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We live in an age of media overstimulation and overconsumption, accelerating the pace of our lives. With ever-shifting need to fulfill social and economic requirements, the battle with stress is becoming harder. Hard-pressed life has become the current norm while attention to self - to think and contemplate is often considered useless and disregarded. Taking time to return to one’s inner self, digging deep into thoughts and just being can help untangle complexities and contribute towards mental wellbeing.

Meditation has been associated with mental well-being for thousands of years. It is a way of life that is independent of place and time and has a direct effect on health, happiness, sleep, and longevity. One of the most significant elements in the healing process is the physical surrounding.

Today, the meditation process is mostly practiced in groups, however, it is a very personal and individual process and is more effective when practiced in solidarity. In the modern world where different spaces are designed for a variety of activities, there are very few devoted to thinking. These spaces can make a better life for humans by providing happiness and quietness as its main features.


Is it possible to build a mental and spiritual utopia? Can a structure located near the city feel like miles away from its busy life? Can a perfect balance between individual and group meditation be achieved?

The aim is to design a place for contemplation where an individual can escape from all the stress and anxiety through meditation. It should also provide overnight spaces for people coming from afar. Since the program and its effectiveness is dependent on physical surroundings, the designed complex should blend in with nature. Creating a human-made natural complex.