Solar Outdoor Light Collection

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Shenzhen Lead Opto-Technology invites you to design a collection of solar outdoor lamps dedicated to home courtyards, characterized by great attention to detail and innovation.


Consider the following in your design:

  • Product typology: design a collection of 3 innovative low-power solar outdoor lamps, consisting of 1 wall lamp and 2 lamps of other typologies, such as external garage lights, column lights, garden lights, others at your discretion.
  • The lamps should allow installation and free movement by the consumer.
  • The possibility to cover a wider area in the courtyard and annexed outdoor space, by employing several lamps (even more than 3), creating a customizable illuminated area.
  • Functionalities: the lamps will be powered by solar panels – embedded in the design – that will allow the consumer to install and reposition the lamps where most needed.
  • In support to its basic functionalities, the lamps you design will be equipped with motion detectors (Smart PIR sensor) and can also include other technologies at your discretion.
  • Size: there are no specific indications for the size of your lamps, provided they are in line with the current market offer of low-power solar lamps.
  • For the size of your lamps, also take into consideration the approximate size of the solar panel you are going to include, based on the watt output, ranging from 1 to 10 watts.
  • Please refer to the Material files for some examples and some further info on the main components.
  • Materials and production technologies: the lamps shall be designed with a view to industrialization and keeping into consideration mass production technologies (eg. injection moulding, etc.).
  • They shall be mainly made of ABS plastics (main body) and PC (polycarbonate) for the transparent surfaces.
  • At your discretion, the possibility to also use some metal (or other suitable materials) components.
  • Must be dust and water resistant, ideally fully compliant with IP54 requirement (optional/nice to have).
  • Technologies: the lamps you design shall be equipped with the following:
  • Solar panels: its power will be between 1 to 10 watts, depending on the expected luminance output; its shape can be square, round, trapezoidal or other.
  • Its surface will be rigid, so it cannot be bent.
  • Battery: from 1 to 4 lithium batteries, depending on the lamp power (more info in the Material files ).
  • Smart PIR Sensor: motion detector, shaped as a half sphere.
  • At your discretion the possibility to include other technologies to make the lamps even smarter.
  • The lamps must be perceived as smart products, so the innovation you suggest plays an important role in the brief.
  • Style and shapes: the 3 lamps of your collection shall have the same family feeling, sharing a common design code.
  • They shall be designed with a great attention to detail and aesthetics, drawing inspiration from a minimal and modern style.
  • You are free to suggest the shapes you prefer, ideally suggesting compact volumes, based on your design concept.
  • Their aesthetics shall be one of the distinctive traits that make them stand out from other competitor products (see Inspiration tab to learn more about the current market).
  • Target: the lamps are for outdoor use only and shall be specifically designed for home courtyards and family consumers.
  • Values to convey: the lamps you design shall be perceived as smart, technological and eco-friendly products. They shall match the target customer expectations, ideally meeting their lifestyle and emotional needs.

Evaluation Criteria

In the evaluation of your submissions the Sponsor will take into account the following criteria:

  • Degree of Innovation (5/5)
  • Aesthetics (5/5)
  • Usability (4/5)
  • Reaching target customer (4/5)
  • Technical feasibility (3/5)

Total awards

  • €5000
  • Participation is free of charge and open to all creative people (at least 18 years old).