Jiukeshu Block Logo and Slogan Competition Announcement

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Jiukeshu Subdistrict Office, Tongzhou District, Beijing is pleased to announce a competition to conceptualise a logo and a slogan to enhance the block’s image and reputation.Background:
Jiukeshu Subdistrict Office, officially set up in September 2020, is dedicated to the historical and cultural development of Jiukeshu Block as part of the high-level planning and construction of Beijing’s sub-center in pursuit of world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics and high goals.
Jiukeshu Block (“the Block”) is located in the heart of the sub-center of Beijing, covering from Cuipingxi Road in the west, Tongchao Street in the north, Jiukeshudong Road in the northeast to Yunjingnan Street in the south.
Call for Submissions
From 27 November to 10 December 2020, Jiukeshu Subdistrict Office will launch the call for logos and slogans to enrich cultural connotation; improve its popularity, reputation and influence and give impetus to the integrated development of the Block. This call is open to all legally registered institutions, individuals or teams at home or abroad.
The logo and slogan for the Block can either be separate ones or be a combined one as an integral design to participate in the competition.
1. Logo
Entries should be to the point, innovative, catchy and easy to understand with proper and profound meanings.
Entries should embody the distinct characteristics of the times and the area and has a strong visual impact and contemporary artistic appeal.
Entries can be displayed in color and different sizes. The design drawing for A4 paper requires clear and smooth patterns and simple colors.
Entries cannot be less than 800x800 pixels, and the resolution should be above 300dpi. Complete original pictures (jpg), the available source file of vector graphics (psd), and the font used need to be submitted.
The design philosophy, ideas and connotation of entries should be specified in less than 300 words.
2. Slogan
Entries should be original and can fully reflect the advantages, typical characteristics and cultural essence of the Block in less than 20 words.
Entries should be unique, short, catchy, powerful and easy to remember in line with the expectations of residents and the demands of the times to appeal to a wide audience.
The design philosophy, ideas and connotation of entries should be specified in less than 300 words.
Selection and Prize
1. Logo
Selected prize (1 piece): 10,000 yuan / piece.
Finalists (5 pieces): RMB 2,000 / piece.
2. Slogan
Selected prize (1 piece): 2,000 yuan / piece.
Finalists (5 pieces): 500 RMB / piece
*All entrants will receive a customized gift from Jiukeshu Subdistrict Office.
Submissions are exclusively online, which should be made in on electronic documents. Your entries must be submitted to jiukeshujiedao@126.com no later than on 10 December 2020. For more information, please call us at 69551988.As long as your work is creative and aligned with the theme, you will have a chance to win a maximum prize of 10,000 yuan. You are highly encouraged to participate to create a suitable, creative logo and a powerful slogan for the harmony and happiness of Jiukeshu Block.
What are you waiting for? Get involved!
*The organizing committee of Jiukeshu Subdistrict Office, Tongzhou District, Beijing reserves the right of final interpretation of the event.