SIT Furniture Design Awards

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SIT Furniture Design Awards

SIT Furniture Design Award™ exists to recognize, celebrate, and promote brilliant international Furniture Designers, Brands, Manufacturers, Emerging talents as well as Visionaries enhancing our daily life with innovation. 

SIT focuses on “Seat and Beyond” furniture, rewarding strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making great equipment. The prize is open to submissions on a global level, accepting entries from Designers and Emerging Talent from all around the world.

“The core mission of SIT is to shine a spotlight on ground breaking Designs and Products that have the potential to change the way we live. SIT look at “Seating & Beyond” being the central furniture of our daily living and working spaces. With the current global crisis, we observe a major shift in furniture usage, redefining private versus working areas, reorganizing our lives from home while changing our habits… all these will have an impact on Furniture and Interior Design.” Commented Hossein Farmani, Founder of SIT Furniture Design Awards and its parent company Farmani Group. 

Mr. Farmani added, “Winning the SIT Furniture Design Awards is an exciting opportunity for both established and new talented creatives and architects. These are the designers and products that will help to shape our future”.

SIT Furniture Design Award gives 5 winning titles per year: 

  • SIT Furniture Design of the Year – Professional
  • SIT Designer of the Year – Professional
  • Digital Innovation Center Winner – Professional 
  • SIT Emerging Furniture Design of the Year – Student 
  • SIT Emerging Designer of the Year – Student 

SIT Furniture Design Award has created a “Digital Innovation Center”, to be a unique blend of design, creative thinking, computational thinking, culture integration, and sustainability innovation.

The center is focusing every year on 3 topics to highlight inventions, looking at today’s challenges and how to overcome them. The yearly winner of the “Digital Innovation Center” in professional categories will receive a cash prize of US$4000 to realize a prototype or start production.

For its inaugural launch, the digital innovation center will focus on:

  • Home office furniture: Combine living and working
  • Technology integration: upgrade your furniture
  • Reuse and/or Recycle: give a second chance

Entries to the competition are anonymously judged by an influential jury panel of experienced academics and established design industry professionals whose mandate is to recognize and award the very best designers. Each Jury member brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table and, with their combined insight and votes, the final winners in each category will be selected.

Winners will receive the SIT trophy, a Digital brochure featuring their winning entry, an invitation to the Bi-Annual Winner reception as well as extensive publicity, promoting their designs to a worldwide audience.