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Pamphlet Architecture 37 Competition Announced

(Ghent, New York)
Pamphlet Architecture, Ltd. announced today the opening of the competition
for the next number, No. 37, in the Pamphlet series. Founded in 1978
by architects Steven Holl and William Stout to promote the work of
emerging architects, often working outside established boundaries of
professional practice, exploring theoretical ideas, documenting
building and urban and rural building types, and providing manifestos
calling for the architectural world to think broader and design
deeper. Many of today’s best-known architects were first published in
the Pamphlet format, including Holl himself, Lebbeus Woods, Zaha
Hadid, Lars Lerup, Mark Mack, Lebbeus Woods, Zaha Hadid, Livio
Dimitriu, and Alberto Sartoris. often through speculative projects,
provovactive drawings and out-of-the-box proposals, creating an
essential library of “small manifestos” whose influence and
importance far outweighs their modest size and page counts. Since
2010, the pamphlets have been selected by an international jury, with
a cash prize of up to $5,000 to develop the proposal into a final
publication. This year’s theme invites participants to reimagine
architecture in the wake of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, including
possible challenges to architecture in the face of a new live/work
balance presented by changing work habits and spaces... This year’s jury
include Steven Holl, Eirini Tsachrelia, Jennifer Olshin, Ioannis
Oikonomou, and Kevin Lippert, publisher of Design Arts Press, the new
publisher for Pamphlet Architecture. Registration deadline is September 25,
2021, with submissions due by October 5, 2021. Registration form and
more information is available on the pamphlet website: