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ArchTwistspace for....This competition seeks innovative ideas in designing a space focusing on the
relationships between a project and a 'character' and the site. Each participant or
team of participants will propose a character for designing a house. This
'character' can be a person or group of persons of interest and inspiration for the
project. There are no limitations as to the choice of the character. This character
may be a historical or contemporary, real or fictional person, a significant group,
from any origin or nationality. It is vital that within the submitted proposal, the
character is introduced, and the project's relationship with him/her or them is
justified. ArchTwist invites participants to explore the boundaries and paradigms
of designing houses with ground-breaking and visionary proposals. This idea competition does not specify any particular site or setting. Therefore,
each contestant or team can choose the location of their project based on the
specific character. Participants can design a new space in an empty plot or
propose reuse of an existing building or structure. Nevertheless, participants
will have to justify their choice of location for the project. A good architectonic
conceptualization and original ideas will receive the highest consideration.
ArchTwist encourages contestants to experiment and to formally and spatially
explore new solutions. From the architectonic point of view, we expect an original,
out-of-the-box, creative, contemporary, and risky proposition.