Open Call: (S) Squares Showrooms (Retail) in Dammam City

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The vision for the project is to build unique and innovative showrooms, in Uhud area, Dammam city, Saudi Arabia. Our aim is to design a modern, cost-effective space that attracts prominent tenants of F&B and retail shops. The architect should create an integrated design of the project’s architecture, landscape and public indoor area.1.2 Background:S Squares is one of the latest projects of Al Salimi Company and it is located in Uhud in Dammam city, Saudi Arabia. Uhud is becoming the new hotspot for commercial activity and allot of the surrounding lands are under development, which makes it a very attractive location, specially that as well as commercial it has a dense residential housing area, and therefore a high traffic of visitors is expected.1.3 Design Theme:The design intention to S Squares is to create a distinctive and attractive showroom, that will interest tenants to rent the units. In our projects we always aim to enhance the human activity by providing a stimulating space that has very unique features. The designer should be able to design a cost-efficient space without compromising design and innovation but instead efficiently use economical material in a way to enhance the project.2.0 Site & Project Information2.1 Site General CharacteristicsThe land is a square shape of 60m by 60m, giving us a total area of 3,600 sqm. The Allowable Footprint is 1,800 sqm (50% of Land). The site has three facades open to street (South, West and North), and the East side is connected by a neighboring land. The South Façade is facing a Main road - king Fahad, and the site has an access from the main road by a service road, there are also a public parking area which is under the government. Along the same strip located many commercial buildings, but from the back side (North) is where the residential areas are located.All Required project information (CAD files which include land survey and setbacks, site photos in high-resolution & Google map location, can be downloaded from this LINK.2.2 Subject Site ContextPlease see PDF file2.3 Municipality Regulations:a) Setbacks:• From main road 6m (South)• From Aisle side 3m (West)• Back side road 3m (North)• Neighbor side 2m (East)b) Floors and Areas:• Ground floor + 1• Ground Floor Area is 1,800 sqm• First floor area is 1,800 sqm2.4 Project’s Program & Area Schedule:• Ground Floor:- Area = 1,800 sqm- High ceiling to allow tenants the option of having a mezzanine floor.- Three drive through units.- Provide outdoor seating area on GF with landscape.• First Floor:- Area = 1,800 sqm- First floor to include outdoor terraces, that will act as canopies for the GF.General Project Requirements• Area per unit:- 150 SQM Showroom with drive through (X2)- 60 SQM Showroom with drive through (X1)- 80 SQM – 130 SQM for all remaining showroom units• Project program and requirements:- Provide prayer room for 20 people + ablution area- Storage room- Security room + WC- Public WC - Female (X3) Male (X3)- One service elevator- Two public elevators- The central area can be utilized for events where it can fit small kiosks (ex. Food festivals etc.)- No AC units to be installed only AC connection to be provided, however the AC location should be considered.• Parking Requirement:- 72 Parking bays- Each parking bay to be 6m X 3m- The parking area can be accommodated at the setbacks (this is up to the designer’s approach and concept)• Drive through and design approach:- Drive through designer should provide 2 options1. Consider these shops to be accommodated by KFC & Hardees (150SQM) and Krispy Kreme for the 60 SQM2. Considering the above drive through to be accommodated by any coffee shop.3.0 Deliverables:Architectural Concept Design:- Submit your design as PDF binder includes the following:- Cover sheet, including designer biography and participant’s ID- Site plan, showing (Site approach, Land distribution, hardscape & landscape)- Floor Plan for each level. Should include area schedule and unit numbering.- BUA schedule.- Elevations.- Sections (Minimum).- 3D perspectives (2 at least with night and daytime).- Material Selection and material description.- Cost estimation- Boards’ size should be landscape A2. The design presentation should be submitted as combined PDF.- CAD files should be included in the submittals.4.0 Registration Process:Please send us an email on below address confirming your participating in the competition. Our team will send you back confirmation email along with your participating ID.Email: Competiton31@alsalimi.com5.0 Competition Prizes:First prize – USD 9,000 + CertificateSecond prize – USD 5,000 + Certificate.Third prize – USD 3,000 + Certificate.6.0 Timeline:Registration will be open till 28 September 2020.Competition submission deadline 15 October 2020.Download the information related to this competition hereTitle: Open Call: (S) Sqaures Showrooms (Retail) in Dammam CityType: Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)Organizers: AL SALIMI REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENTRegistration Deadline: September 28, 2020 04:00 PMSubmission Deadline: October 15, 2020 04:00 PMVenue: Saudi Arabia, DammamPrice: Free