We’re Looking for ArchDaily’s Next Managing Editor

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We are hiring! ArchDaily's Content Team is constantly working for our readers from all over the world in a platform that operates in four languages —Spanish, English, Portuguese and Chinese Mandarin. Our main goal is to ensure that the most important discussions about architecture and the city reach the maximum possible global audience.

ArchDaily is a platform in constant evolution. It is an experiment in the fields of documentation, discussion, and diffusion of the main themes of architecture and urbanism on the biggest scale possible, one that would not have been possible twenty years ago. Today, we are happy to announce that our team keeps growing as we are looking for a new ArchDaily.com Managing Editor.

The Managing Editor assures that the ArchDaily.com site meets its targets and company-wide content goals by leading a team of editors, interns, and translators ensuring high-quality content, SEO, evergreen topics and relevant news, alongside delivering strategic decisions that impact all content areas.

Part of the creative and managing tasks of the role involve: suggesting ideas, assigning articles and translations, handling and managing problems, keeping staff on schedule, coordinating content with other local site managers, keeping track of monthly site metrics and team reporting for feedback.

Established in 2008, ArchDaily is the world's largest architecture website with more than 13 million monthly visits. We currently have operations in the United States, China, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. With a team of 70 people from a variety of backgrounds, we work towards our mission:

To improve the quality of life of the next 2.5 billion people that will move into cities in the cities by 2050, by providing inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who will face this challenge.

Having said that, becoming part of the ArchDaily team is becoming an ambassador of what we stand for.

At ArchDaily we care about your well-being and provide a culture that fosters joy, innovation, and integration. We give you the flexibility to work remotely, abroad, and independently. We appreciate you taking the time to rest when you need —given that you are responsible for your goals.

You will be joining a multicultural, international team full of proactive people, with constant new challenges, and a horizontal structure where your voice will be heard. Moreover, you will be part of an amazing process since we are joining Architonic, the largest database of curated products, to expand both our value propositions for the architecture and interior design world.

Despite our rapid growth, we remain nimble. The key has been developing a team of forward-thinking individuals that want to make a difference in the world. We invite you to review the ArchDaily HQ Instagram account so you can learn a little more about our workplace —how we work and how we have fun.