The Cliff Hut Competition

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A landform, a steep slope, or just vertical. A refuge in apparent imbalance. A REFUGE IN APPARENT IMBALANCE.
Cities are in crisis, we are far from winning the battle against climate change, The Cliff Hut symbolizes that delicate balance that we have to discover. Participants will need to access their toolbox to solve the project, reaching new, creative places. With that same creative approach that The Cliff Hut requires, we will all have to face the challenges that the coming years will bring. "The Cliff Hut" is a minimal survival unit, the choice of the location of the cliff is free, as well as the way to relate The Cliff Hut with the cliff.1st Prize: U $ D 1500+ Exposure in our Media and Diffusion in the Main architectural sites.Un accidente geográfico, una pendiente abrupta o simplemente vertical. Un refugio en aparente desequilibrio. Las ciudades están en crisis, estamos lejos de ganarle la batalla al cambio climático, The Cliff Hut simboliza ese delicado equilibrio que tenemos que transitar. Los participantes se verán necesitados de acceder a su caja de herramientas para resolver el proyecto, llegando a lugares nuevos, creativos. Con ese mismo enfoque creativo que requiere The Cliff Hut tendremos todos que afrontar los desafíos que traerán los próximos años.