Living in a Pandemic State: How Interiors Face Isolation

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The spread of the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is forcing to change rapidly our lives, and this pandemic scenario won’t last for a little time. Gideon Lichfield in his article in the MIT Technology Review state that this situation will probably last for 18 months. Many scientists, moreover, are convinced that this is just the first of many pandemics that we will face in the next future.

This sudden change is striking in the domestic space and in the public/public interior. Due to social distancing we are obliged to stay at home and use this space as a multifunctional one, but were homes ready to?

What we are living is a massive challenge that take us to rethink spaces, and interior ones in particular.If smart working, home schoolings, home fitness, for example, were a reality for a small number of people, now it’s an everyday routine for all of us. Spaces that were mostly used to live outside the home are now entering with force in our home everyday life. Even the way of socializing is changing. Physical social distancing is forcing us to find another way to communicate using the new technologies as a medium for our bodies' identities. How does it relate to the space we are living in? Are domestic spaces enough “smart”? How the public/public interior can face social distancing?What does it mean by a theoretical and designing point of view?

An interior architecture academic magazine cannot avoid reflecting on these changes involving domestic spaces, but not only. This special call is then titled Living in a pandemic state: how interiors face isolation.We welcome every paper that will give an innovative and analytic point of view on the subject.We want to promote the cultural exchange between disciplines, so this call is open to every researcher that aims to give a contribution to the debate.The paper deadline for this issue, due to the emergency status we live and the need to give a voice to the debate, is: May, 20th 2020 This special issue will be published on Autumn 2020.The interested contributors are highly encouraged to submit their manuscripts/papers to the executive editor by e-mail at [email protected]

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