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SIAT, the Società degli Ingegneri e degli Architetti in Torino, with the CCIAA Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Torino, CNH Industrial, the Bertone Sant’Anna Immobiliare Group and the Comunità di Mirafiori Foundation are promoting this edition of SIAT YOUNG devoted to the theme of relaunching urban outskirts, proposing in particular the case study of the MIRAFIORI SUD district of Turin (Italy).

The international competition destined principally for graduates and students of Architecture, Engineering, Design, Urban Planning, Green Areas and Landscape Design and the Fine Arts Academies, who do not necessarily hold a professional title, and with the hopes that multidisciplinary groups will be created embracing all the arts, science and technical disciplines that can best interpret the theme proposed each time.

The Competition aspires to have a realistically feasible project that will restore vitality to the district and aims to select the best proposals of an urban and landscape project relevant to the competition zone, foreseeing the establishment of a university campus with residences, study zones and laboratories, green areas and sports areas that will go to complete the planned building of residential and commercial buildings.

The objective is urban requalification of the zone that unites the ex TECUMSEH area (circa 40.000 m2) and the CASTELLO DI MIRAFIORI area (circa 30.000 m2) starting from the indications present in the “Notes about the Planning” document attached to the Competition Notice. The urban regeneration project must refer to the development of the provision of ecosystem services and the use of nature-based solutions.

Award for first place with CNH Industrial special mention 3,500 euro
Award for second place 1,800 euro
Award for third place 1,000 euro
Award for fourth place 800 euro
Bertone Sant’Anna Group Landmark special mention

The following will also be granted:
certificate of merit to the selected proposals (first, second, third and fourth ranked, special mentions)
publication of the Catalogue in the journal A&RT, the official communication body of SIAT, one of the oldest scientific journals in Europe, of all participating proposals
presentation and award-giving events, and discussion of the results.

What is required:
– graphic sheet in A1, landscape project with planivolumetric urbanistic intervention
– graphic sheet in A1, creative architectural proposal of the university campus
– graphic sheet in A1, project of the green areas
– graphic sheet in A1, project for a landmark installation
– explanatory report about the intervention
– explanatory report about the landmark

Once registered, the competition files can be free of charge downloaded in the reserved area.

The registration fee for the competition, to be paid when submitting the documents, is 50 euro per group.

Clarifications may be requested by and no later than 5 May 2021, by filling in the form in the reserved area.

Deadline for submission: Wednesday 30 June 2021, 12:00 noon CET