LIS x Jacobs Challenge: Reinvent your high street

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Do you want to: access and receive mentoring from one of the world’s top engineering firms, get behind-the-scenes of London’s top strategic body, shadow the work being done on billion pound regeneration projects, and present your winning idea to senior professionals?

All over the UK, urban centers are being revived and regenerated. In light of Covid-19, the pressure is on to build more, better, faster, and cheaper than ever before. But any attempt to change the urban landscape is a highly complex process. Can the traditional high street be re imagined through these neighborhood regeneration initiatives, or will they be left behind?

The London Interdisciplinary School has teamed up with Jacobs and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to host an exciting competition around the future of cities. If you’re interested in sustainability, urban design, engineering, social change, architecture, or well being, then this is the challenge for you.

The Challenge
There are two challenges to choose from: Either re-design your local neighborhood center, or consider the effects regeneration efforts would have on an icon high street like Oxford Street. You can submit a written response or a visual piece to either of the challenges. The judging panel will be choosing a winner from each challenge, as well as runners up.

-Thomas Darcy (City Growth Director, Jacobs)
-Nivedita Vijayan (Principal Urban Designer, Jacobs)
-Lisa Woo (Head of Place Making, London Borough of Enfield)
-Mathilde Lebreton (Senior Project Officer, Greater London Authority Regeneration Team)
-Marielle van der Meer (Director of Partnerships and Networks, LIS)
-Dr Ash Brockwell (Faculty, LIS)