Turn Back Time – Reimagining alternative realities in present day context

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Every path mankind has taken so far is a result of many tiny forked alternatives where one was chosen over the other and that iterated over millenniums to shape our lifestyle today.

It is that experience of making choices/decisions that has taught us most of our lessons today that we pass on to people and it is the basis of wisdom mankind has developed so far. Evolution has something that has spanned overages and not a few years, and these layers continue to shape us every day.

But human nature is sophisticated and has continued to baffle sociologists for ages. The fear of making risky choices referring to conventional mindset evidently contains a human mindset a lot. Invisible boundaries, divisions, orthodox ideas – all at the expense of stability and survival. Which shapes how and what our world has become.


Let’s take some of the common stores we see today and place them in a medieval context. What would Subway or Big bazaar look like if it was the Chola period? What would a Rajputana railway station look like? Such questions tend to make our thoughts run wild and also bring up some important questions like where we lost most of our culture and why.

The challenge here is to show what some of today’s public spaces would have looked like if they were built during old times or in other words – An alternative reality.

Recreate illustrations of what different elements of a shopping mall would’ve looked like in medieval times, with materials, aesthetics, and social norms back then.

The aim is to make it relatable to today’s times but in a different time period.