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Wind turbine. Text reads: New Branding for FERA.

FERA is looking to renew its branding by restyling its logo, graphic templates and a new slogan that will clearly communicate the firm’s mission statement. FERA – Fabbrica Energie Rinnovabili Alternative (in English this translates to ‘alternative renewable energy factory’) was founded in March 2001, in Milan Italy, where it continues to have its headquarters. FERA is one of the first developers in Italy of wind power plants which produce electrical power.

Requested Elements

1. Logo: the logo should be composed of the FERA acronym and one or more graphic elements that should represent the concept of “Wind that transforms into Clean Energy”. The words  Fabbrica (Factory), Energie (Energy), Rinnovabili (Renewable), Alternative (Alternative) must not be included in the new logo. It is possible to develop both a logotype and a monogram.

2. Slogan: the slogan should be in English and have a clear meaning. It is important that the new slogan conveys effectively the following message: “FERA works to transform WIND into clean ENERGY”. The chosen font should complement the new logo in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and designers may customize it with effects and the like. We suggest, however, not to modify the font itself.

3. Commemorative element:  designers are requested to create an additional graphic element containing the dates of FERA’s 20th anniversary: “2001-2021”. This element will be utilized in conjunction with the logo to mark future anniversaries, too. Designers can choose a font or create a dedicated element; in either case there should be a focus on maintaining stylistic consistency with the logo.

4. Letterhead: A4 format, vertical orientation, containing the logo, slogan and other information, such as address, contacts, footer etc.

5. Letterhead for other brands within the group: A4 format, vertical orientation, and contain the wording “Fera Company”, written in the same font as the slogan, and other information such as address, contacts, footer etc.

6. Business card: horizontal orientation and contain the logo, slogan and other information such as address, contacts etc.

7. Presentation layout in horizontal orientation: it should contain the logo, slogan and other optional information.

Style and colours: in terms of aesthetic, a modern, minimal, impactful style is preferred, with good readability and in line with market trends and brand values.  As for colours, designers are free to create their own palette, although, in doing so, they should keep into consideration the renewable energy sector, in particular, the wind energy sector. 



Maximum 5 images, must have a proportion of 4:3; Allowed file formats: .jpg, .gif, .png; colours: RGB; max file size: 1MB. Please upload a .zip archive with the vector files.


Participation is free of charge and open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.

Total Award €3000