Laka Competition 2021: Architecture That Reacts is now open for entries!

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Laka Competition 2021 "Architecture that Reacts", an annual competition organized by Laka Foundation now is calling for entries!

The subject of the competition is a design that is capable of dynamic interaction with its social, natural, or built surroundings. The main focus of the competition is on solutions developed through a process of changes and adjustments. Previous entries often took advantage of disciplines such as robotics, mechanics, digital fabrication, bio-design, and more.

The participants are free to decide the project’s location, scale, size, and program and are encouraged to look for interdisciplinary solutions. Participants may submit multiple projects.

The submission of designs is available all year round. The competition is divided into phases. The winners are selected each month. You can select the phase you want to join (and join more phases with the same or with different projects). Each phase, has its separate panel of juries and the timeline. From each phase the laureates will be selected and promoted on the channels of the Laka Foundation.

Submission requirements:

JPG images of your design (up to 5 files), less than 10 MB in sum;
➜ A DOC file with the project statement (up to 500 words).
➜ Save your submission as a ZIP file and send to

Evaluation criteria:

➜ Overall idea and implementation
➜ An ability to respond to social, economic, or environmental changes
➜ The design’s level of social and environmental engagement
➜ A relationship to a specific social, natural, and built context
➜ The design’s level of flexibility and adaptability
➜ An innovative use of technology and sustainable systems
➜ The design’s level of self-sufficiency
➜ The host of the Laka Competitions is the Laka Foundation nonprofit.

The Winners will be announced on November 1, 2020.

Registration fees:

The registration fee is 75 USD for students and 125 USD for professionals.