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Leveraging this moment’s elevated awareness of the experiences of women in the workplace, and building on the collective action of multiple waves of women’s activism before us, we aim to create a space for dialogue. This initiative acknowledges and is motivated by the historical exclusion of women from the shaping of our environments and the minimizing of their contributions. The main objective is to provide a platform to ask what it means to be a woman in architecture, and through collaboration and exploration propose how it can be different.Call for entries:Rather than spotlighting the accomplishments of prominent individuals, WOMENWHODESIGN.ORG examines through storytelling the lived experience and contributions of the many. This platform asks what it means to be a woman in the broadly defined field of architecture, and through collaboration and exploration proposes how it can be different.Why do women architects matter? How do career and human life cycles intersect, interfere and inform each other? What has been your experience as a woman in architecture? What obstacles have you overcome, or not? How are you living your vision for the future? We invite you to explore these questions and more...Eligibilities:This is a juried international exhibition and is open to groups or individuals at least 18 years old.* If the individual(s) is/are the sole principal(s) of a firm, the firm name must be listed as well.*Submissions for individuals under 18 years will be considered but will need to be submitted by a parent or guardian.Submission requirements:Please submit in PDF format 500 hundred words maximum with up to two images of your concept. Text to include a brief bio and a description of your work or event, touching on how it could illuminate some aspect of the experience of women in and around the world of architecture. Please send submissions to: submissions@womenwhodesign.orgSubmissions may be for completed work, or may propose a work to be created for this exhibit. Work in any medium (for example, physical, digital, or performative) will be considered.Submissions may also be proposals for an Event. These will be hosted within the gallery, to occur concurrently to the exhibit. Entrants specifically for event proposals should contact to discuss further. for additional information.Criteria:We are seeking a diverse selection of work relevant to the exhibition theme that will engage visitors of all ages and life experiences. Opportunities for public interaction are highly encouraged.A survey will be distributed to members of professional organizations and made available to the general public. Like the exhibit, this survey will focus on stories more than data, documenting critical moments in the life cycle of women architects. Entrants may propose the inclusion of survey results in their work.Key dates:• Submissions deadline: 5:00 p.m. PST (-8:00 GMT) on April 30, 2020• Notification of shortlist: On or before May 29, 2020• The jury may contact entrants for interviews or supplemental information• Announcement of Participants: June 12, 2020• Exhibition Date: October-November 2020Location:San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA**with potential to travelFee:There is no entry fee. However artists are responsible for costs associated with shipping, handling and execution. Financial assistance may be available.Direct general inquiries to info@womenwhodesign.orgIf you or your organization are interested in partnering with us or providing financial sponsorship, please contact sponsor@womenwhodesign.orgTitleThe Life Cycles of Women in Architecture
TypeCall for Submissions
OrganizersWomen Who Design Submission DeadlineApril 30, 2020 05:00 PM
VenueBay Area, USA