The Alleyway Project: Activating Ann Arbor’s Alleys through Art

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Two red brick buildings with alleyway in between

The Ann Arbor Art Center’s Art in Public Program is please to announce an open invitation to architects, designers, engineers, and artists from around the world to take part in The Alleyway Project: Activating Ann Arbor’s Alleys through Art design challenge. The challenge is an investigation into the importance and potential of auxiliary pedestrian spaces throughout Ann Arbor, and the creation of space within our existing alleyway network.

We are asking that you design a spatial installation that is habitable and can be adapted for use as a small public event space. The design must be safe for public use and have the ability to be assembled on site within a two week schedule. Certain elements of the exhibit must be able to be left standing for a minimum of at least one year while other elements may be deemed temporary and removed shortly after the events planned around the Ann Arbor Art Center’s opening event in fall of 2021.

The design proposal should intelligently and creatively optimize the surrounding urban context of the site to create a thoughtful, engaging, and well-designed space. Participants should consider the constructibility of their designs along with schedule and budgetary constraints. Each submission selected as a funded installation will receive between $10,000-$15,000* for the construction of their design.

Submission Requirements

Project submission must include one landscape oriented 36”(w) x 24”(h) board saved in .jpg format. The resolution must be 72dpi. Please note that should you be selected as a finalist, you will be asked for a 300dpi version of your board for printing.

The board must include the following:

  • Drawings as required to understand your design intent including, but not limited to: plans, sections, perspectives, renderings, etc.
  • A project statement of no more than 500 words
  • Board must be free of personal identification markers other than as specified at time of registration
  • Digital files should be saved and named as instructed at the time of registration


We invite any and all creatives to participate in the The Alleyway Project: Activating Ann Arbor’s Alleys through Architecture Design Challenge. While teams are not required, multidisciplinary groups are highly encouraged including, but certainly not limited to professional architects, architecture firms, students, designers, engineers, builders, and artists.