Living Upon the Play

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“Play” meaning in various ways, including playing like an infant, having fun with friends, indulging in drinks or gambling, taking breaks between work and study, having the leeway to things, seeking beauty in literature and art isolated from the secular world, and giving space to machinery part connection. In any case, it is like a source to life, an act full of humanity contrary to pursuing functionality and rationality.

In Homo Ludens, written by Johan Huizinga, “Culture has occurred and developed as play in play,” “play has a significant meaning in life, and that it has an inevitable mission,” “nature has given us play with tension, joy, and fun.” Think of living in “Play” which may say to be the essence of human activities. “Play” could expand the possibilities in our lives and may give us hints on the future life.

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Registration Period: Apr. 2nd (Mon) – Oct. 1st (Mon), 2018

Submission Period: Aug. 20th (Mon) – Oct. 5th (Fri), 2018 (Submissions must arrive in the competition office by Oct. 5th (Fri) 2018, 5:00pm, Japan standard time. )

Result: Prize-winners will be individually informed of the judging results.

+Award Ceremony: Nov. 14th (Wed), 2018 (Award Ceremony will be held in Japan for the winners of the competition.)

+Announcement: Public announcements will be made in the 2019 January issue of SHINKENCHIKU.


First Prize( one ): 1,000,000 JPY

Second Prize( one ): 500,000 JPY

Third Prize( one ): 300,000 JPY

Merit Prize( eight ): ¥100,000 each

(Total prizes amount: ¥2,600,000. All above prize money includes income tax)