20+ Professional Website Builders for Creating an Architecture Portfolio

by | Feb 9, 2020

For the majority of architects, relying on just word of mouth marketing will not be enough. Having a professional architecture portfolio website can get you some extra points and give you that edge over other architects.

A top-notch online architecture portfolio with a sleek and clean design that brings a tear to the eye is useless if no one can see it. Getting your work in front of as many eyeballs as you can is the first thing that you should do.

To get you started, we compiled a list with some of the best CMS platforms and free websites builders to build architecture portfolio websites, with innovative and awesome features that will help you stand out at your next interview.

Each platform brings its own uniqueness at the table for your own benefit. Make your own adjustments, perform design twists, and tailor your online architecture website to fit your existing projects.

Your online architecture portfolio should be in your own architectural style and fit the type of client work you want to get in the future.

Table of Contents


Reasons to use Behance for your free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: Free to add a portfolio but limited design options and features
  • Multiple templates available
  • Rich online community
  • Customize URLs
  • Simplistic in design selections
  • Can be connected with Adobe Portfolio

One of the most popular and widely used free online portfolio websites used by artists, architects, designers, and photographers. Behance attracts millions of people each year from around the world ready to showcase and discover their creative work.

Excellent portfolio designs and projects are being uploaded each day on the platform in a social media-style activity feed, an easy way to stay inspired and make professional contacts.

For example: Interior design architects use Behance to showcase their work and promote their services online.

A handy platform where your work can be seen by many architects and potential clients.

If you are an architect looking for a job online architecture portfolios are great places to be found by recruiters and hiring managers that are looking for new talents.

Some of the benefits by signing up include free upload and edit of your design work, interact with site visitors and get instant feedback by reading their comments, quickly search for the latest designs to get inspiration, and many more.

As an architect, Behance should be on your list to display your portfolio and your latest creative work with the chance of landing your next architecture project over the internet.


Behance Portfolio Image
Behance Portfolio

Adobe Portfolio

Benefits of using Adobe Portfolio for your online architecture website

  • Price: $9.99/month including Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Fonts
  • Free if you are using Creative Cloud
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Unlimited photo collections
  • Integration with Behance

Optimized for showcasing creative architecture work, Adobe Portfolio is one of the most recognized online portfolio websites in the world. Popular among artists, designers, architects, and creatives, Adobe offers many exquisite features that will let you create a truly amazing and professional online architecture portfolio.

Designed to fit any creative field, you can quickly and simply build a website to showcase your entire work and automatically sync with your architecture Behance profile so you can network and get discovered.

Starting with the free plan you will get access to features such as elegant layouts, flexible custom design, and responsive design. The paid plans include access to more distinctive features and other Adobe products such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe Portfolio Image
Adobe Portfolio Layout


Reasons to use Dribble to build a free online architecture portfolio

  • Free to join
  • Architecture design inspirations
  • Numerous architecture templates and design options
  • Rich community engagement

Similar to Behance, Dribble is a platform where creative architects, designers, artists, and creators share their work related to design projects.

This is the perfect platform for interior designer architects and landscape architects to post design drafts, interactive prototypes, and other creative architecture projects.


Example: Architects use Dribbble to show off their architecture design skills and range.

Dribble has a Prospect/Player system where newcomers are labelled as “Prospects” who need to receive an invite from “Players” in order to post, makes it a challenging and interactive way to showcase your work.

You need to be invited to Dribbble. Here is a quick guide on getting an invite to Dribbble’s platform.

Once you receive an invitation, “Prospects” will be able to link to work examples in their Dribble profile so that “Players” can see what they are bringing to the table.

This is a great way for both parties to sharpen their networking skills, sell themselves and potentially get new architecture projects.

Dribbble Portfolio Image
Architecture Portfolio on Dribbble


Reasons to use Wix to build a free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: Free to use but without a domain name
  • Free architecture portfolio templates
  • Visually impressive architecture layouts
  • Multiple architecture design options and layouts

Wix is another website platform where you can build an architecture portfolio website and showcase your creative work. A flexible website builder, easy to use with a user-friendly editor that lets you build an architect portfolio site within minutes.

Wix has many great features when it comes to architecture design but it can be a bit challenging on the SEO part as Wix is still trying to catch up with its rivals like WordPress or Weebly. However, it comes with great SEO support for beginners which is very handy for those that are trying to grow their audience and promote architecture projects.

Providing more than 400 templates of which 17 are made for portfolios, Wix offers plenty of options and superior creative control for those who want to put a stamp on their portfolio design.

Examples of Wix Architecture Portfolios

If you are a beginner and you want to create a truly remarkable portfolio, Wix can be a great choice to present your architecture projects and services You can start with a free plan but if you are aiming to make your portfolio stand out, the pricing starts at $13.

Wix Portfolio Template
Wix Template Layout


Benefits of using Squarespace to build your architecture website

  • Price: $12 – $40 per month
  • Multiple templates
  • Support and help
  • Widgets and advanced options
  • Made for non-tech savvy people + great user experience
  • Drag and drop builder

Known for creating stunning and powerful websites, Squarespace is popular among photographs, designers, architects, and other creatives. Professionally designed templates combined with high-quality tools intended to make your work easier and to create a breathtaking portfolio.

Take advantage of the numerous advanced features and impress your audience with your creative skills. Design an online architecture portfolio to your liking with an easy-to-use editor starting at $12 per month.

Get some premium features such as SEO guidelines to help you get found by search engines and responsive design for visitors that are using smartphones or tablets.

Squarespace Portfolio Image

Squarespace example of the architect website template


Benefits of using Coroflot to build your free architecture website

  • Free to join and use
  • Career opportunities
  • Connect with other professional architects and find industry exposure

Launched back in 1997, Coroflot is one of the most professional online portfolio websites with more than 2 million images and 150,000 new projects launched every month from people all over the globe.

The platform is crafted to connect designers with career opportunities and to expose creative clients to selected design work by hosting portfolios/ designer profiles, job listings, and up-to-date salary guide.

A well-integrated job board and one of the most active platforms that bring clients, employees, and companies together. To get started you will have to submit some of your architecture or interior design projects.

Once your application passes screening, you will be able to set up an account and upload your architecture portfolio allowing you to search for job postings using different keywords. If your application is accepted, Coroflot is free to join and to use.

Coroflot Portfolio Image
Coroflot Logo


Benefits of using Duda to build an online architecture portfolio

  • Price: free trial 14 days
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Wide-array of templates
  • Website personalization tool
  • Great technical support

Duda is a designed focused portfolio website builder giving you a range of templates to choose from. Simple to use, you can personalize your online architecture portfolio by using the drag-and-drop builder to customize your template without any coding knowledge.

However, Duda’s templates are easy to customize if you are happy to stick with the style set out by the design. In other words, you can’t totally redesign your layout as your site’s design is dependent on the template you choose.

You can start with a 14-day free trial and continue with one of their plans. Duda’s strengths lie in its designs and is a bit on the pricey side, as the platform is mainly targeting agencies and freelancers. It can be a great choice if you want to build an architecture student portfolio.

If you want stylish designs, amazing inhouse widgets, and apps, and you don’t want the hassle of designing your own layouts, Duda might be the right platform for you.

Duda Portfolio Template
Duda Architecture Layout


Reasons to use Weebly to build your free architecture portfolio website

  • Free to use but without a domain name
  • Responsive design
  • 40+ mobile-friendly themes
  • Drag-and-drop website builder

Bring your portfolio to life with one of the simplest and affordable portfolio website builders. Weebly offers a wide range of features, even with the free basic plan, allowing you to create a simple, yet eye-catching portfolio.

Clean and basic templates, optimized for smartphones and tablets, and 500MB of storage, this platform is ideal for creatives that want to build a portfolio website quickly and cheaply.

Examples of Weebly Architecture Portfolio

If you want to build a more unique and personalized architecture portfolio, you will have to go with a paid plan. Starting with $5 a month you get some premium features such as analytics stats and SEO boosting apps that will increase your visibility in search engines like Google and Bing.

Easy to use, modern, and with a multitude of creative templates, Weebly can be a great choice for architects when building their portfolio.

weebly template layout
Weebly Template Layout


Reasons to use GoDaddy as a platform to build your architecture portfolio website

  • Price: One-month free trial
  • Super-easy to use
  • 24/7 support
  • Social media and Analytics Integration

Another simple portfolio website builder is GoDaddy. One of the best platforms to create a basic and practical portfolio website, offering broad and comprehensive features making it one of the most competitive CMSs along with Wix and Squarespace.

On GoDaddy, you can secure a domain name, and you can use Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) that will help you create a more personalized architecture portfolio.

Providing more than 300 professionally designed templates with multiple portfolio-specific design options, you will be able to take advantage of features such as integration with your social media accounts and 24/7 customer support.

You can start with a one-month free trial and continue by with one of the four paid plans, The price is ranging from $10 – $25 per month. For a professional architecture portfolio, you can go with the Standard plan that includes some of the SEO features to help you raise your profile and grow your audience.

GoDaddy Layout
GoDaddy Layout


Benefits of using Crevado to build your free architecture website

  • Price: Free to join
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive design
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Integration

If you are looking for a basic and simple option to share your architecture portfolio online, look no further than Crevado. It allows you to upload design files with different formats ranging from photos and videos to GIF images, PDFs and many more.

Free to use and easy to set up, this platform gives you the solution to hosting your work in a linkable format so that you can share with your clients and colleagues.

A great feature of using Crevado is that it offers in-depth visitor analysis and reporting by using Google Analytics and a responsive portfolio site for mobile and tablet users.

Some other great benefits of using Crevado include Facebook integration, and online payments through Paypal and Fotomoto making it easier for creatives to sell their work online.

Crevado Logo
Crevado Logo


Benefits of using Carbonmade to build an online portfolio for architects

  • Price: Free/ Limited features
  • Highly visual-based
  • Easy to build and share projects
  • Responsive design

Featuring over 2,000,000 portfolios and 3 million projects, Carbonmade offers you the right tools to personalize your portfolio so that it will match the look and feel of your work.

With a user-friendly interface, Carbonmade is a hassle-free online portfolio site offering exquisite visual-based themes and unique domain services.

If you want to build an online portfolio with ease and fast speed, share design work, communicate with fellow architects and designers, Carbonmade is the place to get started.

Examples of Carbonmade architecture portfolio

There is a free subscription that allows you to have up to 5 projects with 35 images.

Carbonmade portfolio Layout
Carbonmade portfolio


Benefits of using Pixpa to build an architecture portfolio

  • Price: 15-day free trial
  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • Social media integration

Pixpa is an all-in-one website builder platform used by architects and interior designers. The platform enables you to showcase your work with an easy drag-and-drop editor that requires no coding knowledge.

It also offers capabilities like integrated blogging, social media integration, client gallery tools, and fully customizable and responsive website themes to build your architecture portfolio within minutes.

Examples of Pixpa architecture portfolio

Get started with a 15-day free trial and based on your needs you can continue with one of the four plans that come with different features.

Pixpa Portfolio Template
Pixpa Portfolio Template


Reasons to use Krop to build your online architecture portfolio

  • Price: 15-day free trial
  • Large job board
  • Easy interface
  • Google Analytics and Instagram integration

Use Krop to promote your online architecture portfolio and resume with top companies around the world. With more than 1 million visits per month, Krop is one of the most innovative and easy to use portfolio builder website.

Highly visual, this CMS gives you the chance to show off your work in an original way so you can impress your audience and find potential customers.

In addition to portfolio hosting, Krop offers a large job board and an exclusive selection of select architecture portfolios that are updated regularly.

Simple, convenient, and fast to update, you will find plenty of themes that will fit your needs. You can start with a free trial for 15 days and continue with a paid membership for $9 a month.

Krop Portfolio Template
Krop Portfolio Template


Benefits of using Strikingly to create a free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: Free with a free domain and you can connect a custom domain
  • Live chat support
  • Built-in Analytics

Simple but stylish, Strikingly comes with flexible design templates offering great value to its customers. If you want a simple and basic portfolio to showcase your architecture projects online, Strikingly will do the work.

Some of the great features that Strikingly offers include SEO boost, built-in Analytics, sign-up, and contact forms, social feed, media sliders and much more to help you create an awesome architecture portfolio online.

The platform is easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to build a simple architecture portfolio website within minutes. On top of that, you will get live chat support to help you with the problems you may encounter when you use the platform.

This publishing platform is a great choice if you want to build a unique student architecture portfolio. To get the most of Strikingly, you will have to go with a paid plan, starting from $8 a month.

Strikingly Website
Strikingly Homepage


Reasons to use Dunked to build your online architecture portfolio

  • Price: 10-day free trial
  • Exclusive architecture templates
  • No coding experience needed

Another great platform for visual artists is Dunked. With exclusive templates, Dunked offers architects and designers easy solutions to create, share, and maintain an online portfolio. If you are not a technical person and have no coding experience, then this platform is for you.

With more than 80,000 creatives ranging from architects and illustrators to models and designers, you can choose from a small selection of portfolios that will match your taste. If you are planning to create a portfolio that is highly visual showcasing many architecture designs, Dunked may be the right choice for you.

Examples of Dunked architecture portfolio

Start customizing your portfolio with sleek designs, beautiful templates, great fonts, and colors, and share it with the world. You can start with a 10-day free trial and continue with $8 monthly plan depending on the number of projects and images.

Dunked Portfolio Template
Dunked Portfolio Template


Benefits of using Format to build your online architecture portfolio

  • Price: 14-day trial
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible and visual gallery presentation
  • SEO tools

Format is a specialized portfolio website builder used by creatives all over the world. Specifically designed for building online portfolios, Format is popular for its user-friendly interface with a simple and convenient dashboard and has everything you need to showcase your work and unveil multiple opportunities.

You also have the option to create projects in cooperation with certain clients, share proofing galleries, reviewing customer feedback, enabling file downloads, and many more. Format functionality encompasses everything you might need to design an online commercial architecture portfolio.

One cool feature of Format is that themes are based on a flexible visual gallery presentation and you can adjust the template and design on each page separately.

On top of that, Format offers certain features such as blogging, SEO tools and social media integration to popularize and curate your portfolio and your brand name in general.

You can start with a 14-day trial to test all the features and functionalities and continue with one of the three paid plans that meets your needs.

Format Homepage
Format Homepage


Benefits of using Portfoliobox to build a free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: Free
  • Highly visual with flexible visual presentations
  • 10s of architecture templates
  • Variety of language services available

Create a truly unique architecture portfolio website using PortofolioBox. With numerous templates and exquisite styles for any pages, PortofolioBox allows custom designs without any ads.

Mix and match several design templates, manage galleries, e-commerce, blogs and take advantage of many other services that will make your portfolio stand out.

SEO optimization, Google Analytics integration, hundreds of templates, galleries, contact pages, services, Instagram, are some of the awesome features that PortfolioBox offers if you choose to build a portfolio with them.

A variety of language services are also available. The free version allows users to host up to 10 projects, 30 images and 10 pages with the pro templates available for the next 30 days since the opening of the account.

Portfoliobox Template
Portfoliobox Layout


Benefits of using Webflow to build a free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: free. Start with two projects and full design control
  • High level of customization
  • Multiple architecture and construction templates

Build an online hub for yourself using Webflow. Generating a lot of attention for the past few years, Webflow is becoming increasingly popular among beginners and experienced website builders.

Combining traditional and modern design, you can choose from numerous templates to start building your architect website. It provides a level of customization and power that is similar to WordPress, therefore you need some coding skills to get you started.

There are some things to absorb in terms of technicalities if you are a beginner and this makes Webflow a bit tricky to use for a website builder, but once you get a grasp on it, you can become an expert in using it.

Plus, the editing can be challenging sometimes and it might take some time for you to learn how to work with it. The platform is abundant when it comes to templates, offering over 100 templates, of which 40 are free and you can filter them by industry, free/premium or e-commerce.

Webflow also offers great features and help and support that can be highly beneficial when you build and promote your portfolio online.

Webflow Portfolio Template
Webflow Template Layout


Reasons to use FolioHD to build a free architecture portfolio

  • Price: free with 36 uploads available
  • Photo-based and highly visual
  • Multiple architecture themes and templates

FolioHD is another platform for portfolio websites where you can upload your work. Whether you are a photographer looking for a way to promote yourself, an architect looking to share your work or a designer searching for jobs, FolioHD provides plenty of portfolio solutions.

Quick to set up, simple to use and fast to update, requires zero coding skills, and your website can be launched within minutes.

Examples of FolioHD Architecture Portfolio

A free version of FolioHD is available with 36 uploads and a limited set of features. You can continue with the basic paid version for just $6 that will allow you to use some of the advanced features such as Analytics, Custom pages, Nested galleries and many more.

FolioHD Logo
FolioHD Logo


Benefits of using WordPress to build your online architecture portfolio

  • Price: 30-day free trial
  • Multiple architecture themes and templates
  • Plenty of features
  • Best choice to combine a blog with a portfolio

Powering over 34% of the websites on the Internet, WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) for building websites. Initially started as a blogging platform, WordPress can be tricky to use if you are looking to build something simple such as a portfolio.

However, WordPress comes with 61 specialized portfolio themes, of which 11 are free with built-in optimization, responsive and mobile-friendly themes.

You will get an abundance of features such as SEO tools, and it is one of the best choices for a website builder if you want to create a blog with your portfolio, as blogging is WordPress’s main purpose.

Keep in mind that WordPress is not very beginner-friendly, and you will need to have time and patience to get the most of it, especially if you are not familiar with coding.

The prices are really flexible and you can start with a free plan for a month and continue with a Premium plan for $8/month, where you will have certain benefits such as advanced design tools, Google Analytics support.

WordPress Template
WordPress Portfolio Template


Benefits of using Jimdo to create an online architecture portfolio

  • Price: free with all the basic features
  • Great to use if you want to build and monetize a portfolio
  • Advanced SEO tools and statistics

Jimdo is a great website builder if you want to create a robust portfolio. A good platform for architects and creatives to showcase their work, Jimdo is a fairly straightforward website builder that is preferred mostly by small and e-commerce businesses.

The platform can also be used for those that want to build and monetize a portfolio, and this can be an excellent choice for an architect. With unique template designs, and a wide selection of elements to showcase your work, it is very easy to add text and images to your project and show off designs in a gallery.

Jimdo offers a free plan and four paid plans ranging from $9-$39 per month depending on what type of website do you need. If you want to create a portfolio we recommend to start with the free plan and continue with the Start Plan which is $9/month offering an ad-free website, advanced SEO tools, and statistics.

Jimdo Template
Jimdoo Theme Page


Benefits of using Tilda to build your free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: Free for 1 website
  • Multiple architecture templates
  • Flexible visual blocks to suit any kind of content
  • SEO tools and Google Analytics support

Tilda is an intuitive website builder with a contemporary look and high flexibility making it a great tool for building a simplistic yet remarkable online portfolio.

With a wide range of visual blocks to suit any kind of content, editing on Tilda comes very easily for all elements on the website.

Example of Architectural Portfolio using Tilda

The templates are beautifully designed and optimized for all screens providing SEO and Google Analytics support, and integration with third-party services like SlideShare, TimePad, and SoundCloud.

The cost of creating a personal website on their platform starts from $10/ year with all the features included.

Tilda Homepage
Tilda Homepage


Benefits of using Carrd to create a free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: free to start
  • Customizable themes
  • Easy to use

Creating a portfolio on Carrd.co is one of the simplest and cheapest actions you can take. Starting from $9/year you get amazing features such as pro templates, high-quality images, premium URLs, and you can host up to three sites.

You can create a simple, fully responsive online architecture portfolio to boost your presence online and to increase your audience. Social media integration, blog or email list are also available.

With plenty of customizable themes to choose from, you will get immediate control over the layout of the page and a few pre-installed features.

Offering all the elements of a full-service website, Carrd.co is easy to use, comes with plenty of features and themes at a great price. Another great deal is to upgrade to their Pro Standard paid plan for just $19/year which is an insanely good price when you compare it with other website builders.

Carrd Template  Layout
Carrd Template


Benefits of using About.me to build an online portfolio

  • Highly advantageous to promote yourself online
  • Hub for social activity
  • Online brand management
  • Create a web presence

A professional and simple place where you can present your work and tell the world who you are and what you do. About.me is a hub for social activity where you can promote yourself online and a toolbox you can utilize for your personal brand.

It ranks fairly high on Google and having an about.me page can help you to be found much easier.

You can also create your own personal “launch page” offering one call-to-action button such as “Attent my event”, “Visit my store”, “Visit my website” or ” Watch my videos” and link to either apps or web addresses for your various accounts to personal about.me page.

About.me Logo
About.me logo


Benefits of using Site123 to build your free online architecture portfolio

  • Price: free
  • A great choice if you want to build a student architecture portfolio
  • Easy to use

Site123 is a pretty basic builder which makes it perfect if you want to build your portfolio. Very beginning-friendly where you can build for free with a well-rounded service, live-chat support and provides all key features to get your portfolio started.

Site123 is offering pretty basic features, and it is relatively simple to build a portfolio using this platform. This website builder can be very handy if you want to build a student architecture portfolio from a template.

However, if you want to create an extensive architecture portfolio with a sophisticated design and powerful features, we recommend using one of the other website builders.

You can choose between the free plan offering a subdomain and 500MB of storage or the Premium Plan for $7.80/ month if you want more advanced features.

Site123 homepage
Site123 homepage



Reasons to use Sitebuilder to build an online architecture portfolio

  • Customizable layouts
  • Free domain name
  • Free hosting

SiteBuilder is one of the easiest website builders to use when you are building a portfolio. The platform offers basic features and design templates for those that want to create a simplistic and unsophisticated portfolio.

If you want anything more, SiteBuilder may lack some templates and features. However, the platform is easy to use and it will take minutes to build a portfolio.

Lacking in high-quality features and design customizability, SiteBuilder simplicity may be right for you if you are looking to build something a simple architecture portfolio. The pricing starts at $4/month with a Pro Plan which will be enough to build a portfolio.

Sitebuilder Logo
Sitebuilder Logo

Final thoughts

Website builders make it incredibly easy to create an awesome architecture portfolio and boast your skills online. This will increase your exposure online and the chance of being seen by potential clients or employers.

The top online portfolio builders will have multiple templates to choose from, specifically designed to show off your skills whether you are an architect, designer, artist or any other type of creative.

Some of the best architecture websites have a sleek design and they are easy to navigate. As templates are pre-designed with portfolio stores in mind visitors can easily find the content they are looking for.

SEO tools are also important as they help you boost your visibility online, making it easy to connect your portfolio with social media accounts for cross-platform promotion.

With so many options to choose from, we have gathered in our list the most popular, affordable (some of them free), and easy-to-use website builders so that you can create your portfolio website in a quick and simple way.

Some are better than others, but whichever builder you choose, we are fully convinced that you will make the right choice to create a top-notch portfolio that truly matches your taste and style.


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