VDC Roasting 2020 – International student team virtual construction & engineering contest

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VDC Roasting 2020 is an international student’s team competition for students of mechanical engineering, structural engineering, civil engineers, plumbers, electricians, and architectural departments.
The competition is based on acquaintance with the construction project lifecycle and typical problems that arise during its execution. Participants' task is to solve typical and atypical design and management issues appearing in the construction project. Solving these problems requires the use of such VDC-processes as 4D Planning, Multidisciplinary Coordination, Value Engineering in order to improve energy efficiency.
Requirements for participants:
To be a student of 2-6 years of majors: architecture, civil/structural engineering, MEPF engineering.Assemble a team of 4 participants and a curator who will help the team to solve the organizational part of tasks;To have: basic design or engineering skillsbasic skills in CAD/BIM softwareunderstanding of construction process (or check our useful links on a vdcroasting.com and learn);Get ready for the three hard weeks of Qualifying Stage, and infernal Final!
Stages of the competition:
The first stage - lasts for 3 weeks. Each week, the teams will receive detailed tasks for the selected competition project, as well as have the opportunity to get advice from the competition organizers on the implementation of tasks in technical Questions&Answers; webinars.
The final for the best teams according to the rating of the first stage will happen online. Teams will have 15 hours to solve construction cases and present their engineering solutions and skills gained during the First Stage.
Key dates:
Registration - 1.09.2020 - 25.10.2020First Stage - 26.10.2020 - 22.11.2020 inclusiveThe Final - 05.12.2020 - 06.12.2020
Prizes:1st place - 1000 € per team2nd place - 750 € per team3rd place - 500 € per teamAnd gifts from the partners of the Competition!
The organizer of the competition is the NPO "BUILDIT Ukraine", which aims on spreading knowledge about modern digital technologies in the construction industry among young architects and engineers.
Registration and details can be found on the website: vdcroasting.com