The Best Architecture Blogs of 2020

by | Mar 3, 2019

The architecture is evolving. Thought leaders and visionaries are highlighting the latest and greatest projects. What types of architecture industry blogs do you follow to get inspired?

The best architects of today need to stay informed. With the new trends popping up across a variety of fields, its easy to get left behind. Stop feeling like you’re constantly playing “catch up.”

We’ve gathered the 50+ most popular architecture blogs and websites for trends, news, and thought leadership.

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ArchitectureQuote – Free Platform For Architects to Find Competitions, Tenders, and Freelance Projects

architecturequote logo

ArchitectureQuote helps innovative SME architecture firms discover and win more projects.

We’re a deal-flow software platform tailored for the architecture industry. We optimize the process of project discovery for creative architects and streamline the proposal to get more wins every month.

We publish a variety of valuable content including industry lists including:

Archisnapper Blog


The ArchiSnapper blog was built to inspire architects and help them make more money, spend less time on business administration, and secure better clients.

Articles like: “Top 10 Ways Architects Can Make More Money TODAY” or “9 Great Apps for Architects That Will Save You Time” will help you to start focusing on enjoyable architecture instead of business minutiae.

Be sure to check this blog out!

My First Architecture Job – General blog and Inspiration for young architects

my first architecture job

My First Architecture Job has a great architecture blog articles for young architects.

Their articles are covering topics for any new or upcoming architect. Our personal favorite article: 8 Essential Books for Young Architects in 2019

What are your thoughts on the 69 best architecture blogs? Let us know in comments bellow!

We continually improve our list with more inspiring Architecture blogs and publishers. Check back for updates!

ArchDaily – Online Publishers for All Things Architectures

Arch daily architecture blog

ArchDaily advertise themselves as “the world’s most visited architecture website”. Their website includes events, interviews, products and competitions.

Their focus is to help expose architects to unique projects for inspiration.

Life of An Architect – Architect Insights, Blogs, and a Podcast All About Architecture

Life of an architecture

This architecture blog consists of the latest design, technology, education, culture and social media.

As the name of the publisher suggests, you can find anything about the life of an architect.

Visualizing Architecture – Case Studies and Coverage of Stunning Architecture Projects

visualizing architecture blog

One of the top architecture blogs illustrations of buildings, cities, bridges and other structures.

The illustrations are followed up with sketches and 3D modes and examples.

The author created the platform as place for experimentation and a place where he can talk about his workflow.

DeZeen – Visually Stunning Online Magazine for Architects

dezeen blog architecture

n the beginning Dezeen was a straightforward blog, now it has grown in a full online magazine that engages two million unique visitors each month.

Besides the fact that Dezeen is one of the best architecture blogs, it has published books, a watch store, and its own job section.

Contemporist – Highlighting Amazing Architects

Contemporist blog

Contemporist is a popular blog with the main focus on shining a spotlight on architects and interior designers.

They have some of the best architecture blog articles on the internet with up to date listings of new products and designs summaries.

They also cover culture, art and travel topics.

Archidose – A Daily Dose of Architecture Books


A top architect blog for long form readers among the design architect and engineer community. This publisher presents recent and popular architecture books.

The blog has the goal to underline several books every week. They cover technical books as well as books about cities and suburbs, history and theories about architecture and older books that are worth to give a glance over them.

Biber – News, Editorials, and Design Case Studies


The Biber philosophy is that every building tells the unique story of its creators.

The authors have a great connection with architects, graphic designers, industrial and digital designers and conventional architectural collaborators that helps them to update the blog and create the best blog content. This is for architects and run-of-the-mill average people alike

ArchitectureAU – Landscapes, Designs, and All Things Australian Architecture

ArchitectureAU blog

ArchitectureAU covers content in regards of landscape, buildings, designs and people.

The blog articles on ArchitectureAU focus on Australian architecture. Australian architects can get inspiration from Australia’s top architecture magazines.

Dwell – Blog With Visual Examples of Beautiful Architecture Projects

dwell podcast

Dwell has built a community where architects, designers and people interested in architecture can come and share ideas and opinions.

One of the best architecture blogs for residential architecture, homes, vacations rentals and all sorts other goodies. Check out tons of blog articles with architecture pictures and contemporary design.

Archinect – Thought Leadership, News, and All Types of Content for the Architecture Industry

archinect logo

Archinect’s intention is to connect designers and architects in order to introduce new concepts.

Their visionary architecture industry blog focuses on innovative themes and creativity.
The blog posts here cater experts but also engaging for aspiring designers, enthusiasts and anyone interested in architecture and design.

DesignBoom – Visual Blog Posts Covering Beautiful Architecture Projects

design boom logo

Designboom presents perceptive critiques of the latest contemporary architecture.

The blog content is structured as interviews, essays, and reader submissions.

This unique architecture blog is great for those that like in depth analysis.

The Local Project – Architecture Design Blog

TLP logo

The Local Project is an all around best architecture blog candidate because it covers a bit of everything.

Focusing on all types of architecture design projects and architecture engineering, most of the articles take an industry first perspective.

From small workshops to the most exiting residential projects with lots of visuals.

Their content tries to take you through the creation and usability of a specific project. Their passion relies on creating inspiring and original content that will promote the finest design.

Man of Many – Architecture Blog for Inspiration

M architect podcast

“Man of Many” has a section of their blog for the best architecture coverage of interiors and interior design.

Get inspiration for your next big project with colorful images of the insides of houses, apartment, shipping container homes, furniture and many more.

Design Observer – Blogs, News, Podcasts and Architecture Highlights

design observer logo

Design Observer is focusing on different architecture design topics like graphic design, social innovation, urbanism, popular culture and criticisms of the industry as a whole.

The information objectively covers all aspects in blog form of the architecture world.

Unhappy Hipster – Architecture Blogs Covering Interior, Exterior, Rural, and Urban Architecture

unhappy hipster logo

Unhappy Hipsters is as a best architecture blog publisher because it’s unapologetic about itself.

Check them out to find blog articles about interiors and exteriors of modern and minimalist homes.

The blog’s tone fits its name with some sharp jabs and engaging writing style. This is the perfect architecture publisher for you if you want to have fun and admire some great pieces of architecture.

Young Architect – Young architect blog, podcasts, and project highlights

Young architect logo

This blog puts out a fast variety of architecture topics for people that try to pass the Architect Registration Exam.

The content is not only for architecture students but for anybody that is interested in design, construction, architecture and the process of all of these.

Study Architecture – Information on Architecture Schools, Industry Trends, and Architecture Blogs

Study architecture logo

tudy Architecture is a must-read resource that includes a wealth of information on undergraduate and graduate architecture degree programs.

Moreover, you can find curiosities and the latest news in the global architecture community. This is an excellent resource for those studying to become an architecture.

Entrepreneur Architect – Architecture blog for those Entrepreneurial Architects

ENTRE architect logo

The focus of EntreArchitect is the importance of business success in the profession of architecture.

The authors want to inspire people in the area of architecture, business, leadership and life.

Black Spectacles – Online Learning and Design Blog

Black spectacles architecture podcast

This is a architectural learning blog dedicated to current and future architects.

They try to connect world-class architects with eager-to-learn students. Their goal is to empower our the entire architecture community with knowledge.

It’s an architectural blog intent on helping visitors to expand their architecture and design skills, Black Spectacles is paving the path to innovation in our industry.

NCarb – The National Council of Architectural Registration Board Blog

NCARB logo

The National Council of Architectural Registration Board’s architecture design blog is an excellent source for architects at any stage of their career; students or professionals.

One of the top architecture blogs for tutorials, tips or history about architecture design.

The Architecture Guide – Architecture Articles

Architects podcasts

The content is written by knowledge architects that want to give advice about how to be an effective and successful architect.

One of the best architecture blogs for people that are looking for architecture careers and want to build a perfect application, portfolio and be prepared for any kind of interview.

Architectural Digest – Blog articles and pictures of stunning architecture projects

AD podcast

Architectural Digest is a great architecture blog that presents case studies and architecture project from the top architects and designers in the world.

This architecture blog also covers the best travel destinations, art and cultural events.

There’s a whole world of things to learn within area of better processes, consider looking into project management magazine to find more content for the management of your projects in the future!

Architizer – Architectural Portfolios Brought to life

Architecture podcast

Architizer’s goal is to build the world’s largest online architecture community.

Their blog is dedicated to architects who want to search, evaluate and share architecture products. One of the best architecture blogs to give details and the specifics on architecture projects.

Architects can get the technical details on architecture projects in order for them to build better buildings and settlements.

ArchPaper – The Architects Newspaper

AN Podcast

This top architectural blog consists of news, developments, trends, resources and updates in the architecture field.

The authors want to understand and stir up the interest of architects, designers, engineers, developers and other people interested in urban environment. Looking for news or announcements?

This is architecture industry publisher is for you.

Decoist – Blog for DIY Projects, Sustainable Architecture, and Interior Decorator Projects

home logo

Decoist’s mission is to bring inspiration when it comes to interior design and architecture. A top architecture blog for those that want pictures and imagery of high end architecture design projects.

The content consists of office designs, luxury villas, exotic places and tips on how to improve your home.

Architectural Record – Portfolio, Projects, News, Events, and More

Architectural record

This blog is a source of information about architecture news, modern, design and green architecture for all type of buildings.

Get the latest trends and discover new architecture technology articles here.

Ronenbekerman – Informative Architecture Blog, Trends, and Portfolio Projects


Ronenbekerman is all about learning all the aspect about 3D architectural visualization. The top architecture blog for 3D design and the latest software to do it yourself.

Check out this architecture publisher for blog articles and tutorials about 3D modeling with different types of software. The content is made for beginners, intermediates and advanced computer graphic artists.

Interior Architects – Interior architecture blog

This interior architects blog focuses on workplace design.

They analyze how aesthetics and organization can influence brand, enhance efficiency and productivity, increase employee satisfaction and support sustainability.

ArchitectureLab – Online Magazine for Architects

Architecture LAb

Architecture Lab’s content features architecture, urban design, research studies and sustainable design. it’s one of the more iconic and considered a top architecture blog for technology changing the AEC industry.

By bringing architecture projects, news and events form around the world, the authors want to bring together architects and designers who are looking for the latest architectural news, projects, products, events, interviews and competitions.

Chicago Architecture – Urban Architecture Blog for Chicago

Chicago architecture

This blog focuses on the urban life and development in the Chicago area. They state that this is an accident of geography and not policy. They are interested in all areas of Chicagoland and beyond.

RMJM – Architecture Blog


RMJM’s goal is to create dynamic and modern architecture by connecting people, contexts and cultures. The blog is characterized by being one of the largest, most geographically and culturally diverse architectural practices in the world.

Habitus Living – Residential, Restaurant and Retail Spaces

habitus living design as way of life

Habitus blog focuses on Australia and Asia Pacific residential architecture and design. They search for unique interior design, architecture and products that can confer a great story.

Archute – Architects and Architecture Enthusiast Blog

Archute step into architecture

Archute is a leading architecture blog and great source for the latest news, projects, products, information & resources for architects and designers.

Get inspired by quick tips, hints, and time saving tricks for all people interested in making spaces beautiful.

The Twentieth Century Society – Architecture Industry Blog

twenty century society

The Twentieth Century Society blog has as a goal to preserve the best British pieces of architecture and design. See the latest preservation projects and summaries on their blog.

Urbanist Architecture – Urban Architecture Blog

Urban architecture

This blog is focusing solely on their readers and their ideas of modern living. They are looking for creative and modern solutions that maximize the potential of a home.

Architecture marvels, industry news, and a million short architecture focused articles for individuals and design architects alike.

Cad Details Architecture – Design Ideas for the Build World

CAD details

CADdetails goal is to connect anyone involved in the AEC industry with reliable information, projects, images, 3D models and much more.

Their best architecture content underlines information about latest architectural projects, innovative design and curiosities on new trends.

Knowledge Architecture – Intranets, Conferences, and Architecture Trends

KA logo

Knowledge Architecture is a great resource for architecture event speeches, full length videos of architecture thought leadership, and detailed summaries of events and webinars.

Architects Journal – Architecture Blog, Industry News, and Announcements

AJ architects

he Architect’s journal is a place where you can check news and different types of inquiries about architecture and the industry in general.

This architecture industry blog identify itself as being a more technical one, with buildings details, drawings, competition updates or client profiles.

Curbed – Architect Blog, News, and Home Design Portfolios

Curbed blog

Curbed’s architecture section covers just about everhything. This diverse architecture focused blog tries to touch a vast amount of topics such as, interior design, architecture, renovations, tiny houses and real estate.

With a well-structured and user friendly website they share insights on design and innovation about cities around the world and their landscape. New articles regularly!

Architectural Review – Sustainable Architecture Blog and Industry Trends,

AR blog logo

The Architectural Review is a well known and one of the biggest architectural magazines. Their architecture industry blog covers issues and offers critiques about built environment, landscape, building and interior design and urbanism.

ArchiSearch – Architecture Publisher and Architect News

Archi search blog

Archisearch, as its name suggests is a place where you can find information and projects about the architectural industry. They focus on the change and evolution of the cultural aspect of architecture and the connection that it has with design, art or graphics.

Urban Omnibus – Urban Architects Blog

urban omnibus logo

Urban Omnibus, located in New York City has its focus on understanding and shaping the overall look of the city. Their content presents multi media content in order to show design, innovation and constructive critics on a vast range of themes

Talkitect – Urban Architect Travel Blog and Architecture Tours

Talkitec blog

Talkitect is a place that attracts people on an international level and conducts analysis on topics like contemporary architecture, design or art. Their content showcase world wide architecture and presents the problems that the industry is facing.

Are you interested to explore even more from architecture and modern design tours? Check out for some more inspirations!

Popup City – Trends, Architecture Ideas, and Industry Reports

Pop up city blog

Pop-Up City has a slightly different point of view on contemporary architecture. They’re a creative agency based in Amsterdam with all kinds of unique projects that will inspire you to get up and start creating.

They focus on people that want to make a change in their cities and less on the classic architecture that implies fixed frame-works and academic planning.

Homedit – Architecture Project Ideas and Portfolio Visuals

homedit blog

Homedit has everything you need to know before starting an architectural project, from interior design ideas to DIY projects.

Their architecture articles are presented in an enjoyable way, with pictures, lines and sketches of multi-functional interiors and modern architecture in general.

Homesthetics – DIY and Architecture Inspiration Blogs

Home esthetics

Homesthetics content concentrates over the idea of inspiration and tries to build a communication space between professionals and people interested in architecture, design or art.

This site has tons of DIY and interior design concepts for anyone to stop by and get some free inspiration.

CAAN Design – Architecture Blog and Inspiration

Caan Design

CAANdesign focus on delivering to their readers new and inspirational architectural works for all over the world.

Their work is mostly on high-end luxury projects but there’s plenty covering: culture, business, religion, luxury and contemporary pieces of architectural work.

Mild Design Lab – Journal of Design Insights

This top architecture blog is a resource for research, design and learning about the evolution of architecture. Their aim is to help professionals, scholars, consultants and researches gain information, inspiration and a better vision about architecture and design.

Home World Design – Beautiful Modern Homes, Buildings, and Designs

home world design blog

HomeWorldDesing covers architecture and interior design from all over the world. If you want to get inspired or just want to see how creative and stylish some settlements can be in different parts of the world this is definitely a place to check up.

Archello – Big and Small Global Architecture Portfolios and Inspiration Blog

archhello blog

Archello presents architectural and design projects from all over the world. Besides good insight and high quality picture, their content also presents technical details with the purpose to make the industry more efficient and transparent.

Inhabitat – Architecture Design Blog


Inhabitat is covering a part of architecture that not many are focusing on. Their insights highlight green and sustainable design and environmental news.

Their aim is to inspire architects to focus more on the surrounding environment and to create more sustainable and energy efficient projects.

Download complete list with best architecture Blogs!

Make some time to check the list and let us know if we missed someone.

Still not enough? Check out for even more architecture blogs!

The best architects of today need to stay informed. With the new trends popping up across a variety of fields, its easy to get left behind. Stop feeling like you’re constantly playing “catch up.”

What are your thoughts on the top 50+ best architecture blogs? Let us know in comments bellow!

We continually improve our list with more inspiring Architecture blogs and publishers. Check back for updates!

Download complete list with best architecture blogs!

Make some time to check the list and let us know if we missed someone.

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