Rethinking Hospitality: Common Spaces for Uncommon Times

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The global pandemic has put us all in difficult situations. Wherever we are, in the last weeks we have faced challenges that we had not expected. The new virus is not only a threat to our health, but it is also deeply impacting the way we work, learn and go about our lives.

Some sectors, along with millions of customers and hundreds of thousands of their employees, have been impacted more than others. Hotels, restaurants and cafés are among them. Some of them could temporarily switch to different models of service, others had to shut down their doors awaiting to weather the storm. Nonetheless, all hospitality businesses are in need to rethink and redesign the use and organization of spaces to adapt, grow and keep delivering the services that we love.

At Good Goes Viral we believe that there is only one way to overcome these challenges – together. This is why we want to extend a call for submissions to all young architects, urbanists and designers.

"Rethinking Hospitality - Common Spaces for Uncommon Times" is a free competition open to all architecture, urbanism and design students, as well as recent graduates (up to 3 years).

We invite you to come up with concepts for the adaptation of space use and organization in different hospitality settings, including hotels, restaurants, bars and cafés.

Your ideas should help these services to solve challenges posed by the immediate negative effects of COVID-19 or propose solutions that will help the sector to transition towards the "new normal".

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