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The Estonian Association of Architects (EAA), the principal organizer of Wood Works has joined forces with co-organizers Estonian Centre for Architecture (ECA) and Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF) to promote an architecture exchange and exhibition programme, taking place between Ireland and Estonia in 2020 and 2021.

Wood Works is an Estonian and Irish collaboration that focuses on the use of wood in design and construction in architecture. The result of the Wood Works project will be a travelling exhibition in Ireland and Tallinn in 2021 and potentially in other countries.


The Wood Works project purpose is to organize an international architecture exhibition to showcase innovative timber forms-installations. The project aims to increase the cooperation between architects from Estonia and Ireland, wood industry enterprises and companies of other related sectors.

The Wood Works 2020-2021 project supports an exchange of expertise and creativity between architects from Estonia and Ireland to establish collaborative possibilities between all participants. Further, the project promotes the use of timber in building culture and showcase the creativeness of architects to work with timber.The content and detailed concept of the idea for the exhibition and general outline for the installations will be provided by curators-architects who will be selected from an open call.

The artistic and architectural ideas for each installation will be developed in close cooperation with the Estonian and Irish architects, who will be able to share their expertise as well as thrive in creative collaboration.

The Wood Wood project’s first exhibition will be produced in cooperation with Irish Architecture Foundation and opening will be at Soltice Art Centre (Ireland) in March 2021. After that it will be exhibited in Estonia and in other countries.


The aim of the competitive Open Call is to find curators for the Wood Works initiative, which includes a travelling exhibition, collaborative workshops and publication. The concept for the exhibition and workshops should aim to:

  • Expand and encourage innovative architectural solutions using wood that demonstrates technical knowledge, research, and experimentation, whilst also supporting the aesthetic ambition in equal measure.
  • Demonstrate the use of wood in contemporary architecture, and its response to essential societal, technological and environmental challenges, needs and opportunities.
  • Create a robust and novel process of exchange to enable both countries learn from and enhance each other’s inventiveness.
  • Create an engaging, immersive and content rich exhibition, that communicates both to a broad international audience and an industry-based audience.


The role of the Curators is to set the theme and concept, construct the narrative and title of the exhibition and publication, select the architect participants, plan and deliver 2 workshops (within covid guidelines), liaise with the teams as they produce work for exhibition, and compile the publication.


The exhibition will be preceded by two workshops in 2020. The curators will choose min 5 teams who make maximum of 5-10 installations for the exhibition. The curators allow the teams the freedom to create their own responses to the curatorial proposition.

Through the workshop and exchange process each team proposes an installation-prototype for the exhibition,guided by the curators and their curatorial concept. The 5 teams taken collectively must have equal representation from Ireland and Estonia. The exposition will open in the Solstice Art Centre in Ireland in March 2021 and travel to Tallinn in later in 2021.

The publication is both a document enhancing the themes in the exhibition and a visitor’s guide for understanding the initiative and should be completed by March 2021.

The curators will be appointed from September 2020 until March 2021. The curatorial fee (budget) is €10,000. We expect the team will contain individuals who together demonstrate that they are acquainted with the architectural culture in both Estonia and Ireland in equal measure. We are open to other combinations, however there must be 50% representation from each partnering nationality and the total fee (budget) remains the same at €10,000.


  • Title, theme, concept for the exhibition, suggested team participants (max 3 x A4 pages)
  • The theme, concept and process for the workshops (max I x A4 Page)
  • The concept for the publication content (max Ix A4 Page)
  • A CV for each curator in the team showing relevant experience for this role (max I x A4 Page)
  • A price quota of what is in accordance with the curatorial fee (budget €10,000)
  • A digitally signed letter of commitment stating that the author assumes responsibility for the co-ordination of exhibition and completion of the publication on time and within budget (see entry requirements, max I x A4 Page)
  • Submissions must be signed and the recipient of the work sends a confirmation of receipt to the sender.
  • Submissions must be in English and Estonian.


Proposals from architects and professionals in architecture and design disciplines, including writers, critics and academics that are interested in exploring editorial and curatorial work in making architecture are welcome.

The proposed concepts must address topics relevant to Estonia and Ireland in the field of wood in architecture. Proposals should consider the viewer, the participant, the public and the potential experiential nature of exhibitions.

Proposals should support innovative research to foster new kinds of intellectual and practical exchange that spark dialogue in the profession and amongst the public and specifically advancing the theme of using a natural resource like wood in building the infrastructure to support contemporary society and the natural environment.

The competition may not be entered by the chairman, members, back-up members and experts of the jury, or the individuals who have been involved in drafting the terms and conditions of the competition, those who have participated in the preparation of the competition and those who are clearly in a privileged position due to the preparation and organization of the competition and/or who could influence the decisions of the jury. 

  • The production costs of the exhibition installations must be less than €50,000.
  • The costs of organizing two workshops must be less than €8,500. 
  • The cost of producing the publication (print, design, essays) must be less than €5,000.
  • The proposed concepts must take into account the exhibition space of approximately 70-100 m2 allocated for the exposition.
  • The exhibition must be easily removable and allow repeated exposition in Estonia and elsewhere.