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MVRDV, Jean Nouvel Design, Zaha Hadid Architects: discover the internships and lectures of "Architecture for Fashion" - 2021 editionGENERAL INFO:subscription open until 9th July 20215 scholarships full-coverage of the enrollment cost opportunity to participate in the courses from remote connectionlanguages: Italian with simultaneous interpretation into EnglishAPPLICATION WEBSITETHE COURSEArchitecture is a privileged tool of those brands characterized by an elevated positioning and that, beyond the quality of their own products, need to feed an imaginary of prestige, style, and refinement. From the showrooms to the stores, fashion needs architects as much as stylists, photographers, and modelers. For these reasons, the course Architecture for Fashion has been created, with the aim of training designers able to interpret the identity of a brand and to transform it into an architectural space, moving the meanings of exclusivity, luxury and elegance from the dress to the designated environment to exhibit it. By deepening the needs of the fashion world, students will gain skills that can spend in the field of luxury, becoming familiar with a segment of the market characterized by an eternal charm and continuous rewarding opportunities of application. Throughout the course, participants will focus on technical and compositive topics at the service of fashion, according to a program made up of 76 hours of lessons, 32 hours of workshop, and numerous well-renowned lectures. At the end of the course, YACademy Placement office will guarantee each student a proposal for an internship / collaboration within the partner firms.Apply Now!

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SPECIAL LECTURES Italo Rota | STUDIO ITALO ROTA & PARTNERS - Club Cavalli Melodie Leung | ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS - Zaha Hadid fashion design Claudio Silvestrin | CLAUDIO SILVESTRIN ARCHITECTS - Claudio Silvestrin and Armani's boutiques Giuseppe Zampieri | DAVID CHIPPERFIELD ARCHITECTS MILANO - Chipperfield for ValentinoAser Jimenez Ortega| MVRDV - MVRDV Crystal Houses Livia Tani | ATELIERS JEAN NOUVEL - Artistic flats for Alda Fendi Esperimenti Foundation Duccio Grassi | DUCCIO GRASSI ARCHITECTS - Max Mara boutiques Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin | FORMAFANTASMA - Formafantasma for Bulgari: Luxury and Imperfection Annalisa Berti | FALCONERI - Store Design Principles WORKSHOP Topic: DESIGN OF A POP-UP STORE FOR FALCONERITutor: Giuseppe Zampieri | DAVID CHIPPERFIELD ARCHITECTS MILANODescription: The workshop will represent the occasion of practical synthesis to test all the notions available through the other teaching modules, ensuring strategic answers with respect to a real architectonic design. In collaboration with Falconeri, the course will give students the opportunity to work on the project of a new pop-up store for the famous brand of cashmere. Falconeri is a refined and gearing-up brand, oriented to the future, coherently to the imaginary of luxury accessible and inspired to the elegance and quality of material principles. The workshop will also offer the opportunity to reflect on the contemporary value of the store, in a temporality logic, now an axiom of society and of the contemporary fashion system. In a moment characterized by a deep transformation of the space dedicated to the commerce, the workshop would like to reflect on multi-channel topics that are increasingly important in fashion marketing, therefore, on the potentiality of the physical space to represent the moment of the deepest and the most authentic experience of a brand that was known and purchased online. Through a rich and active dialogue with Falconeri’s technical office, students can have a complete and unique experience of composition and design of a sale point for one of the most famous and appreciated brands.

Archt. Giuseppe Zampieri from DCA Milano during a lesson at YACademy

INTERNSHIPAt the end of the course, YACademy Placement office will guarantee each student a proposal for an internship / collaboration with some of the studios better matching the topic of the course, with the likes of: DAVID CHIPPERFIELD ARCHITECTS - JEAN NOUVEL DESIGN - ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS - MVRDV - DUCCIO GRASSI ARCHITECTS - CLAUDIO SILVESTRIN ARCHITECTSYACADEMYYAC is an association that promotes architectural competitions aimed at fostering culture and design research. Over the years, YAC has broadened its experience of work and collaboration with the main architectural firms of contemporary architecture, dealing with diverse and numerous topics of architectural design. Nowadays, YAC’s expertise can serve young designers better, providing them with the creation of high-level educational programs aimed at polishing the skills of the students and offering them a valuable connection to the labor market. Thanks to the close relationship with internationally renowned professional and academic actors, YACademy is the perfect frame within which to complete or specialize one’s skills, and create a significant link with the most internationally-renowned architectural firms. The location of the courses, also available from remote connection since 2020, is the prestigious headquarters of YACademy: a medieval building located in the heart of Bologna’s historical city center, close to the Two Towers and next to Piazza Santo Stefano; namely, one of the most picturesque areas of the city. PARTNERIn collaboration with:SCRIGNO - MANNI GROUP - TERREAL - URBAN UP l UNIPOLFor more information visit: www.yacademy.itContact: studenti@yacademy.it