Regen Dining – How do we get going when we get back?

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After spending a considerable amount of time under the shroud of the COVID-19 outbreak, humanity is gearing up to enter the new-normal. Governments around the world are now exercising relaxation to the physical distancing measures to regain economic stability.

However, studies have shown that mitigation attempts that are inadequate in strictness or duration—such as premature relaxation of distancing rules or stay-at-home orders—can allow a resurgence after the initial surge and mitigation. In other words, the second wave is inevitable if conscious measures are not taken now.

Apart from implementing strict regulations for socio-economic interaction, urban infrastructure and architecture need to be transformed in order to accommodate mitigation measures.
Focusing on the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on the economy, the food service sector has suffered the most.

As the proposals demand a redesign, restructuring, reforming, or reorganization of existing architecture, the choice of site becomes absolutely essential.
Focussing on the food service sector, the project must propose to transform existing restaurants, café, food outlets, food courts, bars, pubs, or fast food restaurants to accommodate post-COVID regulations.
The design brief calls for:
• Redesign, restructure, or reorganize existing architecture that provides food-service (restaurants, café, street eateries, etc.)
• To accommodate post-COVID regulations based on various state / country norms.
• While encouraging social interactions to reinstate to the pre-COVID society.

Registration ends: 9th Nov, 2020
Submission Deadline: 24th Nov 2020
Public Voting begins: 15th Dec 2020
Public Voting ends: 9th Jan 2021
Result Announcement: 21st Jan 2021