Varennes is a great example for future buildings.

Leadership at Stantec

Gord Johnston

Title: President, CEO

Name: Gord Johnston

Gord Johnston became CEO of Stantec in 2018.

Johnston has over 30 years experience, 20 years of which he spent at Stantec.

9. Perkins & Will

Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark
Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark. Image by: Adam Mørk

Perkins & Will was founded in 1935.

The firm has successfully adapted to changes in the world over time and continuously brings well-designed solutions for community-driven projects.

The architecture firm consists of over 2500 employees and has a revenue of 220 million USD.

Their work has received multiple awards and recognitions from publishers as Building Team Awards, AIA awards and GRAY Magazine.

Perkins & Will’s most iconic architectural projects feature bold, straight lines and large fascias.

Projects like University of Washington Life Sciences Building and Center for Coastal and Deltaic Solutions in Louisiana are great examples of that.

Leadership at Perkins & Will

Philip Harrison

Title: CEO

Name: Philip Harrison

Philip Harrison has been CEO of Perkins & Will since 2006.

During his leadership, the firm has tripled in size.

8. Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei

Taipei Nanshan Plaza
Taipei Nanshan Plaza

This Japanese architectural company has over 125 years of history in the industry.

With over 600 active employes firm has accountable revenue of 300 million USD.

The architecture firm is bringing high-quality services that range from urban and project planning to architectural/interior design and consulting.

Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei has designed several skyscrapers such as Nishi-shimbashi Square, Hulic Square hotel and The Parkhouse Gran Chidorigafuchi.

Leadership at Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei

soichiro hayashi president of mitsubishi jisho sekkei

Title: President, CEO

Name: Soichiro Hayashi

Soichiro Hayashi was made CEO of Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei in 2019.

7. HOK

LG Science Park
LG Science Park

HOK is a global, award-winning design, architecture, and engineering company.

Their solutions focus on environment, imagination and technical excellence!

The architecture firm has over 1800 employees collectively collaborating across 24 offices spread out on three continents.

HOK has been able to contribute 250 million USD in revenue.

Their recent project has been developed in Sunnyvale, California a modern Central and Wolfe Campus.

In campus, design architects have encouraged nature, imagination and wellness.

Leadership at HOK

Bill Hellmuth chairman ceo HOK

Title: Chairman, CEO

Name: Bill Hellmuth

Bill Hellmuth joined HOK in 1991.

In 2005, he was promoted to President, and became CEO in 2016.

6. Samoo Architects & Engineers

Ice hockey Olympic Stadiums of Pyeongchang 2018
Ice hockey Olympic Stadiums of Pyeongchang 2018

The company has been founded in 1976, and since then has completed more than 8000 projects.

With over 100 award-winning project designs, the firm employs over 100 registered architects and a total of 650 employees.

Every Year Samoo organizes Design awards. In the ceremony, outstanding architectural projects and best partners are selected.

Leadership at Samoo Architects & Engineers

Sangjoon Simon Kim

Title: Associate Principal

Name: Sangjoon Simon Kim

Simon Kim joined Samoo in 1999.

Kim has won several awards for his work, including the Award of Excellence for Hana Square.

5. HDR Architecture

RockRidge Canyon Clubhouse
RockRidge Canyon Clubhouse

HDR has been ranked as No.1 – Architectural Firm in Healthcare Design and No.1 Central & Eastern Europe in Building Design by World Architecture 100 Survey.

The top architecture firm features multiple other rankings and world-class awards.

The architecture firm provides a wide range of solutions in architecture, engineering, planning, environmental sciences, research and more.

Their expertise range in the health, defence, civic and transportation industries.

In November 2019, Canadian capital awarded HDR for developing cities Solid Waste Master Plan!

Both will continue to work on implementation and executing proposals in the coming years!

Leadership at HDR

Charles O'Reilly COO HDR

Title: Vice Chairman, President, COO

Name: Charles O’Reilly

Charles O’Reilly joined HDR in 2009, and became president and COO in 2018.

4. Gensler

Santa Clara, California
NVIDIA in Santa Clara, California

This California based architectural company represents modern design and sustainability.

Gensler has been mentioned as No. 6 among the most admired companies in the world by Fortune Magazine.

With over 10000 unique projects in more than 2500 cities all across the world, the firm earns a solid revenue of 400 million USD.

Gensler has operations spread in 48 cities all over the world.

Gensler has designed multiple award-winning projects as Incheon International Airport in South Korea and Shanghai Tower in China.

Leadership at Gensler

Diane Hoskins co-CEO Gensler

Title: Co-CEO

Name: Diane Hoskins

Diane Hoskins is one of the two co-CEOs at Gensler.

Hoskins also founded Gensler’s Research Institute to create a better world through design.

3. Nikken Sekkei

Tokyo Midtown
Tokyo Midtown. Image by: Go Tokyo

This Architecture firm has impressive 25000 completed projects in companies more than 120 years long history.

Nikken Sekkei can definitely place them among top architecture firms in the world.

The firm currently employs over 2800 specialists in design, architecture, planning, engineering, and science.

Nikken Sekkei projects can be seen in multiple cities across the world.

Their recent projects Shibuya Hikarie, Guangzhou Library and Futur Camp Nou in Barcelona are great examples of the modern design and Japanese style used in architecture.

Leadership at Nikken Sekkei

Masafumi Tanaka

Title: Chief Civil Engineer of Urban Planning Dep.

Name: Masafumi Tanaka

Masafumi Tanaka has worked at Nikkon Sekkei since 1992.

2. Aecom

The Pacifica Apartments
The Pacifica Apartments

The company strives to develop and implement new solutions to the complex challenges the world is facing.

Aecom specializes in complex infrastructure challenges.

The architecture firm has been ranked as the No. 1 Transportation and General Building in Engineering News-Record’s 2019 “Top 500 Design Firms”.

As well as 5 years in a row, Aecom has been announced as one of Fortune magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies”

Companies total revenue comes to 500 million USD.

Aecom employs over 86000 specialists in 7 continents.

Among their iconic projects are the Hyhpoerloop project, Los Angeles International Airport and Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Leadership at AECOM

Michael S. Burke

Title: Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Name: Michael S. Burke

Michael Burke joined AECOM in 2006 as CFO, and became CEO in 2014.

He also is a member of the Board of Directors for Children’s Bureau, which protects vulnerable children from abuse.

1. RSP Architects

Jewel Changi Airport
Jewel Changi Airport

With its headquarters based in Singapore, this award-winning architectural company has over 60 years of experience in the industry! 

RSP Architects can be proud of multiple intentionally recognized projects as St Regis in Kuala Lumpur, The Oberoi in Gurgaon, India and the Nakheel Mall, United Arab Emirates.

The company has recently received recognition on its achievements in sustainability and innovation for its projects in 2018.

Total revenue goes over 640 million USD.

Leadership at RSP Architects Planners & Engineers

Devaganga Mahajan

Title: Associate Director

Name: Devaganga Mahajan

Devaganga Mahajan joined RSP in 2013 as a project architect, and became associate director in 2019.

Interactive Map – Top Architects in The World

Click on the map below to see where the mentioned Companies are having their headquarters.

Download a spreadsheet of this list – Free:

Did we miss anyone? Contact us if we missed a great architecture and they deserve mention in our list!

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