The Best Architecture Schools in Europe

by | Sep 25, 2019

Becoming an approved architect requires a passion for buildings and design, as well as a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in architecture.

Europe is home to some of the best architecture schools in the world.

We broke down our list by country and listed the top universities for architecture studies in Europe. Every architecture school is broken down by:

  • Country
  • Link to the official University Website
  • A short summary of the university and architecture program
  • Tuition Rates for the architecture school (Domestic and Foreign)

Table of Contents

Get there faster: The Map of the Best Architecture Schools in Europe

Are you planning on a career in Architecture? Some of the schools offer FREE programs, and others supplement tuition costs with scholarships.

Albania: Polytechnic university of Tiran

Architecture university of Tiran

MSc of Architecture and Urbanism

Faculty highly specialized in engineering and building management, offers it’s students a high-quality education with direction towards architecture and urbanism. Attendees will explore design, structures, materials, and planning to be prepared for work placement after graduation.

Polytechnic university of Tiran
  • Professional lecturers
  • Education concentrated on in-depth research
  • Active student life

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: Coming soon
For foreigners (non-EU): Coming soon

Austria: Vienna University of Technology

Technical university of Vienna

MSc of Architecture

Graduates are welcomed to join the university and expand their knowledge and experience within the architectural field. With the rapidly growing demand for sustainable and high-performance buildings, the need for qualified architects is just rising. University aims to prepare future specialists for professional practices, consulting firms, research organizations, and development firms.

Vienna University of Technology
  • Possibility to continue studies in doctoral (Ph.D.) in TU Wien.
  • In house innovation incubator center for future startups
  • The latest technology is available for students to use in their research.

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: FREE
For foreigners (non-EU): 363.33 EUR

Belgium: KU Leuven

MSc of Architecture

Faculty has built a network with multiple corporations nationally as well as internationally, giving students the ability to exchange knowledge. School approaches architectural material from research-by-design and design-by-research perspective. Universities given academic tasks are approached both experimentally and academically, preparing graduates for their careers in multicultural and international environments.

KU Leuven
  • School with recognized name and history
  • Multiple openings and partners for scholarships
  • High opportunities for employment after studies

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 922 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 3500 EUR

Bosnia and Herzegovina: International University of Sarajevo

International University of Sarajevo

MSc of Architecture

Through active research and lecturing, the university aims to inspire critical and creative thinking among the students in the discipline of Architectural Design. With rapidly growing urbanization and technological development, a new way of thinkers is required in the industry. School is ready to contribute to the highest quality of studies and technologies used in the teaching process.

International University of Sarajevo
  • 24-hour access to design studios
  • Full-scale architectural model lab on-premises
  • Award-winning institution

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: Coming soon
For foreigners (non-EU): Coming soon

Bulgaria: New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University

MSc of Architecture

Universities teaching has developed through time and currently offers students insight into architectural design, sustainability, and business. In the 6-year program, students will become confident architects to enter the private and governmental sector with an internationally approved diploma in architecture.

New Bulgarian University
  • Students are participating in international competitions.
  • Career center on school premises
  • E-learning platforms

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 870 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 1520 EUR

Croatia: University of Zagreb

University of Zagreb

MSc of Architecture

Students are introduced to practical and theoretical frameworks of architecture, design, materials, and planning. Gaining knowledge in creative thinking and problem solving, this two years architecture masters course will open doors for the full spectrum of career opportunities.

University of Zagreb
  • Leading University in Croatia
  • Oldest and most prominent university in South-Eastern Europe
  • Topics as Contemporary housing, sustainability, and energy efficiency explored during the course

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: Coming soon
For foreigners (non-EU): Coming soon

Cyprus: University of Nicosia

University of Nicosia logo

BA of Architecture

Young professionals will be prepared to enrol in work placement after graduating the school. During the studies, students will cover four main areas four thematic areas: architectural history and theory, technology (construction, structures), communication, and management, in the end, receiving a BA in architecture.

University of Nicosia
  • Award-winning faculty
  • Professional certification from by the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK)
  • 27 different nationalities represented in campus

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 8800 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 9120EUR

Czech Republic: Archip


MA of Architecture and Urbanism

Archip is not a typical university. It provides its students a chance to obtains a master’s degree through the focus on practical and project-based work. Students work closely with lecturers on complex problems and aim to find creative and sustainable solutions. Young professionals are prepared then to enter workplaces successfully.

archip school building
  • The school has broad outreach of municipalities, NGOs and developers
  • International environment with 25 nationalities covered
  • Modern facilities for architecture students 

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 5600 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 7200 EUR

Denmark: Aalborg University

Aalborg University logo

MSc of Architecture in Engineering

Studies are held in English and are project-based by working in student group teams. Education is focused on nordic architecture, tectonic design, and sustainable architecture. Universities teaching is based on research, meaning that the lecturer is researching subjects he or she is teaching.

Aalborg University
  • Problem-based learning with a robust research background
  • School offers an extensive library and material sources
  • Project work is based on real businesses and their issues.

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: FREE
For foreigners (non-EU): 13400 EUR

Estonia: Estonian academy of arts

Estonian academy of arts  logo

MSc of Architecture and Urban Design

Practical work and specialized research, together with industry practitioners, is the cornerstone for an architectural program taught in the university. Students will gain knowledge in various fields as engineering, planning, design, and humanities. Note that education is offered only in Estonian.

Estonian academy of arts
  • Modern facilities and study environment
  • Possibility to apply for heritage conservation license
  • Modern facilities and study environment

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 1000 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): NOT available

Finland: Aalto University

MSc of Architecture

The goal of This program is to develop the minds of the students to work not only technical, scientific, and artistic directions but also to be able to create solutions that are sustainable and socially responsible. The school has a strong international reputation. The school employs leading practitioners with successful career results in architecture competitions, design projects, or successful exhibitions.

Aalto University
  • Welcoming environment for international student
  • Alumni network of 45000
  • Modern facilities and equipment for in-depth research

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: FREE
For foreigners (non-EU): 15000 EUR

France: École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique logo

MSc of Smart Cities and Urban Policy

This Europen architecture school offers a modern education program that will prepare future specialists and industry leaders. This course will provide you with knowledge on how to navigate and manage current metropolitan areas and emerging trends. Studies are based on economic, energy, and transportation solutions and are geared towards the business world. Teaching is a combination of theoretical methodology and real-world work.

École Polytechnique
  • High-Level teaching
  • Possibility for an external scholarship
  • Strong partnership with industry leaders

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 12000 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 12000 EUR

Germany: Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich

MA of Architecture

Top German university offers its students the Architecture department with over 31 professors and 200 scientists. Program is taught in German only and will improve the student’s ability to research sustainability. The main aim during the course is to prepare new professionals and successfully integrate design practice into research.

Technical University of Munich
  • 24% of international students.
  • Worldwide Alumni Network
  • Mentoring. network and help into the future job search

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 260 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 260 EUR

Greece: National Technical University of Athens

National Technical University of Athens

MSc of Architectural Design – Space – Culture

Studying architecture in City like Athens could be very motivating and inspiring for every upcoming architect. The faculty students will focus on architecture through theoretical, social, and technical approaches. Students will be given a chance to develop multiple projects to showcase their visions.

National Technical University of Athens
  • The most prestigious public university in Greece
  • No tuition fee for architectural programs
  • The regular and active presence of industry specialists during the course

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: FREE
For foreigners (non-EU): FREE

Hungary: Szechenyi Istvan University

Szechenyi Istvan University

MSc of Architecture

During two years of studies, students will acquire skills in architectural technology, sustainability, building technology, and theory. Working on individual projects and solving complex problems in groups, each student will gain confidence and experience required to enter the job market afterwards successfully.

Szechenyi Istvan University
  • Accessible independent research centers
  • Competitive study environment
  • Possibility to apply for scholarships

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 6400 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 6400 EUR

Iceland: Iceland University of the Arts


BA of Architecture

Icelandic bachelor’s education will be a great start in the architectural world. Students will work on complex design projects broken down into smaller research courses. Academy is little compared to other architectural institutions, but that allows a more personal approach to each student and lecturer. 

  • Competitively prepare students for the architecture industry or further studies.
  • The school encourages innovation and progressive thinking.
  • Career counselling services

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 2015 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 2015 EUR

Ireland: University College Dublin

University College Dublin logo

MArch of Architecture

University prepares students for problem-solving in a theoretical and practical manner within the architectural field. Programs recent graduates are commonly sought among regional and international firms and become experts in their selected fields.

University College Dublin
  • Professional alumni network
  • Always updated curriculum by the latest research
  • Among the top 1% of higher education institutions in the world.

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 7830 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 24800 EUR

Italy: Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano

MSc of Architecture – Building Architecture

Modern Italian school with strong traditions and culture behind offers its students professional teaching and excellent study environment. Strong research background, school is one of the largest engineering schools in Europe and is funded actively by the European Union.

Politecnico di Milano
  • Extensive Alumni network with over 45000 members all over the world
  • High Academic reputation
  • High employability ranking

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: Coming soon
For foreigners (non-EU): Coming soon

Latvia: RISEBA University

RISEBA University logo

MSc of Architecture

Students can finish an architectural bachelor’s degree in university as well as a master’s program. During the studies, the scholar will be discovering architecture and urban studies, BIM, law, and management. International well-experienced lecturers will deliver material in English.

RISEBA University
  • Creative business incubator
  • Connection with local and international architecture companies
  • Possibilities for tuition help

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 6200 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 6200 EUR

Liechtenstein: The University of Liechtenstein

The University of Liechtenstein logo

MSc of Architecture

Twice a year, small groups of 10 students get accepted in the Masters of Architecture program by the university. During two years, students cover subjects as architectural planning, intelligent facades, theoretical framework, and actual case studies.

The University of Liechtenstein
  • Awarded alumni and lecturers
  • Personal mentoring
  • Opportunities for continuing in PhD

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 867 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 1143 EUR

Lithuania: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University logo

MA of Architecture

Once graduating from the program, graduates will have the confidence to solve complex tasks of urbanization and architecture. During the course, students have the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus exchange program and are required to do a semester-long internship.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • University with high academic to student ratio (1:11)
  • Database of 80000 alumni
  • 72% of staff members holding a Ph.D. degree

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 3500 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 3500 EUR

Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg

University of Luxembourg

MSc of Architecture

Within two years of studies, new architects will explore subjects as architecture, European urbanization, and globalization. The gained knowledge will, therefore, enable graduates to think and act strategically and future-oriented with opportunities to continue carers in private and governmental sectors.

University of Luxembourg
  • Modern study environment
  • The school has multiple corporations with national institutions.
  • Ranked among 800 best Universities.

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 1000 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 1000 EUR

Malta: L-Università ta’ Malta

L-Università ta' Malta logo

MSc of Architecture

Students will be exploring fields of design, history, and technology to achieve the final diploma that will confirm them as Architects. The course will deliver a wide range of understanding how human, environment and society works with buildings and architecture on how to detect any problems in this mechanism and how to solve them in the best possible manner.

L-Università ta' Malta
  • Wide range of research facilities
  • 92 countries represented among students
  • Modern school with excellent student life

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: FREE
For foreigners (non-EU): 13400 EUR

Moldova: Technical University of Moldova

Technical University of Moldova logo

MSc of Architecture and Urban planning

University’s architecture program focuses on in-depth research and hands-on projects. Students during the course will explore Urban design, Architectural design, aesthetics, and functionality. The six years program should prepare new specialists in architecture for local and international projects.

Technical University of Moldova
  • A wide selection of subjects.
  • Welcoming campus with green space areas.
  • Multiple international acknowledgments and appreciations in research

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 510 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 1780 EUR

Montenegro : University of Montenegro

University of Montenegro logo

MSc of Architecture

Institute’s work is well-organized and will let everyone feel like professionals from the first day. The school has an apparent goal of preparing the best architects. During the education process, teachers encourage sustainable and thoughtful construction projects. Students will work together with architecture industry specialists and gain knowledge in urban planning and design as well as sustainability and architectural planning.

University of Montenegro
  • Opportunity to continue studies in PhD
  • Free drawing studio on the premises
  • Internationally recognized school

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: Coming soon
For foreigners (non-EU): Coming soon

Netherlands: Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology

MSc of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

University provides students with the dutch way of teaching, work in groups, and problem-solving through a practical approach. The program is taught in English and supported by an excellent study environment, facilities, and respectable professors. Students will explore areas and gain skills in areas as a design practice, social sciences, technology, engineering, innovation, and sustainable development.

Delft University of Technology
  • Frequent excursions, workshops, and seminars
  • The choice between five tracks: Urbanism, Management in the Built Environment, Landscape Architecture, Building Technology, Architecture
  • Graduates can apply in Dutch Register of Architects

Annual Tuition Fees

For domestic appliers: 2083 EUR
For foreigners (non-EU): 18750 EUR

Norway: Norwegian University of Science And Technology

Norwegian University of Science And Technology logo

MSc of Architecture

Studying and learning from problem-based tasks, students will shape themselves as a creative planner for one of the most significant industries in Norway. Students will be introduced to the planning of various types and sizes of projects in terms of architecture, design materials, and finance. The program is taught in Norwegian.

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