Quarantine Facility | Kaarwan’s National Design Competition 2020

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As we adjust to the new normal, there is a severe need across the world to have infrastructure which supports this lifestyle. Where community struggles to control the spread of this virus, the design fraternity must step in to provide design solutions that aid the government’s efforts.
One of the main reasons for the spread of COVID-19 is the lack of proper infrastructure. Hence, spaces and facilities are needed where isolation of the exposed victim can be carried out as contact tracing is the key to breaking the chain.
The ChallengeIn this competition, we ask you to come up with visionary concepts for an isolation ward in a quarantine facility, to help subdue the effects of the outbreak on existing infrastructure. Most existing hospitals are not equipped to handle a pandemic outbreak, hence we must come up with temporary solutions to ensure that suspected victims are isolated and not infected within the facility. The displaced and detained population must also be contained in a facility to ensure they are not infected and may be sheltered until provisions are made for them to return home.Students must provide wards of individual isolation cells. 5-10 cells may be grouped together to form modules or kept separate according to design. Each isolation cell must not exceed 4-8 sqm and must contain a bed, table and chair.Students must provide a circulation plan with zonings, to indicate the placement of all the areas provided below :
Sanitization and security area (Security checkpoints, Information zone, Visitors area, Sanitization zone)Administration area (Chief Medical Officer’s cabin, Administration/clerical room, Pharmacy)Technical Areas (Donning and doffing area, Examination room, Nursing station, Sample collection and testing area)Staff Area (on-call rooms for doctors, nurses and support staff )Patients Area (Wards containing isolation cells)Additional services
The proposed design must be differently-abled friendly and should be proposed on a hypothetical site The proposed quarantine facility for 40 suspected victims should be proposed on one of the following spaces:- Airport/ Railway/ Port terminals and parking areas
- Open ground on city outskirts
- Stadium
- Open areas near an existing medical facilityThe proposed design can be a multi-purpose facility which can adapt post-COVID-19 to become the following:- Additional treatment ward in hospitals
- Shelter for homeless or displaced persons
- Refugee Camps in Disaster Relief
For more details head over to the competition website - www.kaarwan.com/
Design Tips & Tricks, as well as discussions with our Jurors, will be shared on the organizer’s Instagram (@kaarwan.india) & Facebook (@kaarwan.india) to help participants attempt the design in an effective manner.
Who can participate? The competition is open for all undergraduate students of Architecture. The team must comprise of 2-4 students. Students are encouraged to form teams of at least two different years. (eg. 1st and 4th year, 2nd and 5th years etc)Competition Schedule: Competition Opens: 15th May 2020Registration Closes: 25th May 2020Submission Schedule: 05 June 2020Competition Fees:
For Indian Nationals: 100 INR
For Foreign Nationals: 2 USDFree for students from education partner collegesAll proceeds from the registration fee will be donated to COVID-19 Relief Fund
Prizes and Rewards
-First Prize: INR 8000 | Second Prize: INR 4000 | Third Prize: INR 2000
-Special Mentions up to 5: INR 1000
-Participating certificate for all participants
- Top 3 entries will be published in IA&B's Magazine & IIA's Journal.
- Winning entries will also be published online by on Design Detail, Designworx, Architecture Live, Zingy Homes.
- Winning entries will be sent as proposals for implementation.Competition JurorsAr Divya Kush - President of Indian Institute of ArchitectsAr Mala Mohan - Retd. ADG in MES, Ministry of Defence, IndiaDr Mahua Mukherjee- Architecture Head of Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and ManagementAr Ashutosh Jha - Co-founder of Kaarwan