The Best 71 Podcasts for Architects

by | Feb 3, 2019

Architecture is constantly evolving. There are so many outstanding thought leaders in the architecture industry that are transforming the way business is done. We’ve collected the 71 most popular and visionary podcasts for architects that teach, inform, and inspire.

1. The Young Architect Podcast
The Young Architect Podcast Their podcasts are all about helping new prospects in embracing or developing their passion for architecture. In the podcasts he is using the help of capable persons that can inspire and help the new generation of architects.
2. EntreArchitect (Entrepreneur Architect)
EntreArchitect The EntreArchitect is focusing on small entrepreneur architects. Helping them throughout the entire process of creating and managing a architecture firm. Using their powerful resources, expert training and a thriving supportive community, they want to give to architects more time to accomplish more architecture projects.
ARCHISPEAK Archispeak podcasts are based on the real life experience of different architects. Their podcasts covers a vast area of content, from design tools to mentoring and unique insights. Their content fits professional architects as well as future prospects.
4. The Architecture Happy Hour
The Architecture Happy Hour The Architecture Happy Hour podcasts focus mainly on architecture and interior design. With useful tips they are helping customers to find the perfect architect for their needs. With insight and training experience, they introduce the field of architecture to people who want to follow this path.
5. Inside The Firm
Inside The Firm What does it look and feel like inside a young architecture firm? These guys goes nitty gritty on how to start, run, grow a small business. They share stories, zoning and coding, revit tips & tricks.
6. Spotlight on Design
Spotlight on Design Spotlight on Design is based on work made by architects that demonstrate their talent by wining different type of awards (Pritzker Laureates, American Institute of Architects’ Gold Medalists, American Society of Landscape Architects’ Medal recipients). Besides architecture their podcasts cover landscape, urban planning and design using the same professional data.
7. 99% Invisible
99% Invisible 99% invisible covers everything from architecture, design, cities to infrastructure, objects, visuals and sounds. Their spotlight is overlooked architecture that frame our world and is worth analyzing.
8. Archinect
Archinect Archinect podcasts are a general discussion about new information and problems that might affect and change the architecture industry. This news are discussed and debunked by Archinect community that is composed by architect professionals, academics and students.
9. Business of Architecture UK
Business of Architecture UK Rion Willard is a ARB registered Architect, with a Diploma and Degree obtained from Bartlett school of Architecture and Cambridge University. Rion’s background working with some of the world’s best designers means that this experience and insight can be made available to you in this podcast as he speaks with influential architects on very interesting topics.
10. Business of Architecture
Business of Architecture Their podcast is addressed in a form of an interview about business strategies for executing a strong architecture or design project. They have cases, plans or tips on how to market yourself and make profit as an architecture individual.
11. DnA Design and Architecture
DnA Design and Architecture Design and Architecture reports on the design and urbanism shaping our lives. Both in a global perspective and a L.A. local perspective. Via journalism, storytelling, and audience engagement, it serves a channel to the world of design.
12. About Buildings and Cities
About Buildings and Cities About Buildings and Cities Podcast talks of architecture from the past to the present. It also draws upon technology, film, fiction, drawings and the unpredictable future.
13. Black Spectacles - Are Live
Black Spectacles - Are Live If you're not evolving, you're not moving. Even the best Architects know this. This podcast helps gain deep knowledge on how you can prepare for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). You can either hear or watch the episodes. No excuses!
14. Failed Architecture
Failed Architecture If you want your building to last forever, build it out of diamonds. This podcast casts a fresh perspective on the meaning of architecture in this contemporary world. With the contribution of a international network, this platform is a critical urban discourse.v
15. GSAPP Conversations
GSAPP Conversations Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation Conversation's podcast is window into contemporary architectural practices, contributed by guests, emerging as established. Students can ask architects their concerns for the next gen.
16. A Lot You Got to Holler Podcast
A Lot You Got to Holler Podcast Chicago's history of architecture, design and urbanism and pop culture - what is the city's role in a American culture? Find out in this podcast.
17. The reel on architecture Podcast
The reel on architecture Podcast Reel on architecture is commentary on design concepts. The host Nya explores her experience from the Architecture Industry from New York City and Florida, and how it have impacted her ideas.
THE MIDNIGHT CHARETTE The Midnight Charette features architects, urban planners, developers, fashion designers etc. Its unscripted with deep discussions - it goes beyond everyday conversations to explore.
19. The Curbed Appeal
The Curbed Appeal With its talk-show atmosphere, this podcast is for people who lives places. With guest both in and outside the design business.
20. Monocle 24: The Urbanist
Monocle 24: The Urbanist How do you get better cities, be it technology, state of the art subways and compact apartments? City mayors, urban planners and architects will inform you.
21. There goes the Neighbourhood - An in-depth look at gentrification in L.A. (Season 2) and Brooklyn (Season 1).
There goes the Neighbourhood - An in-depth look at gentrification in L.A. (Season 2) and Brooklyn (Season 1). There goes the Neighborhood explores the shift from being the city of stars to the city of not affordable. House prices are soaring, so landlords squeeze out the Angelenos out of their homes. This social podcast is about gentrification in LA. and Brooklyn.
22. US Modernist Radio
US Modernist Radio US. Modernist Radio talks with people who enjoy, own, love, hate, create, dream of, preserve modern architecture. The most controversial buildings in the world.
23.Night White Skies
Night White Skies Night White Skies is a podcast featuring the future of design and architecture. The host, Sean Lally touches a different range of perspectives on the subject in order to express a better view to the audience.
24. Buildings on Air
Buildings on Air "Power of design" you say? This Chicagoan world of architecture is under heavy skepticism, speculated upon, turned and twisted in conversation, considered from political perspectives as this podcast demystifies architecture.
25. Vertical City Podcast
Vertical City Podcast This podcast have on top architects, urban designers, engineers, microbiologists, transport and sustainability experts to discuss how technology and ideology will develop the concept of a vertical city - for the betterment of our world. Find out what a vertical city is here:
26. The Architect's Corner
The Architect's Corner This Australian podcast explores different subjects in a two-part structure, with easy and approachable language.
27. Capgemini Architecture Week Podcast
Capgemini Architecture Week Podcast Discover the fourth season the Capgemini Architecture Week!
28. Committee for Sydney - Cityscapes Podcast
Committee for Sydney - Cityscapes Podcast Committee for Sydney is driven by their priorities to provide a framework for their values, publications, media activities such as this podcast. Listen to them talk with people such as Carlo Ratti, Jarrett Walker, Dr. Julie Grail
29. Architect Exam Prep
Architect Exam Prep With the easy-understandable content on this podcast, you can easily tackle Architect Registration Exams (ARE). But anyone can benefit from the useful tips on this podcast.
30. Outpost Office: Site Visit
Outpost Office: Site Visit Ashley Bigham and Erik Herrman are both Architects with vast educational backgrounds alongside exhibitions. Listen to these fellows on their Podcast "Site Visit" produced by Outpost Office, as they visit sites and then talk about their experiences.
31. Slate
Slate If you are looking for a new perspective on how you're living, you should listen to this podcast, with Rebecca Sheir. Slate use the challenges as opportunities to talk with people on how we travel, work and live.
32. Life of an Architect
Life of an Architect This podcast host has 25 years of experience. You don't have to know anything about architecture before you listen. Bob Borson will feed your curiosity, and correct common misunderstandings on the role of the architect, and make you understand why it's important through approachable transparent stories.
33. Architecture Masters by London Festival of Architecture
Architecture Masters by London Festival of Architecture The annual London Festival of Architecture facilitates the Podcast Architecture Masters. It is a series of conversations with the north stars of architecture. They explore the complications those people experience between making a profit and shaping beautiful experiences. Architecture is the boundary between science and art. The buzz of an architect influences everyone - they shape the world.
34. dezeen
dezeen This Dezeen podcast is a carefully edited selection of architecture and design projects from the world.
35. New Architects Melbourne
New Architects Melbourne New Architects helps architects transform the way they do business, to generate greater profitability, more satisfied clients, and more meaningful design outcomes. The biggest daily challenge is achieving balance. How they can effectively create high-quality, innovative design, while at the same time managing the often tedious and far less sexy demand of running a business.
36. Center for Architecture
Center for Architecture The Center for Architecture’s focus is on New York City architecture and architects. Their content is made in collaboration with competent design, development, building, scholarly and policy sectors. They are presenting contemporary and practical issues in architecture and urbanism to everyone interested in this area.
37. Kingston School of Art - Department of architecture and landscape - Register Podcast
Kingston School of Art - Department of architecture and landscape - Register Podcast This podcast focuses on the connection between contemporary architecture and other arts. They collaborate and speak with practitioners, planners, developers about their motivations and how they approach architecture.
38. The Modern Architect
The Modern Architect Get informed about the transformation, joy, and inspiration that renowned architects and sustainability leaders bring to our cities, communities, and lives.
39. Architecture Talk
Architecture Talk Architect influence people. But who influence architects? ArchitectureTalk pushes the frontier by talking with thinkers and practitioners from disciplines that influence architecture.
40. The Landscape Architecture Podcast
The Landscape Architecture Podcast A Platform to Elevate and Connect Voices within Landscape Architecture.
41. The Arch. Ed. Podcast
The Arch. Ed. Podcasta Architecture is influenced by the conversations, ideas, discourse and debates between the people in it. If you feel isolated, it can help stepping outside yourself and turn to new organisations such as ASN and AAE. This podcast make the conversation more accessible. It delivers informed, honest, critical and informal conversations on architectural education today.
42. BD
BD Hard hitting stories, controversial planning, policies, business's, project wins and professional issues. BD is debate at its heart.
43. Harvard University Graduate School of Design presents Talking Practice
Harvard University Graduate School of Design presents Talking Practice How to articulate design imagination with Grace LA on Talking Practice by Harvard University School of Design.
44. Evolving Architect - Architecture Time
Evolving Architect - Architecture Time This podcast is designed to bring you a wide variety of intriguing and helpful content designed to give you the edge as an Architect in an ever-changing world.
45. Common Edge
Common Edge Common Edge connects architecture to the people it serves. That's why the Podcast look at timeless design resources.
46. Undercover Architect
Undercover Architect Like us, this podcast helps you make the right choice about your dream-house. They advice you on price, time, how it will fit in your life, and make sure you don't regret your decisions afterwards. This podcast will help you make life better. Advice for private people and architects.
47. Bowerbird Architecture Podcast
Bowerbird Architecture Podcast Do you know how to get your architecture published? Get clear on common mistakes architects make with the media, the purpose of getting published, using media kits for architects, the people in architecture media, the different types of publishing, topics in the media, how to create content, engaging photographers, how to name your work, submitting it to journalists and a lot more.
48. Social Design Insights
Social Design Insights Social Design Insights is a podcast of conversations with leading designers who discuss innovative projects and practices that use design to address pressing social justice issues.
49. Urban Theory Lab
Urban Theory Lab Urban Theory is under turbulent times. Urban restructuring, inherited frameworks of interpretation, investigation and representation are being reinvented. What challenges lies in developing new urban theories and practices that make sense in the first century?
50. Third Wave Urbanism
Third Wave Urbanism A podcast highlighting the new normal of urbanism in our globalized cities, as told by two female urbanists Katrina + Kristen.
51. Design Voice Podcast
Design Voice Podcast Everyone has a design voice. The Design Voice Podcast elevates those voices of women in the architecture, engineering, construction industries. This podcast is honest conversations with self-identifying women who shape the built environment, unique perspectives on their professions, stories from their careers and more. This podcast is a source of education, inspiration and empowerment.
52. World Architecture Festival
World Architecture Festivalt Hear from industry leading experts in our exclusive WAF Interviews, Videos and Podcasts discussing hot topics in today’s architecture.
53. Alpha Architect
Alpha Architect Behind the Markets Podcast by Jeremy D. Schwartz & Wesley Grey
54. TuneIn: Three Triple R - Architecture
TuneIn: Three Triple R - Architecture 3 Triple R's The Architects discuss the design of built environment. Christine Phillips is an educator, architect and director of Openhaus. Stuart Harrison is also an architect, educator and sometimes TV host. Simon Knott is an educator an director of BKK architects.
55. Scaffold_Podcast
Scaffold_Podcast Scaffold is characterized by having complex, reflecting and illuminating conversations about architecture and design. As quests, the show usually brings architects, artists and designers that are thoroughly interviewed.
56. Design:Ed
Design:Ed For younger people it can feel overwhelming and unclear how to become an architect, and navigating their career. It can seem as if one decision is absolute and you can never leave that path once you've started. Which school is the right one? Should I pursue my architectural license? How do I go about starting a successful architecture firm? The Design:ED provides valuable insights from architecture, from people who knows the field. Hearing the highs and lows, provides a path where younger architects can avoid common mistakes. By listening to the podcast and seeing other students work, new architects it will be motivated to launch their careers to the next level.
57. Built Blocks
Built Blocks How do adaptive reuse projects get off the ground? Why aren’t there more missing middle projects being built? How do we retrofit Main streets and preserve buildings and our history? Why do some cities shine while others continue to flounder in decay? Small-Scale City allows me to speak with and interview some smart, interesting people who actually do work in the field or work the dirt and earth. Look for developer interviews, project profiles, preservation news, urban farming, and stories about how to make neighborhoods and our Main Streets a better place.
58. Review Architecture
Review Architecture Review Architecture will teach you about books and design, while you can finish your laborious and precarious models, or while working at the office. Listen to know more about architecture, publications, theory and literature.
59. Royal Academy - Architecture Podcast
Royal Academy - Architecture Podcast Royal Academy podcast focuses on what architects should do for the greater good of the public. People participating in the podcast include Jane Hall, founding member of Turner prize-winning Assemble and Christine Murray, editor of Architectural Review.
60. Design Observer
Design Observer This podcast covers a fast area of architecture. It covers 4 different podcast with 4 different topics that are defined by the following titles Design Matters, The Design of Business | The Business of Design, The Observatory, Insights per Minute.
61. University of Oxford - Podcasts
University of Oxford - Podcasts Listen to this podcast made by Oxford Professionals, with topics such as Rapid Urbanization, The builders of medieval cathedrals or the architecture of migrant detention.
62. Canadian Centre for Architecture / Centre Canadien d’Architecture
Canadian Centre for Architecture / Centre Canadien d’Architecture Using extensive collection, exhibitions, public programs, publications and research opportunities, they promote public understanding and engaging debates on architecture, its history, practice and its role in society.
63. Ladies be Architects
Ladies be Architects This podcast presents interviews and conversations with the purpose of empowering talented architects. The show is bringing real-life architects and community leaders who can put out their opinions about architecture, business, careers and community.
64. ArchitectChats
ArchitectChats vListen to this podcast with the host Wanda Lau and listen to topics such as "Tall Buildings Get a Safety Check for Seismic Risk" or listen to what Frank Gehry has to say about Architecture Practice and the Profession
65. Positive energy - The Building Science podcast
Positive energy - The Building Science podcast This podcast tries to cover a fast area of architecture, from indoor living to chemical exposure via building materials. They also focus on building science and everything that covers built environment.
66. City Road Podcast
City Road Podcast This podcast from Sydney delivers stories about cities and urban life. Listen to The City Road, and hear more about pop-up cities, homeless cities and antagonistic cities.
67. The Swarm
The Swarm Two architects discussing about architecture and design, presenting interviews of entrepreneurs and trying to make positive changes in the world of architecture.
68. The Private Side of Public Work
The Private Side of Public Work This podcast is focusing on architecture, urban planning, government, art, design, science or business. In their view these are one of the most important aspects that affect the look of our cities and the way we live our lives.
69. Landscape conversations
Landscape conversations As the name suggests, this podcast is all about landscapes. As guests they bring landscape architects, scientists, artists, filmmakers who make the audience understand the landscape and the way it is defined.
70.The BIMsider
The BIMsider Here you can find interesting podcasts in regards with AEC and BIM. Their lists of podcasts are divided into a fairly large number of categories with different hosts and guests.
71.The Ideas Architect Podcastr
The Ideas Architect Podcast The Ideas Architect Podcast is all about teaching you how to design, build and sell you ideas. The show is doing that by bringing as guests’, authors, entrepreneurs and business leaders, who are speaking from their experience and success.

With some many new opportunities to learn and get inspired, find some time in your commute, during down time, workouts, etc. To listen to these industry leaders lend new and exciting insights into the architecture scene.

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Architecture is constantly evolving.

There are so many outstanding thought leaders in the architecture industry that are transforming the way business is done. We’ve collected the 71 most popular and visionary podcasts for architects that teach, inform, and inspire.

Look in to our Architect tools list! We have featured 140+ of the best tools taht can help any individual architect or architecture practice achieve better goals and save time! Read more.

With some many new opportunities to learn and get inspired, find some time in your commute, during down time, workouts, etc. To listen to these industry leaders lend new and exciting insights into the architecture scene.

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