Jack and the giant hotel

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Design a ‘Giant’ restaurant, based on the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, where everything is gigantic, compared to the scale of humans. This challenge is a play on perception. Using the right tools, the scale of elements can be altered with a skew vision and the image they create. The idea is for visitors to experience navigation and eating in a colossal environment, where all sense of privacy and security may feel lost.

One of the major aspects of creative projects comes with the usage of space. Taking that as the focal point and distorting it, we can create a space where the size is disproportionate to the living elements of the place.

With this theme, challenges of breaking normal anthropometry of the space would come up. These projects require an open mind that would handle structural anomalies with feasible solutions, without changing the initial idea. Taking one of those possibilities onto butcher boards, we will be able to analyze the dos and don’ts for the project, without limiting the creative aspects.


Ideation – Conceive a thematic idea of the restaurant based on the location and physical boundaries.

Story linkages – Deploy these into architectural design and spaces that help convey parts of the story or pair references.

Ambiance – The material, color, lighting, and other elements can be used to reinforce the theme of gigantism. A balance must be achieved even though the scale and proportion are askew.

Access – Since the theme plays with the scale of the space, ease of human access must be made with less compromise on the design.


  • The competitions are open for students and professionals from all the disciplines of design.
  • The team limit for this competition is 4 members maximum per team.
  • You can register more than one team but they have to be registered separately.