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Theme"White is not just a simple color. In my opinion, there are also “white”
thoughts and emotions. I have also accidentally discovered the
correlation of many affairs and drew inferences from it. I want to apply
the method of perceiving the white to the way of thinking about things
and try to analyze it with my own design theory. To sum up, white is a
design theory more than a hue". Kenya HaraWhite is not only the starting point but also the end point of everything.
Art is just like developing a complicated color spectrum from the
white color. It originates from white and finally returns to its origin
and simplicity. The ice-snow sports are called as the white opium, which fascinates
people to get into the embrace of nature and meet the most innocent
self. White in the building represents holiness, loftiness and purity.
There are countless brands in the name of white, all of which are seeking the voice and desire from deep inside people. Begin with white, but go out of white. Let's light up the white city
with architecture, art and literary creation, and also with the 2022
Winter Olympics flame! OOW Organizing CommitteeBackground

Respecting etiquette with simple and honest attitude, Chongli is a dazzling small city that attracts the world's attention.

[Humanities of Chongli] The word "Chongli" is extracted from the sentence "gain new insights
through restudying old material and respect etiquette with simple and
honest attitude" in a classical work of Confucianism The Book of Rites •
The Way of Medium (cf. Golden Means). The inheritance of civilization
for thousands of years links the past and the present. Chongli is a
multi-ethnic settlement with a long history, thick cultural deposits and
unique folk customs.

[Winter Olympics in Chongli] Since Beijing successfully bid for the Winter Olympics in 2015,
Chongli has become the leader in the development of tourism industry
with winter skiing and summer outdoor activities. The new
Beijing-Zhangjiakou Expressway, which has been opened to traffic, has
shortened the travel time from 4 hours to 1 hour from Beijing to
Chongli. The high-speed railway has also ushered in the era of 50
minutes' journey from Beijing to the core Olympics area of Chongli.
Chongli will take advantage of the east wind of the 2020 Winter Olympics
to become a new destination of the North China tours and the
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Zhou tours in the future. Competition Background

After ten years of barbaric growth, the domestic B&B
industry has changed from rushing up in a crowd with passion to feeling
totally fatigued, with the noise once turning into dullness. Only a few
brands that survived the "cold winter" of capital remained true to their
original aspiration and now have their own loyal customers, spreading
their stories to further places.
The purpose of this competition is to match the best
lifestyle brands in China with the most beautiful scenery. This time,
the five leading B&B brands, namely CIPO, LostVilla, Terra-retreat,
Stray Bird and Cloud Retreat, speak out to solicit excellent B&B
designs. The miracle of creating another B&B cluster will bring more
possibilities to Chongli Winter Olympics. Begin with white, but go out
of white. http://oow.dolomititown.com/http://aim-competition.com/