RE-CONNECT – AIA Phoenix Metro 2020 Ideas Competition

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Description city is not just defined by the planners and architects that build it, but also by the users that occupy it and the businesses who serve them. Technology has made us virtually closer to one another but more detached physically and emotionally. As any other herd of mammals, people had the natural need for a sense of belonging. Gathering has been one of the most primitive ways to develop a sense of belonging. Gathering sets the framework for the exchange of ideas and experiences with others; and originally, we used to gather in the public realm.questionThe challenge is to experiment with new gathering experiences in a variety of urban CIVIC scenarios, that promote social exchange, community activities and citizens interaction through the implementation of multifunctional designs, while at the same time addressing issues of equity and feeling of welcoming for everyone.schedule09/10 Registration Opens09/25 Close of Q&A 10/2 Registration Deadline 11/9 Electronic Competition Due (5:00 PM Arizona Time)11/16 Recognized Entrants will be Notified11/19 Slide Slam by Recognized Entrantsentry fees$25 Per Team (Professional & non student entries) $10 Per Team (Student) Entry fees will be donated to “Arizona Kids Build” Entry FeeRegistration FormCompetition BriefCompetition Jury Competition PosterNote: There is no limit on the number of entries per person or teamQuestions? Contact Diana Smith at or 602-252-4200.Competition AwardsProfessional CategoryFirst Place: $2250Two Finalists: $1000Student CategoryFirst Place: $750To visit our chapter websites, please see links