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5 scholarships full-coverage of the enrollment cost and opportunity to participate in the courses from remote connectionYACademy – EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES FACING THE COVID-19 EMERGENCYDue to the recent pandemic situation, despite the courses should be held between September 2020 and January 2021, YAC has taken extraordinary measures for the best performance of its activities and to facilitate access to its courses, in accordance to safety criteria and participation in the courses from remote connection. For more information, we invite to read the rules of the course.THE COURSEFrom Stonehenge to Greek temples, architecture is the signature of humankind on landscape, the artificial element that has always been connected to the natural environment. Architecture and landscape are linked by a fundamental continuity that is now starting to fade, damaging the quality of the space we dwell.More than ever today, landscape is a precious heritage that architecture can and must enhance, while protecting it to pass it on to future generations: architects shall not give up on working on landscape, instead they should be able to design architectures that respond to each landscape’s specific feature and generates wonderful and unique spaces.The “Architecture for Landscape” course was created on these premises: it aims at training designers who are able to meet the diverse needs of transforming territories, enforcing an attentive and productive dialogue with the surrounding landscape to respond to the needs of prestigious clients in outstanding contexts. Through a thorough analysis of the natural world, light and geomorphological features of terrains, the designers will become more and more able to reconnect human design to the natural environment and be inspired by landscape to design outstanding, sustainable and impressive architectures.The course will be made up of 99 hours of lessons, a 32-hour workshop and multiple lectures by well-renowned professional architects. At the end of the course, YACademy Placement office will guarantee each student a proposal for an internship / collaboration within the partner studios.

YACademy students during a visit at the headquarters of Ferrari; credits YAC srl

YACADEMYYAC is an association which promotes architectural competitions aimed at fostering culture and design research. Over the years, YAC has broadened s experience of work and collaboration with the main architectural firms of contemporary architecture, dealing with diverse and numerous topics of architectural design. Nowadays, YAC’s expertise can serve young designers better, providing them with the creation of high-level educational programs aimed at polishing the skills of the students and offering them a valuable connection to the labour market. Thanks to the close relationship with internationally renowned professional and academic actors, YACademy is the perfect frame within which complete or specialize one’s skills, and create a significative link with the most internationally-renowned architectural firms. The location of the courses, also available from remote connection since 2020, are the prestigious headquarters of YACademy: a medieval building located in the heart of Bologna’s historical city center, close to the Two Towers and next to Piazza Santo Stefano; namely, one of the most picturesque areas of the city.

YACademy campus, credits YAC srl

SPECIAL LECTURESPAOLO FORTUNA | SNØHETTA Underwater landscape: Under EDUARDO SOUTO DE MOURA Engineering and landscape: Foz Tua Dam MIKKEL BØGH | EFFEKT ARCHITECTS Architecture is an itinerary: Camp Adventure Forest TowerESPEN SURNEVIK Living among trees: suspended houses in HedmarkMATTHEW JOHNSON | DILLER SCOFIDIO + RENFRO NY in green: The HighlineLARRY TOUPS | NASA Extraterrestrial Landscape: building in spaceGIULIO RIGONI | BIG – BJARKE INGELS GROUP Like a ribbon on the river: Kistefos Museum MICHELE DE LUCCHI | aMDL STUDIO A dialogue with mountains: inside outside

Eduardo Souto de Moura during his lecture at YACademy, Bologna; credits YAC srl

WORKSHOP DESIGN A DISPERSED HOTEL AND TREEHOUSE SYSTEM IN THE FRENCH VILLAGE OF REPÈREGiulio Rigoni | BIG Bjarke Ingels Group The workshop will represent a practical opportunity to test and recapitulate all the notions learned during the other lessons. It will offer strategic solutions concerning a real architectural project. The course will be conducted in collaboration with Le Village du Repère, a company that owns woods, land and an ancient village located in the suggestive countryside of Charante Maritime (France). A remote agricultural aggregate of medieval origin, the village is immersed in one of the most fascinating rural contexts in Europe: a compendium of centuries-old oak groves, vineyards and waterways, which here abundantly irrigate the landscape of the legendary lands of oysters and Cognac. With an absolutely strategic position and its proximity to the castles of the Loire, the property aims to transform the village and its 30 hectares of forests and fields into a destination for hikers, nature lovers and food and wine lovers. Surrounded by a sweet and welcoming landscape, visitors will be able to taste the delicacies of one of the most generous regions of France, accommodated in elegant tree houses carved out of age-old oaks, and will learning about ancient agricultural and gastronomic techniques in a modern center that will not only be focused on hospitality, but on promoting and supporting the rich agricultural and cultural and traditional.LESSONSTHEORIES AND HISTORY OF LANDSCAPE - Historical and artistic itinerary of the evolution of the concept of landscape | 8 HOURSManuel Orazi | Accademia di Architettura di MendrisioCONCEPT DESIGN - The genesis of a design idea | 8 HOURSMassimo Alvisi | Alvisi KirimotoART IN NATURE - Contemporaneity in places | 8 HOURSEmanuele Montibeller | Arte SellaPLANTS - Features and necessities of the plants and how to choose the right ones | 6 HOURSAntonio Perazzi | Studio Antonio PerazziBUILDING ON TREES - Solutions and technologies for suspended architectures | 12 HOURSIacopo Gozzi | Casa AlberiTHE GARDEN SITE - Management and realization of green areas | 6 HOURSFederico Ratta | Frassinago - Gardens and LandscapesEXTREME ARCHITECTURE - The mountains’ teaching, remote places and impossible building sites | 9 HOURSRoberto Dini | Politecnico di TorinoBUILDING WITH TIMBER - Techniques and possibilities in building with timber | 8 HOURSAngelo Luigi Marchetti | MarlegnoTHE GENERATION OF LANDSCAPE - Creating places | 6 HOURSAndrea Balestrini | LANDSUSTAINABLE DESIGN - Principles of sustainability and bio-architecture | 6 HOURSEdoardo Milesi | Edoardo Milesi & ArchosTECHNOLOGIES AND MATERIALS FOR LANDSCAPE - Products solutions and materials to enhance landscape | 16 HOURSPartner companiesINTERIOR DESIGN AND SUSTAINABILITY - Ethical and circular economy, and sustainability in design | 6 HOURSPierluigi Masini | Quotidiano Nazionale

Aerial View of Repere Village; credits YAC srl

INTERNSHIPAt the end of the course, YACademy Placement office will guarantee each student a proposal for an internship / collaboration with some of the studios better matching the topic of the course, with the likes of: SNØHETTA – HHF ARCHITECTS – DILLER SCOFIDIO + RENFRO – BIG BJARKE INGELS GROUP – ESPEN SURNEVIK – EFFEKT ARCHITECTS – LAND – EDOARDO MILESI & ARCHOS PARTNERIn collaboration with: AUTOMOBILI LAMBORGHINI, MANNI GROUP, TERREAL, URBAN UP l UNIPOLFor more information visit: www.yacademy.it
Contact: studenti@yacademy.it

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