Kitesurf School Lensóis Maranhenses Design Competition

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The Kite surf School Lençóis Maranhenses competition presents a space where you can experience the relationship between sport, nature and human beings. The project should highlight the uniqueness of the place and become a space where there is a respect for the landscape, culture and atmosphere of the place. This last point is important as the place arrives tourists from Europe or America constantly interested in knowing the place and in fact it is such an inaccessible place that it is normal to make small camping in the area. That is why this kite surfing school has to allow itinerant accommodation of people but without excessive contamination of the place.Therefore, the proposed building should consider combining all these options.
Tourists who arrive share experiences with the nature. A unique and unforgettable experience to get to know this amazing place.
In these bases, the designer himself will define the m2 of each area, according to the unique idea he proposes. All ideas proposed will be valid. The project may be on earth, in the sky, buried or flying. It can be developed at the choice of the designer; it can be a compact module or be a dispersion of small buildings that solve the problem.
The competition programme proposes the following spaces, which can be expanded, simplified and manipulated by the contestant as it sees fit but justified:
– Personal area. Area dedicated to the work of 2 or 3 people who will put visitors first, give them kite surfing instructions or the necessary material to practice the sports.
– Food and rest area. This area can be shared, linked or even the same as the rest area if you want. It will be small accommodations for up to 10 people who come to practice the sport and want to have this experience
more than 1 day.
– Toilet area. The minimum and indispensable unit needed to do so. Bathroom, shower and toilet. It is not intended to place a battery of small toilets as the minimum possible impact and the minimum ecological footprint possible are required.
-Storage area: All material needed for sports must be stored. This warehouse may be indoors or outdoors, covered or not. Depends on the idea of the designer. As mentioned above, the surface of the proposal is free and these spaces can be closed, opened or semi-open depending on the intentions of each project, and can be set to any dimension of the enclave. Hence, there are no restrictions that can influence the decisions each participant makes. The freedom of the project is absolute, this contest proposes that the participant research the landscape and the different forms of intervention in it. Study boundaries, scales, views, cross-looking, horizons, accesses. It’s the keys to follow.
* Participants can suggest new areas not proposed in this document, as well
as eliminate or combine some of those already mentioned.