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OPEN CALL FOR ENTRIES(S) SQAURES – ALSAHIL DISCTRICT 1.0 Project Brief1.1 The Project VisionThe vision for the project is to build unique and landmark commercial strip mall and boulevard at Southern area of AlKhobar city, Saudi Arabia. to attract high level tenants of retail shops and F&B shops, with dynamic and eye catchy outdoor spaces (terraces, landscape, hardscape, water feature & parking area). Alsalimi is looking for dynamic, functional & attractive design.

1.2 BackgroundThis is one of the new projects for Alsalimi company, the lands are located in AlKhobar city at the Southern side forming 2 groups of lands with rectangular shapes. Our independent market research indicates that the present and future market opportunity in the area is to establish a commercial strip mall and boulevard designed to meet the needs and expectations of entertainments, specialty restaurants & F&Bs.AlSahil districts is characterized as low residential density district and an extension of AlKhobar new cornice. However, the lands are located in very calm and quiet street, and one of the main goal of the design is to make the district lively and full of spirit. The lands are located on Prince Turkey street. And about 1 KM away at Southern side from a very attraction projects at the coast side like Ajdan Walk Commercial F&B. The site location creates a unique opportunity to have unique boulevard which contains entertainment facilities in the area, which should be optimized in the exterior and landscape and the functional interior spaces.

1.3 Design ThemeAlsalimi looking for modern theme in the design approach to make the building stand out from the surrounding buildings and to have harmony with its location. We are open to any design theme that is simple, unique and attractive which can portray an identity representative of the project vision. The building should be dynamic with good terraces areas on each level’s platform.

2.0 Site & Project Information2.1 Site General Characteristic The Subject Site is mostly leveled and rectangular-shaped land with 2 plots of total area of 19,497 sqm. The first plot area is 7,334 sqm. And the second plot is 12,163 sqm. The Site enjoys about 260 M frontage onto a major road (Prince Turkey Street). There are three lands at the backside of these 2 plots which contains 2 public gardens with total area of 9,260 sqm and 1 public parking plot with area of 2,230 sqm, which need to be developed along with the project. These public lands belong to the city municipality and will be involved in our project as initiative by AlSalimi company to be developed along with the project. However, no buildings are allowed to be built in these lands and our intent is to develop them as (landscape, hardscape, playground area for kids, shading ….etc) in a homogeneous way along with the project.


2.2 Subject Site Context• The Site is situated in-between of 2 commercial building (North & South), increasing its commercial attractiveness.• The Subject Site is closely located to the new Khobar Cornice (North of the Site), acting as a destination and a footfall generator for the area.

2.4 Projects Program & Project’s Area Schedule

2.4.1 Kids Entertainment Area (Centre): Our target is to have 6,200 sqm as indoor hub for kid’s entertainment center. We are open for the designer approach for this part of the project. The whole area should be designed as 1 center and not scattered.

2.4.2 Ladies GYMAbout 1,600 sqm dedicated GYM for ladies. It is important to consider the privacy of the GYM in relation with the rest facilities of the project in term of the entrance, work place and wet area. The content of the GYM should be developed by the designer showing the interior spaces and partitioning.

2.4.3 F&B Shops: Total area of 7,800 sqm dedicated for F&B Shops. We are targeting for international brands. The area of each shop should varies between 70 sqm to 200 sqm. The layout of the design should be flexible in a way allowing merging more than 1 shop if required by tenants.

2.4.4 Drive Thru2 drive thru with about 100 sqm area for each.

2.4.5 Outdoor PlazaThe target is to have fascinating outdoor plaza with about 11,700 sqm approximate area. The plaza should has attracting elements (water feature, dancing fountains, sitting areas…etc). Also the plaza should be suitable for holding an outdoor area events.

2.4 Setbacks, Parking and other regulations: • Setbacks: - Front side setback (Prince Turkey Main road side) = 9 Meters - Side & Back setback = 2 M.• Required Parking: - For showrooms and F&B = 1 parking for each 25 sqm - For Administration offices = 1 parking for each 50 sqm - For the GYM = 6 parking for each 100 sqm • Allowed for building ratio = 50% land area.• Allowed buildings height = 8 floors, maximum 33 Meters height 2.5 Deliverables: - Project name and logo design (to be inspired by the Architectural design) - Site plan, showing (Site approach, hardscape & landscape and plaza details) - Floor Plan for each level of the project.- Area schedule for each area of the project. - 4 Elevations. - 3 Sections (Minimum). - 3D perspectives (4 at least day time & 3 at least night time). - Material Selection and material description.- Cost estimation for construction. (Core & Shell)- Provide the CAD files of the design (In order for the Jury to double check any measurements if required)

2.6 Competition Prizes: First prize – USD 40,000 + Certificate + Proceed with full design and construction. Second prize – USD 15,000 + Certificate.Third prize – USD 5,000 + Certificate.

2.7 Competition Time-line: - Registration deadline: 10 September 2021 - Submission deadline: 10 October 2021

2.8 Contact Information: If you have any question or need any more information, we are glad to provide any helpEmail : WhatsApp: +966 53 078 6872

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