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“Quarantine Pod” How to live with PandemicsForming a pod means total honesty on each family's part to take care of each other, considering the infected and the healthy in the family. “It’s almost like an algorithm of adding space and time and preventing something from encountering us.” It is the safety buffer inside homes after pandemics.This pod design aims to achieve comfort for both sides, keeping the family connected, in addition to the main purpose of infection prevention. Ensuring an appropriate setting and adequate provisions

The implementation of quarantine implies the use or creation of appropriate facilities in which a person or persons are physically separated from the community while being cared for. Appropriate quarantine arrangements include the following measures. • Those who are in quarantine must be placed in spaciously single rooms with in-suite facilities (that is, hand hygiene and toilet facilities). • Suitable environmental infection controls must be used, such as ensuring are adequate air ventilation, air filtration systems, and waste-management protocols. • Accommodation must provide an appropriate level of comfort, including – provision of food, water, and hygiene facilities.• Medical assistance and health monitoring must be provided when needed • Those who are in quarantine must be able to communicate, and maybe see family members who are outside the quarantine facility. • If possible, access to the internet, news, and entertainment should be provided. • Psychosocial support must be available so as not to feel alone. • Infection prevention and controlPossible locations for this quarantine room are hotels, dormitories, or houses.(these recommendations are based on WHO)

Design Requirements

You are asked to redesign an existing bedroom suite to be transformed into a quarantine pod. The dimensions of the suite are 3mx 4.4m as detailed in the image. The suite is to have a bedroom on the left side and an entrance/hallway with a bathroom on the right side. The house is one floor only. You cannot change the location of the door and the windows. You can create additional opening between the suite and the rest of house.

Submissions:Brief description (up to100 words) of your quarantine pod design, 3D of the suite, plan of the suite, and at least one interior elevationThe 3Ds are expected to show the suite entrance, bathroom, and bedroom. Your design must be an original and provides infection prevention. Submit 2 to 3 of 11”x17” sheets. PDF file to be uploaded.

Submission Timeline:Registration Deadline April 1stSubmission Deadline May 10th

Submission Fee:Students: FreeOther than students to give $8 Canadian Dollars as donation

Eligibility: Eligible for all

Prizes: First 5 winners: will be featured in the magazine and given certificates

Registration Deadline: 1st July 2021 Submission Deadline: 30th July 2021

Winners will be announced on August 20th

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