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Non Architecture just launched “Into the Wild”, a compilation of design competitions aiming to approach the element of nature in different perspectives. Three unconventional design competitions to discover new synergies between natural ecosystems and humans.


Competition One: Remote Work Cabin – One axonometric competition

In this competition, we ask you to bring people back to nature, by designing an ideal workplace in a natural environment. Only one image to design a pavilion for remote work. The extent of the program and all the accessory functions are up to the participants. Designers can decide spatial organization and size, as long as it doesn’t exceed the given parameters. There is only one fixed parameter: the relationship between people and nature must be reinterpreted through design in a creative way.

Deliverables: One image (axonometric projection)

Timeline:Registration Period: 01 May - 22 June 2021Submission Deadline: 22 June 2021Winners Announcement: 12 – 16 July 2021

Registration Fee:1 – 14 May – Special registration period (40 €).15 – 31 May– Early registration period (55 €).1 – 14 June – Regular registration period (70 €).15 – 22 June – Last Minute registration period (100 €).


Competition Two: Re-Nature Rome – Park 2.0

Located in the center of Italy, Rome has evolved throughout history into a unique landmark, earning the title of “Eternal City”. The city is not only rich in heritage, but also in natural areas, parks, and gardens.

In this competition, participants are asked to imagine a new urban model to promote biodiversity in the metropolitan area of the Italian capital. Submissions can be ideas for new green infrastructure, parks, green buildings, or any kind of strategy that would boost biodiversity while enhancing the urban experience of the historical city.

When empowering biodiversity, how can we turn a city famous for its past, into a model for tomorrow?

Deliverables: two images (presentation image + concept image)

Timeline:Registration Period: 01 May - 15 July 2021Submission Deadline: 15 July 2021Winners Announcement: 09 - 13 August 2021

Registration Fee:1 – 14 May 2021 -Special registration period (40 €).15 May– 14 June– Early registration period (55 €).15 – 30 June – Regular registration period (70 €).1 – 15 July – Late registration period (85 €).


Competition Three: Manhattan Wildscraper – Your mark in NY skyline

As the world becomes more urbanized, this competitions’ purpose is to emphasize the importance of providing a synergy between architecture and biodiversity. By imagining a world where nature and people coexist as much as possible, it is up to the participant to come to a very high degree of interaction between these two entities within the boundaries of a building.

The site for this competition is framed within mid-town Manhattan, home to some of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world. Participants are free to pick the exact plot, size, and location.

Deliverables: three images (section + floorplan + presentation image)

Timeline:Registration Period: 01 May - 15 August 2021Submission Deadline: 15 August 2021Winners Announcement: 06 – 10 September 2021

Registration Fee:1 – 14 May 2021 -Special registration period (40 €).15 May – 14 June – Early registration period (55 €).15 – 30 June – Regular registration period (70 €).1 – 15 July – Late registration period (85 €).16 – 31 July – Final registration period (100 €).1 – 15 August – Last Minute registration period (115 €).

Non Architecture will offer bundles discount for the competition series: get a 50% discount on the second competition OR get the third competition for free.

Prices are per team. Each team can be formed by up to 4 people.