Open Call – Gully International Design Competition

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COMPETITION WEBSITESTREET: The vibrancy of lives that overlap as chance interactions happen, the smiles and frowns that contagiously carry the emotions- all paint the neighborhood with colours of togetherness. What connects them most importantly are the streets, gullies and nukkads. Differences with in the homogeneity are reflected truthfully without any masks in these spaces. They are no specific zones, they are interfaces that lead into zones of amiable character.CHALLENGE: Gully is about bringing the character of a street to the fore, treating it as equal a public space, as it is a functional route for transport, whilst trying to associate it with the human life that it serves. This competition is about re-designing a street / public corner / nukkad (entirely the participant’s choice) to signify one of the following themes that can be associated with the chosen site:FantasyIllusionMemoriesThe competition consists of two levels.In the first round, the participants must present their concept. A selected 50 progress to the following round where the participant must detail out the execution of the concept.Note: The street chosen must exist in reality, and must be located within the borders of India. Following particular by-laws or considering the F.A.R. is not a requirement/necessity. Participants can come up with innovative ideas without limiting themselves.