The Post-Work City Visions

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Around the world, work is going through a crisis.
Increasingly, work is regarded as bad for your health: stress, an overwhelming to do list, and long hours sitting at a desk. Belief in work is also crumbling among young people. More and more, work feels pointless or socially damaging.
Recent estimates suggest that between a third and a half of all jobs could be taken over by AI in the next two decades. Other forecasters doubt whether work can be sustained in its current toxic form on a warming planet. 。o○●~* What society could be like if all production was automated, the material abundance produced was equitably distributed, and nobody worked at all? .☆.。.. How would a city without work look like?
We’re launching a call for artists to create artworks with their vision of how a city would look like, in a world where we don’t have to work to sustain ourselves.
Will the next wave of automation return us to an age of craftsmanship and artistry? Would it be a future not of consumption but of creativity? .☆.。.. Leave your imagination to wander, and create a piece of art: it can be a painting, an illustration, a website, an AR effect, or an essay. Check the details on the website: ☆ミ 15th of July- 20th of December 2020: Submit your artwork Upload your contribution on our website:, or on Instagram, using the hashtag #postworkcity
☆ミ Be featured in an online exhibition ☆ミ Participate in a roundtable discussion beginning of January 2021