Sustainable Revolution

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As reaction to the unprecedented moment that we are all experiencing, Zuecca Projects has decided to launch its first ever Open Call, on the theme of Sustainable Architecture and Design.

The International Call for Submission “Sustainable Revolution” is open to Architecture and Engineering Firms, Designers, Projects and Companies that are looking into the future and offering sustainable solutions and possibilities for the “new world” we will inhabit from here on out.

Selected projects and submissions will be included in the exhibition “Sustainable Revolution” organized by Zuecca Projects in Venice, from August 28 to October 30, 2020. Hosted at Squero Castello, less than ten minutes from the Biennale Arsenale, the exhibition wants to share a positive and progressive message to the global audience that every year attends one of the most important event and platform dedicated to international Architecture.

The theme of Sustainability will be illustrated with emblematic researches and innovations, and through projects (concept, built or in progress) focused on innovative materials and technologies.

Zuecca Projects is a not for profit organization founded in Venice that has developed international art and architecture projects since 2011.

The exhibitions organized by Zuecca Projects has included artists and architects such as Eisenman Architects, Jonas Mekas, Marina Abramović , TO Arquitectos, Juergen Teller, Ai Weiwei and Izolyatsia, to name a few. In occasion of the Biennale Architettura 2020, Zuecca Projects is also organizing the official Collateral Event “Domus”, focused on Tropicalia, the biggest greenhouse in the world, by Codefy architects.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit by email to [email protected]
  • Submissions will be reviewed by Zuecca Projects Management and Curatorial team.
  • A response will be sent only in case of selection.
  • What to exhibit: if selected, each project will be presented through 1 model/sample of products, and it will have at its disposal a wall portion of 1mtx2mt height (for two-dimensional materials as panels, screen, printed materials, etc.).
  • The possibility to showcase more materials can be discussed with the organization.