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OPEN CALL - RAW Exhibition

Call for work deadline: 25th March 2021Submit here - https://weare-rare.com/call-for-work/

RAW ExhibitionLocation: Gallery 3 By You, Het Nieuwe instituut, Rotterdam Exhibition Dates: 16th April - 16th May 2021

We want the discarded pieces, the rough sketches, the impulsive actions, the quick and dirty ideas that come together to form the essence of designing.

RAW Exhibition - aims to bring to the spotlight the most uncommon moments, actions and ideas during the creative process. The aim is to find these moments during the design process in its raw state, to underline value in the labour, the craft, the care and the rigour - which are usually hidden from the eyes of the public. This time, we would like to step aside from perfectly finished images, detailed plans and coherent ideas and direct the audience’s attention to simple drawings, quick notes, models and a variety of different analytical tools used to express one’s ideas.

The content of the exhibition explores the dynamic and unexpected elements that come about during the design process. The design process embodies various ideas and enables the discovery of other possibilities. Every author will have their own personal approach to this, and the nuances that are evident will make the exhibition particularly interesting.

The exhibition will be an experience that the public can engage with, an inclusive and interesting selection of creative process work that can be enjoyed and interpreted by all, in person as well as online. The RAW exhibition, will present milestones in RARE collectives research projects, which sets out to create an open stage and a place where dialogue can be held. Its purpose is to reach broader audiences to include all communities, ages, workforces and creative industries. We want to spark interaction with the exhibition through talks, lectures, workshops and public events.

Who is RARE?

RARE is a collection of architectural designers starting a conversation. With the world around us defining that which is normal, a new crowd is to be formed that does not take this normal for granted. RARE looks to find the things in life which we call valuable. Coming from an architectural background, our interests are creative processes both in architecture and other design industries.

RARE is developing ongoing research that aims to develop the conversation about the field of the creative process. For people outside the field, architecture often has an esoteric feel to it, which could lead to further alienation between the architectural profession and the wider public. While that material which gets publicized is usually perfect finished images, the process is what is essential in design - it is the way in which one learns by doing.

Website:https: //weare-rare.comHNI:https: //gallery3byyou.hetnieuweinstituut.nl/en/activities/rawSocial media: @rarecollectiveEmail: info@weare-rare.com

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