Open International Competition for a Drone R&D and Manufacturing Center

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We are a UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Drone manufacturing company out of Turkey. We aim to build our new research and manufacturing plant in North-Western Turkey.
The program is quite simple and you can find it in the attached excel sheet.
We want this building to look and feel like a Research and Development center (and not like a factory plant). The building has to be appealing and very attractive when visited or seen from the street. There are 9 building modules to be composed together into one complex: 1- Showroom

2- Offices/Management Areas

3- Incubator

4- Workshops

5- Staff Quarters

6- Integration Hall

7- Aircraft Hangar

8- Manufacturing Plant 1

9- Manufacturing Plant 2

General Considerations:

* The building complex should be understood from the outside as a research and development center.

* You should aim for a flashy design at the main entrance area.

* The building requires 2 different entries, one for visitors and one for staff. Both need an information desk.

* The floor-to-ceiling heights should be about 9.5m. Some spaces can have mezzanine floors-- in which case the bottom floor can be 5m high and the mezzanine floor 4.5m

* The exterior can be dynamic and undulating, however you should think about the colder climate conditions in North-Western Turkey.

* You can consider Solar Panels - but it is not mandatory.

* The two manufacturing plants can be 2 separate buildings or you can design them together as one single building. Main Facility:

* You should think of the Office/Management Spaces, Incubator, Workshops, Staff quarters and the Integration Hall as one larger facility that works together. They should not be too far away from each other, and there should be a smooth transition from research to prototyping to manufacturing. (see mass_model.jpg)
Office Spaces:

* Office areas should be spacious and bright.

* All offices must have windows and must have access to natural light.

* You can design the office module adjacent to the integration hall, in that way you can visually link the office module with the integration spaces. Showroom:

* The showroom can be separated from the rest of the program, and might be its own building.

* It should have an area where Baykar products are exhibited and various company activities can be held, e.g., public meetings, social gatherings, etc.

* It should be spacious and flashy.

* The showroom can have a common space and a café.

* You can consider to include a conference hall within the showroom (for up to 100 people) -- that also can act as a training center. Integration Hall:

* Ideally the integration hall would be a single container without any columns, but if needed, the space can be divided into max 2 parts.

* Min. distance between columns need to be at least 10m. Aircraft Hangar:

* The aircraft hangar can be a semi-open space that is situated close to the exit doors of the Montage plant. (see example in the FILES tab). [You do not have to use the exact shape, but the space needs to be provided)

* The hangar should be located outside and only covered with a roof.
* It should be designed on a plain surface.

* Min. dimensions are 25m x 21m. Manufacturing Plant A:

*This plant will include CNC machines, etc. (You don’t need to show them in your design – this is just for your information) Manufacturing Plant B:

*This plant will include composite production areas, ovens, molds, etc. (You don’t need to show these in your design – this is just for your information)
Deliverable DetailsPlan drawing(s) 1/200 scaleSection and/or Elevation drawing(s) where needed 1/200 scalePerspective View(s) where appropriateSubmission Deadline:05/09/2021 11:59 pm ESTResults Announced:05/16/2021 11:59 pm ESTAwards:1st Prize: $6,0002nd Prize: $3,0003rd Prize: $1,000Participation in the competition is free, and open to all architects, architectural designers and students. To learn details, register and submit your project please visit: the Baykar Company:

Baykar is the leading Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) manufacturer in Turkey. Baykar actively invests in UAS technologies and its focus is to produce reliable, cost effective but high-performance solutions. Baykar's activities cover all life cycle phases of its systems, from design to production to on-site support and maintenance. Baykar applies a whole life approach from the development of the system idea, to its research and product developments, to actual production and after-sales activities.

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