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Name: ARCHI-NOWCategory: Architecture competitionTopic: Sustainability first steppers contest.Year: 2020@chorusarchi @arch_cedrixtsambang


Any young architect - 18 and 35 years oldParticipation is based on graduation project ... thesis design and summary- The only project you need, is the graduation one- The only skill you need is presentation skills - board drafting


1. Tag an architecture friend in the comment section of this post2. Share the post in your story.3. Upload your documents :- First step is registration (Each candidate will fill a file on the website)- Receive a personal identification code- Upload your boards ( two A1) and a summary (max 3 A4, PDF) by email:


1. Registration duration: 11 NOVEMBER 2020 - TO 23 DECEMBER 20202. Projects submission: 15 November 2020 – to 23 December 20203. CLOSING DATE FOR LATE Submissions 27 December 20204. All completed participation Will lead to a certificate5. Winners: First 3 and special appreciations :- Economic sustainability - Cultural sustainability- Environmental sustainability- Energy sustainability- Eco-approaches- Computational design- Innovative design 6. Award: certificate of achievement, Internship, extensive exposures-publications, and others


CHORUS ARCHITECTURE is a multidisciplinary platform for research and development in architecture and related fields (art, design, environment, sustainable development, etc.), which reflects on the re-appropriation of endogenous intelligence. In order to change the system of values and the factors of perception which oblige each one to fix on a "distant" and ill-tamed ideal when it comes to finding a solution to the daily problem...

Chorus articulates all this around its formula of historicity and re-appropriation (taking into account the immediate environment, preservation of the ecosystem, and projection of culture). However, we do not claim to change the world and mentalities with the wave of a magic wand but we want to create a convergence of ideas that would like us to see in what we have greatness that has not yet been explored.


CHORUS ARCHITECTURE and his partners are organizing the sustainability first steppers contest. ARCHI-NOW competition is for the “ best “ thesis in architecture “ personal graduation work “ on themes and issues resilience and innovation in the built environment “ economics, cultural, environmental and energy sustainability ”. All eco-approaches and innovative design, contextual, or projected solutions are awaited.In the evolving context of schools and architectural education, the wish is to distinguish the excellence of skills that nourish, from concept to project architectural and urban thought, to reward originality, creativity, or innovation and above all to encourage research and protection of the environment.


The competition focuses on the evaluation of the personal end-of-study project, possibly accompanied by his studies or research dissertation, depending on the option chosen by the student. This award is by nature individual. However, exceptionally, 2 or 3 young architects can present a collective project if this is the working format chosen by their establishment.

Organizational methodsThe procedure is in two phases:

First phase: RegistrationEach candidate will fill a file on our website including the following documents.Project identification sheet specifying:• His name and all related information needed,• His home school,• The title of the project and the field of study (development, requalification, equipment, housing, etc.),• The assessments obtained during his thesis presentation,• 5 images presenting the project. with no name or any elements of identificationAn international jury will select the best for the second phase.The selected candidates will receive an identification code.

Second phase: Project UploadingThe successful candidates will send their work via email ( in the form of graphic sheets with synthetic images, photographs or the production of models. These documents will be supplemented by a structural diagram (shell) and by the principles adopted at the energy and environmental level. All of these elements will be part of the presentation file which will consist of the following;NB: The board’s presentation is the responsibility of the candidate according to whether he wishes to report to the jury, the elements requested are optional, at your discretion• An English summary of the thesis (maximum 03 single-sided pages size A4) highlighting the sustainability assets of your project,• Graphic pieces to be presented on 2 panels, A1 format, including the name of the project, The identification code that has been given, a brief summary of the context and justification of the project, brief summary of the analysis and concept, plans, sections, facades, perspectives or synthetic images, these which can be completed by a model. Please make sure to highlight the sustainability assets of your project.NB: For this first edition, these projects will be exposed on the 27-12-2020, during the conference archi talk which is an annual event organized by chorus architecture, there will be selected the people’s choice.

Third phase: ResultsThe projects will be analyzed by the jury, which will decide on the winners.

JURYThe jury is made up of members• Hermann Kamté (architect-, HKA, CAMEROON),• Alain Olivier Moudio (Architect, CMA, ITALY),• Wilfried N’goran (Architect, NKA, Ivory Coast),• Manuel Fournier (Architect, international consultant, FRANCE),• Mojtaba Naghizadeh (Architect and researcher, EV Design, IRAN),• Amina Louiza Lachecheb (Architect and researcher, USTO-MB, Algeria),• Daniel Osorio Cardena (Architect, A+CHIE Estudio, Colombia),• Cedrix Tsambang (Architect and researcher, Chorus Architecture, Cameroon)• Leonardo Dias (Architect, Base colab, Brazil),• Udeze Onyema (Architect, BIM Africa, Nigeria),• Otham Kandri (Architect, Zaha Hadid, England),• Ngouana Patrick (Artist, Waka Waka Studio, Cameroon).


English applications onlyThe competition is intended for architects graduating from the years 2019 - 2020 from all Architecture Schools all around the world. It is also exceptionally open to graduates of previous years. Applications are individual or in a team except for some schools were the team does the end of year project.


Internship, extensive exposures-publications, and others.

TIMELINE• Registration11 NOVEMBER, 2020 – 11 NOVEMBER, 2020• Opening of the project deposit15 NOVEMBER, 2020– 23 DECEMBER 2020• Closing of the submission of projects selected for phase 227 DECEMBER, 2020• Exposition of the finalist projects during the Archi talk 27 DECEMBER, 2020• Announcement of the winnersFEBRUARY 2021• Exposures-publicationsMARCH 2021