WARMING Competition 2021

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WARMING 2021Visit www.thewarmingcompetition.com to join the competition now.Our world is changing.
Imagine Mumbai and Miami permanently underwater, hurricanes frequently clashing against Manhattan and Manila, devastating droughts in Los Angeles and London, and fires running rampant in Sydney and San Francisco.
A global future like this currently occupies our imagination but inches closer to reality each day.
How will our built environment react to rising sea levels, extended droughts, climbing temperatures, and other symptoms of global warming? How can our buildings and cities prevent the severity of natural disasters, degrading air quality, melting ice caps, and climate change at large?
WARMING calls on students and professionals from the fields of architecture, planning, and design to submit projects that respond to our changing climate and the environment.

Surface Ex_Tension - Recognized in WARMING 2020

AWARDS OVERALL WINNER $5,000 + Book Feature + Press PublicationsPREVENT AWARD $1,000 + Book Feature + Press PublicationsREACT AWARD $1,000 +Book Feature + Press PublicationsHONORABLE MENTIONS + Book Feature + Press PublicationsDIRECTORS CHOICE + Book Feature + Press PublicationsTOTAL AWARDS $7,000

SARCS - Recognized in WARMING 2020

JURY Alice Britton | Squint / Operato
Tei Carpenter | Agency AgencySou Fujimoto | Sou Fujimoto ArchitectsRossana Hu | Neri&Hu;Thom Mayne | MorphosisSheila Sri Prakash | Shilpa ArchitectsLola Sheppard | LATERAL OFFICENeyran Turan | NEMESTUDIOKen Yeang | Ken Yeang Ecoarchitect

PLASTIC-SCAPE - Recognized in WARMING 2020

SCHEDULECompetition Begins Mar. 22$55 Advance Entry Ends May 25 $75 Early Entry Ends July 20 $95 Regular Entry Ends Sep. 04Submission Deadline Sep. 05Results Announced Oct. 2021Register now for discounted entry!

Industrial System Tower - Recognized in WARMING 2020

Visit the official WARMING 2021 website at www.thewarmingcompetition.comJakob Rope Systems is an Official Sponsor of The WARMING Competition 2021.