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It is very crucial to design and build however, articulating architecture is equally necessary. We believe great dialogues lead to better design ideas. UnIADA- Unfuse International Architectural Dissertation Awards aspires to generate dialogues among thinkers, academicians, researchers and students with such innovative researches in the field of the built environment. It is a platform to bring these revolutionary ideas to the foreground at a global level.

UnIADA, hosted by Unfuse is a quarterly awards program that rewards the best research papers written by a student at an UnderGrad and PostGrad level. Through the web, it aims at bringing some remarkable works under the spotlight which otherwise are limited to a very selected audience where they are published. It is projected to create curiosity and generate awareness about and around the field of Architecture at a larger level.

UnIADA is a multi-cycle award series that invites research on specific themes every 3 months. The theme for this cycle of UnIADA is Habitats. The topic is fairly broad and is open for all dissertation work ranging from case studies of habitable spaces, issues under housing, typologies under housing, exploring the idea of home, redevelopment of housing, issues such as homelessness, living concepts, etc.