Residence Rush – Fast paced residence design competition

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Premise No matter how projects are planned – the design eventually is a product of panic and days left to deadline. Even structured processes and schedules fail in a client meeting, where expectations and the design have sought different roads. The deadline dilemma is so true and universal across all regions and places that it is an inseparable part in professional and academic life. And despite planning / scheduling being placed, it eventually boils down to the performance in that key period that defines success or failure. Set academic courses follow predictability - training for this wild period is quintessential if not more. If deadline frenzy has been the past, present and the future –
How can we train for it to create meaningful work in limited time? How can we sharpen skills and techniques that help us train across such short spans to excel despite the turbulence?
. Challenge Parkinson's law states exactly this by articulating it in a statement – The work expands itself to the time that’s available. It’s funny how it is applicable to all the things in a very similar way. The start and the finishing parts of the project however, are indeed the most creative ones. The design challenge looks at this specific part where we push to solve a design challenge in a limited timeframe. The problem statement involves not only good design but finding effective ways to depict and present them in a fast-moving schedule.
-------------------------- The competition focuses on residence design only as a theme with fixed minimum deliverables – Like set of site / floor plans, interior mood board, elevations and 4 x 3D views - in 5 days.
The Schedule The registration period will be open for 90 days followed by which the brief will be released. It will involve a site plan, a concept client statement and a location to give it a basis. The problem statement contains some basic control regulation like setbacks and height limits. Any additional information can be assumed where ever necessary. The competition info will be released via the additional resources folder for all the registered participants on the release day on your profile. (Click your avatar > My entries > Download resources). The submission window will be open for 5 days with no extensions. It’s expected to complete the work in the 4.5days window and upload everything, then update the project until the last minute with minor changes. The above limit of deliverables is minimum; you can add more elements to the submission based on your design outcome. Prizes / Deadlines / Registration For complete information on active prizes and details on the entry fee, visit the Awards & Fees section of the competition here:- Awards&Fee;