Re-imagining Play

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  1. Minimum eligible age for participation is 18 years.
  2. There is no restriction on the degree of design disciplines to participate in the challenge.
  3. Participation in the competition can happen in a team as well as an individual.
  4. Maximum numbers of participants in a team are 4
  5. The challenge is open worldwide for anyone to participate.
  6. A student is someone who is currently enrolled in a full-time graduate/undergraduate program at a university anywhere in the world. We will need proof of identity upon the result declaration. The proof of identity should clearly state that you were enrolled in the institution at the time of registration. You may also produce a bonafide/authorized certificate from the institution as a proof of identity.
  7. All the participants who do not belong to the student category will be considered as a professional.
  8. Institutional access is a program for students only if they are participating in the competition as a group of 20 people and want to submit 5-20 entries together. Institutional access has to be done in the guidance of a mentor/professor.
  9. Students are allowed to involve one mentor/professor/guide in their team provided the mentor has been authorized via a bonafide certificate of the University.
  10. A team with even one professional will be considered as a professional entry.